Friday, September 30, 2005

The Wicked In Heaven?

While looking for a place to post my artwork I mistakenly came across this site yeah look around there site extensively, click on the link ' The Landover Baptist Church' in the purple box second to the top , I had to put this up for everyone to see. The repugnant bile of ignorance coming from these people has left me speechless. I thought about writing a essay debunking all there beliefs, but these lowly creatures don't deserve my time. And anyone wondering why so many people today don't like religion need only to go as far as this website. Talk about weeds growing in amongst the wheat. And the way they idolize polictical leaders and this country! By the way the founders of this country where mostly pagan, and many of them where free masons, and that can be understood by doing some basic research. PUKE, I still cant believe this cult exist under the quise of being Christian. Check it out. Once in the main site, go to the forums to see what type of people they are, from there own mouths. And in the sermon Archive one sermon say that ' Jesus hates sinners as much as his daddy, but isnt that why Jesus came to earth ' for sinners', he himself said that he did. Its so disgusting. Read it all people, get your share of there so called ' ministry'. Oh and the topic ' Do you have demons in your colon?'. And ' I cant wait to see people burn in hell', that is if the bible really said anything about hell, which it does not, it is just a fear tactic that has been used to keep people in church and the ' money' flowing to the preachers so they don't have to really 'work'. And in the same 'sermon section' there is an article titled " She's White; Kobe's Black. Case Closed!", and obvious racist overtones, I suppose that these people think that Jesus was a white man huh? Im sorry, I don't post such things as this, but I could not resist due to there arrogance. Im reading on as I write and it is so disgusting, they even condone murdering people which whom they see as ' deserving of death, because there just going to burn in hell anyway'. Any wonder the world is in such a bad state with people like this having any type of power. I am not religious, but had to point our such hypocrisy of this magnitude

Everything Is Passing Away

Time. The very essence of the enemy. We conveniently trick our minds in believing otherwise, as if all the time exists, and is on our side. The days mesh with the past like the waves attacking the shores. All this playing out before our eyes, and then we die. Our accumulated knowledge we claim as gold, every insight elevated to the heavens, we then find out that it really amounts only to a grain of sand. We boast of our accomplishments as if they really exist, but then we look around this small planet revolving around the sun, and realize we don't know at all. Our good works sometimes result in more complications. Why is this so? Is it that we don't even know where to step? We think the future can be seen, but then when it is, we recoil in denial, saying to ourselves 'that cant be so '. We put our trust in people who mislead us, as an excuse of not directing our own destiny, we have others direct it for us. Governments, religion, philosophy, and our own mental ego fail us at every turn. Our ego. Ego. The word is only a word. A word that is really a definition. A definition that is defended even to the death, that death mostly being without cause, or the cause being another invented fallacy of our ego. Where is man heading, or do we even know, much less care? Many do not care today, they live only for today, forsaking all else. It has come to the point where nothing matters but self, and as long as self is constantly satisfied nothing else matters. Humankind makes me sick often these days, the begging off of truth from ourselves, the truth to see what is really reality and what we conjure as reality. We are in trouble, and most do not even know this, for they sit in front of there TV's, letting others fill there heads with words of desolation that come in sheeps cloathing. Our earth is dying, we are dying, for we cannot live without the earth. Do we care? Obviously not for we continue to let others lead us as sheep to our destruction. We will not stand up and take control of this reality, we will let but a few take away everything that we perceive and understand; even if this is not much. I see it coming,(I know, I just contridicted myself) like a great black nothingness that will consume us all, ingesting us into its bottomless pit, only to dissolve into atoms again, filling the universe with our corrupted matter. I try to find some light to write about, but there is none to speak of. Maybe enlightenment is not so wonderful after all, and that ignorance is truly bliss. I think not though, and accept it nonetheless.