Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mr. Skull and Bones

I think its interesting that Mr. Skull and Bones left the message he did, and since his arguments of me 'reading' other peoples websites; this being how I gain my information of what I see to be happening, I will use no information in this post then from other peoples websites. When we go online, whose sites do we go to, isn't it 'other' peoples; just curious? In his statement that 'I have not done my homework', doesn't it take information from 'others' to do ones homework? And in that post I was simply showing pictures of people who are members of Skull and Bones, members of Freemasonry, and members of government sharing a connection to one another. Now, for someone that 'has' done there homework, it is plain to see that the governments that are, are not very moral, honest, or have the inhabitants of the earth's good in mind. There is obvious historical evidence supporting this observation of gradually good Turning more bad over time. It is true; like any secret society, that the 'vaulted records' of the free masons is 'not' open to the public; check--oh yeah, Im not going to use any links, nor is the skull and bones records. Its very interesting though that his screen image is 'skull and bones', and that in one of his posts he hypothetically reasons that maybe the Illuminati has infiltrated Freemasonry, then rebukes me for suggesting such a thing. I have 3 theories myself of whom he is. He is either below 4 degree, and is naturally taking up for something he believeves in. He is part of the CIA, and is engaging in some of the actions I have been writing about. Or he is part of skull and bones, and is monitoring. Now his website is very new, and the 'Data Sweep' just took place by the government, and maybe he is a 'monitor', one of many observing dissent sites. Well secret agent man, are you happy, no links, no'other' sites, just my observation of you, of you all out there planning your evil ways. If this is not you, and some zealous believer, bless your heart, and think it through =, for the ignorant supporters of such will be cleaned away too.

Monday, February 20, 2006


A time ago the people of power meet, the Great Council asked a question within itself, 'what if some start to see our truth's, and what really takes place in the world around them? After the council thought amongst itself said ' we will give the people the truth, creating for them mouthpieces from us, telling them the truth constantly, but never telling them the solutions, or the way out'.