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We Are Change L.A. questions Dennis Kucinich about 9/11

WeAreChangeLA asks Dennis Kucinich about breaking the silence in regards to using the truth about 9/11 as the ‘portal into truth,’ so that people will begin to look at many other pressing issues (lies).

Esai Morales follows in right behind with a great question about the Bilderbergers!

FLASHBACK: Solzhenitsyn accused U.S., NATO of encircling Russia in 2006


Pravda | April 27, 2006

Nobel laureate and former Soviet dissident Aleksander Solzhenitsyn in a newspaper interview accused the United States and NATO of seeking to encircle Russia, and praised President Vladimir Putin for working to restore a strong state.

In a rare interview, the reclusive 87-year-old author, who rose to prominence for his accounts of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s repression and labor camps, told the liberal weekly Moscow News that NATO’s ultimate aim was the loss of Russia’s sovereignty, according to a full text of the interview posted on its Web site edition Thursday.

“Though it is clear that present-day Russia poses no threat to it, NATO is methodically and persistently building up its military machine into the east of Europe and surrounding Russia from the south,” Solzhenitsyn was quoted as saying.

“This involves open material and ideological support for ‘color revolutions’ and the paraxodical forcing of North Atlantic interests on Central Asia,” he reportedly said, adding that there was “little substantial difference” between the actions of the U.S. and NATO.

“All this leaves no doubt that they are preparing to completely encircle Russia and deprive it of its sovereignty,” Solzhenitsyn was quoted as saying.

Russia was furious at what it saw as Western encroachment on its home turf after a series of peaceful revolutions brought opposition leaders to power in the former Soviet republics Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

Solzhenitsyn lashed out at the pro-Western government in Ukraine for its drive to obtain NATO membership, and said Russia would “never betray in any way the multimillion Russian population in Ukraine and renounce our unity with it,” according to report.

The author, known for his conservative Slavic views, accused former reformist Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev of capitulating to the West, and Russia’s first post-Communist president, Boris Yeltsin, of pursuing the same policy as well as presiding over the massive theft of state resources and a descent into chaos.

But he said in the interview with Moscow News that Putin, a former KGB career intelligence officer who was elected in 2000, was making efforts to restore Russia’s shattered statehood.

“Foreign policy, considering our current situation and possibilities, is being conducted sensibly and ever more forward-thinking,” Solzhenitsyn said.


Cheney’s Dark Hand Behind Georgia Attack of South Ossetia

Allen L Roland’s Radio Weblog
August 14, 2008

Make no mistake about it, to Dick Cheney and his neocon co-conspirators, the cold war never ended and continues to this day. This is truly a Cheney/Bush Administration where Bush is the oblivious stooge / cheerleader while Cheney positions and moves all the pieces on the grand global chess board.

Note the timing of their separate responses to the recent Georgia / Russia conflict as reported by By Tom Lasseter and Jonathan S Landry of the McClatchy-Tribune on August 10th.

" Tensions between the United States and Russia sharpened as the Bush administration suggested that Russia’s objective is the ousting of President Mikhail Saakashvili, who has close ties to the United States and is seeking admission to NATO.

President Bush, in an interview with NBC, said, "I’ve expressed my grave concern about the disproportionate response of Russia and that we strongly condemn the bombing outside of South Ossetia."

Here’s Salon’s Scott Bateman’s take on Bush’s comments — Bateman: George W. Bush on the invasion of Georgia

Earlier, Vice President Dick Cheney’s spokeswoman Lea Ann McBride described Cheney’s talk with Georgia’s president, in which he said "Russian aggression must not go unanswered, and that its continuation would have serious consequences for its relations with the United States."

Note the difference in tone — it’s classic good cop, bad cop and guess who’s the bad cop and in charge at the White House.

It’s obvious that the Lord of War, Dick Cheney, is in the bunker, just like he was on 9/11, making the moves while Bush makes meaningless noise from his bully pulpit while being seemingly unconscious — like reading My Pet Goat upside down on 9/11 in a classroom in Florida while planes and perhaps a missile were striking the World Trade Center and the Pentagon or falling down in a drunken stupor at the Olympics while war breaks out between Georgia and Russia.

Why do you think Putin shook his finger at Bush when he left the Olympics to return to Moscow during this crisis — He knew what Cheney was up to and Putin responded quickly and decisively . You don’t want to needlessly provoke the Russian bear — no wonder Bush went off the wagon in Beijing.

As such, Russia has sent a sharp message to the West that they will take whatever measures necessary to defend their commercial, strategic and sovereign interests, particularly in the regions abutting its extensive frontiers — which is a huge setback to Cheney’s imperialistic and arrogant approach to the global politics and energy positioning.

More importantly, Russia has also clearly demonstrated to the world the reality of its military and economic power in comparison to the floundering Cheney/Bush administration’s failed Iraq debacle and current economic woes.

So whose in charge here ? Obviously it’s not Bush — so it must be Darth Vader himself , Dick Cheney, who once pronounced " The natural state of man is war ."

Here’s the Georgia / Russian War in a nutshell, verifying the Cheney presence, as reported by F William Engdahl in ICH, on August 8th — " As far as the Georgians are concerned, South Ossetia and Abkhazia are simply part of their national territory, to be recovered at all costs. Promises by NATO leaders to bring Georgia into the alliance, and ostentatious declarations of support from Washington, have emboldened Saakashvili to launch his military offensive against the two provinces, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Saakashvili and likely, Dick Cheney’s office in Washington appear to have miscalculated very badly. Russia has made it clear that it has no intention of ceding its support for South Ossetia or Abkhazia."

On top of that we have yesterday’s comments by Russian Ambassador to the UN , Vitaly Churkin all but saying that Georgia’s preemptive attack on Ossetia was orchestrated by the Cheney/Bush administration — "It is hard to imagine that (Georgian President Mikheil) Saakashvili embarked on this risky venture without some sort of approval from the side of the United States," Churkin told Russian NTV television on Wednesday.

Meanwhile former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze said that Georgia made a "grave mistake" by advancing into the pro Russian breakaway province of South Ossetia. Shevardnadze, who is a former Soviet foreign minister, also said the issue of Georgia in itself would not cause a new Cold War, as "the new Cold War has long since been instigated by the USA, through the Americans’ so-called missile defence shield in the Czech Republic and Poland."

So there you have it — If the Lord of War, Dick Cheney, can’t get his war with Iran — he’ll settle for a resumption of the Cold war with Russia and will do anything to accomplish that — like the recent U.S. backed Georgia preemptive attack of South Ossetia.

Neocons Up Nuclear War Ante with Poland Missile Deal

Kurt Nimmo
August 15, 2008

The CBC reports:

A Russian general says the recently negotiated deal to allow the United States to place a missile interceptor base in Poland “cannot go unpunished.”

Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn, deputy chief of the Russian general staff, made the comment to reporters on Friday.

Nogovitsyn was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying Poland was risking attack by agreeing to the deal.

It should be obvious by now the Russians will no longer tolerate the U.S. deploying missile “defense” systems on their border and if the neocons continue to do so Russia will attack the NATO’s client states.

“The Parties of NATO agreed that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all,” states the treaty. In other words, if Russia takes out Poland’s “missile defense shield,” there will be war in Europe. Not just any old war, mind you, but a nuclear war.

“President Putin has warned the US that its deployment of a new anti-missile network across Eastern Europe would prompt Russia to point its own missiles at European targets and could trigger nuclear war,” the Times Online reported last June. “We have brought all our heavy weapons beyond the Urals and reduced our military forces by 300,000. But what do we have in return? we see that Eastern Europe is being filled with new equipment, two positions in Bulgaria and Romania, as well as radar in the Czech Republic, and missile systems in Poland. What is happening? Unilateral disarmament of Russia is happening,” said Putin.

Poland further angered Russia when president and former childhood actor Lech Kaczyński and his “Baltic counterparts called for a NATO action plan for Georgia on Wednesday, saying membership is the only way to prevent future ‘aggression and occupation’ after the recent Russia-Georgia conflict,” reports by Monsters and Critics.

As F. William Engdahl writes, the so-called missile defense deal with Poland moves the world closer to nuclear war:

The signing on August 14 of an agreement between the governments of the United States and Poland to deploy on Polish soil US ‘interceptor missiles’ is the most dangerous move towards nuclear war the world has seen since the 1962 Cuba Missile crisis. Far from a defensive move to protect European NATO states from a Russian nuclear attack, as military strategists have pointed out, the US missiles in Poland pose a total existential threat to the future existence of the Russian nation. The Russian Government has repeatedly warned of this since US plans were first unveiled in early 2007. Now, despite repeated diplomatic attempts by Russia to come to an agreement with Washington, the Bush Administration, in the wake of a humiliating US defeat in Georgia, has pressured the Government of Poland to finally sign the pact. The consequences could be unthinkable for Europe and the planet.

For NATO, however, such a scenario is not unthinkable. “The west must be ready to resort to a pre-emptive nuclear attack to try to halt the ‘imminent’ spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, according to a radical manifesto for a new Nato by five of the west’s most senior military officers and strategists,” the Guardian reports.

Calling for root-and-branch reform of Nato and a new pact drawing the US, Nato and the European Union together in a “grand strategy” to tackle the challenges of an increasingly brutal world, the former armed forces chiefs from the US, Britain, Germany, France and the Netherlands insist that a “first strike” nuclear option remains an “indispensable instrument” since there is “simply no realistic prospect of a nuclear-free world”.

Nogovitsyn said that Russia’s military doctrine sanctions the use of nuclear weapons “against the allies of countries having nuclear weapons if they in some way help them.” According to Nogovitsyn, that would include elements of so-called strategic deterrence systems, reports the Associated Press.

The neocons welcome this nuclear brinkmanship as the “official return of history,” as Robert Kagan deemed it on the pages of the Washington Post. Kagan and the neocons, no doubt, have reserved a place in the bunker.

We Are Change Colorado Check Out DNC Detention Camps and Break Exclusive Footage

We Are Change Colorado Check Out DNC Detention Camps and Break Exclusive Footage

Jonathan Elinoff | August 15, 2008

At it again trying to show everyone the tyrannical government oppression, We Are Change Colorado exposes the detention camps built for the DNC protesters. We Are Change members attempted to go into the camp to get exclusive footage and talk to the guards but were strictly warned to stay away. They did manage to get some footage of the camp and detail some new information about its location and description.

Apparently this is all being kept a secret facility, until now. We Are Change Colorado showed up at 3833 Steele St in Denver to get a glimpse of the draconian concentration camp style facility that has been designed to hold civilians during mass arrests. The place has virtually no bathrooms and one giant air conditioner.

Located right next to the facility is a large LZ (landing zone) for helicopters to land andload or unload their cargo. Also located between the warehouses are the railroad tracks. Like something out of a movie, this facility looks like a flash from the past as if Nazi Germany or the Japanese Internment camps. Political prisoners have always been discussed throughout history, but in the United States? It is becoming more and more like the playground of the New World Order Crazies.

Here is the exclusive footage from We Are Change Colorado:

News crew crashes Denver’s DNC concentration camp

Stephen C. Webster
Raw Story
August 15, 2008

During the 2004 Republican Nation Convention in New York City, over 1,700 protesters were taken into police custody in one of the most sweeping mass-arrests in US history. Many were held on Staten Island’s Pier 57, inside a warehouse which was contaminated with lead and asbestos. Some were held for days, and without proper access to food, water, outside communication or legal counsel.

In Denver, police are preparing what a local political organizer calls a ‘concentration camp,’ laying in wait for mass arrests anticipated during the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

On Wednesday, a Denver CBS affiliate sent a news crew to crash the police department’s improvised detention facility, found in a warehouse owned by the city on the north-east side of town.

"This is a building filled with metal holding cells," described reporter Rick Sallinger, introducing the segment. "We showed up at the facility unannounced today, the doors were wide open, and we managed to shoot for several minutes until a Denver sheriff’s captain asked us to leave."

Footage of the warehouse revels tall, chain-link fence capped by barbed wire, and segmented pens each bearing an identifying letter at about shoulder height.

The news crew was not invited, nor welcome. Cpt. Frank Gale of the Denver Sheriff’s Department called the facility "a secured area," and worried that information related to the site would be used "by people who are potentially trying to be disruptive."

"Each of these fenced in areas is about five yards by five yards," said Sallinger. "There’s a lock on the door. How long those arrested will be kept here is not known. A sign on the wall reads, ‘Warning! Electric stun devices used in this facility.’"

Area activists are not amused at the news. CBS carried its footage of the newfound jail to Adam Jung, with Tent State University, and Zoe Williams, a Code Pink organizer.

"Very reminiscent of a political prisoner camp, or a concentration camp," said Williams.

"I mean, that’s how you treat cattle," added Jung. "… It’s a meat processing plant."

The detention site was supposed to be a secret, said Sallinger.

A call by RAW STORY to the Denver Sheriff’s Department seeking information on this facility was not immediately returned.

"This facility will not be used for long-term detention," stated a Denver police department letter to area residents. "Arrestees who are processed at this facility will be there for no more than the few hours it requires for processing. Water, bathrooms, medical staff and phones will be available to them. The facility will be fully staffed to ensure its safe and secure operation."

ACLU Colorado is currently pressing the police department for further information.

The following video was aired by Denver’s CBS 4 News on August 13, 2008.

The Neocons Do Georgia

Paul Craig Roberts
August 15, 2008

The success of the Bush Regime’s propaganda, lies, and deception with gullible and inattentive Americans since 9/11 has made it difficult for intelligent, aware people to be optimistic about the future of the United States. For almost 8 years the US media has served as Ministry of Propaganda for a war criminal regime. Americans incapable of thinking for themselves, reading between the lines, or accessing foreign media on the Internet have been brainwashed.

Darth Cheney

We don’t know what the death toll would be in Iran if Darth Cheney and the neocons succeed in their plot with Israel to bomb Iran, perhaps with nuclear weapons.

As the Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, said, it is easy to deceive a people. You just tell them they have been attacked and wave the flag.

It certainly worked with Americans.

The gullibility and unconcern of the American people has had many victims. There are 1.25 million dead Iraqis. There are 4 million displaced Iraqis. No one knows how many are maimed and orphaned.

Iraq is in ruins, its infrastructure destroyed by American bombs, missiles, and helicopter gunships.

We do not know the death toll in Afghanistan, but even the American puppet regime protests the repeated killings of women and children by US and NATO troops.

We don’t know what the death toll would be in Iran if Darth Cheney and the neocons succeed in their plot with Israel to bomb Iran, perhaps with nuclear weapons.

What we do know is that all this murder and destruction has no justification and is evil. It is the work of evil men who have no qualms about lying and deceiving in order to kill innocent people to achieve their undeclared agenda.

That such evil people have control over the United States government and media damns the American public for eternity.

America will never recover from the shame and dishonor heaped upon her by the neoconned Bush Regime.

The success of the neocon propaganda has been so great that the opposition party has not lifted a finger to rein in the Bush Regime’s criminal actions. Even Obama, who promises “change” is too intimidated by the neocon’s success in brainwashing the American population to do what his supporters hoped he would do and lead us out of the shame in which the neoconned Bush Regime has imprisoned us.

This about sums up the pessimistic state in which I existed prior to the go-ahead given by the Bush Regime to its puppet in Georgia to ethnically cleanse South Ossetia of Russians in order to defuse the separatist movement. The American media, aka, the Ministry of Lies and Deceit, again accommodated the criminal Bush Regime and proclaimed “Russian invasion” to cover up the ethnic cleansing of Russians in South Ossetia by the Georgian military assault.

Only this time, the rest of the world didn’t buy it. The many years of lies–9/11, Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, al Qaeda connections, yellowcake, anthrax attack, Iranian nukes, “the United States doesn’t torture,” the bombings of weddings, funerals, and children’s soccer games, Abu Ghraib, renditions, Guantanamo, various fabricated “terrorist plots,” the determined assault on civil liberties–have taken their toll on American credibility. No one outside America any longer believes the US media or the US government.

The rest of the world reported the facts–an assault on Russian civilians by American and Israeli trained and equipped Georgian troops.

The Bush Regime, overcome by hubris, expected Russia to accept this act of American hegemony. But the Russians did not, and the Georgian military was sent fleeing for its life.

The neoconned Republican response to the Russian failure to follow the script and to be intimidated by the “unipower” was so imbecilic that it shattered the brainwashing to which Americans had succumbed.

McCain declared: “In the 21st century nations don’t invade other nations.” Imagine the laughs Jon Stewart will get out of this on the Daily Show. In the early years of the 21st century the United States has already invaded two countries and has been beating the drums for attacking a third. President Bush, the chief invader of the 21st century, echoed McCain’s claim that nations don’t invade other nations.

This dissonant claim shocked even brainwashed Americans, as readers’ emails reveal. If in the 21st century countries don’t invade other countries, what is Bush doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, and what are the naval armadas and propaganda arrayed against Iran about?

Have two of the worst warmongers of modern times–Bush and McCain–called off the US/Israeli attack on Iran? If McCain is elected president, is he going to pull US troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan as “nations don’t invade other nations,” or is President Bush going to beat him to it?

We all know the answer.

The two stooges are astonished that the Americans have taught hegemony to Russians, who were previously operating, naively perhaps, on the basis of good will.

Suddenly the Western Europeans have realized that being allied with the United States is like holding a tiger by the tail. No European country wants to be hurled into war with Russia. Germany, France, and Italy must be thanking God they blocked Georgia’s membership in NATO.

The Ukraine, where a sick nationalism has taken hold funded by the neocon National Endowment for Democracy, will be the next conflict between American pretensions and Russia. Russia is being taught by the neocons that freeing the constituent parts of its empire has not resulted in their independence but in their absorption into the American Empire.

Unless enough Americans can overcome their brainwashed state and the rigged Diebold voting machines, turn out the imbecilic Republicans and hold the neoconservatives accountable for their crimes against humanity, a crazed neocon US government will provoke nuclear war with Russia.

The neoconservatives represent the greatest danger ever faced by the United States and the world. Humanity has no greater enemy.

Nuclear war by miscalculation

Nuclear war by miscalculation

F. William Engdahl
The Real News Network
August 15, 2008

ENGDAHL: Russia went into Georgia to essentially deliver a message. There are more than 1,000 US military special forces in Georgia doing exercising, training Georgian troops, before Georgia launched the attack on Ossetia on 8 August. There are 1,000 Israeli troops at least, private security firms and military advisors, including advisors who are upgrading the Georgian air force in an installation near Tbilisi. That’s what the Russian airplanes hit, and they essentially made the military strike on South Ossetia militarily impossible by making incursions inside Georgian territory before they announced that they were calling a halt to their military operations.


ZAA NKWETA, PRODUCER (VOICEOVER): President Bush announced on Wednesday that US troops would provide humanitarian aid to Georgia. Meanwhile, the war of words continued, with Georgia accusing Russia of continuing military operations and Moscow denouncing the Georgian president as a liar. For further analysis of the geopolitics of Georgia, The Real News spoke to political economist and author F. William Engdahl.

F. WILLIAM ENGDAHL, AUTHOR AND POLITICAL ECONOMIST: What Washington is literally playing with here is nuclear war by miscalculation, thinking they can outflank the Russians psychologically and militarily. And I think this was a clear signal from the Russian government that they have drawn a line in the sand with Georgia and that they’re not going to allow this kind of military adventurism. Georgia can take these areas back, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, both of which fought a war to be independent of Georgia in the early ’90s. This region, including Georgia, has been, essentially, a part of the Russian Empire for 200 years, but Georgia is independent and has been since the early ’90s. Russia’s not demanding that Georgia become a part of the greater Russia, but what it’s demanding is that Georgia stay neutral vis-à-vis NATO. Russia went into Georgia to essentially deliver a message. There were more than 1,000 US military special forces in Georgia training Georgian troops before Georgia launched the attack on Ossetia on 8 August. There are 1,000 Israeli troops at least, private security firms and military advisors, including advisors who are upgrading the Georgian air force in an installation near Tbilisi. That’s what the Russian airplanes hit, and they essentially made the military strike on South Ossetia militarily impossible by making incursions inside Georgian territory before they announced that they were calling a halt to their military operations. What’s at stake here is that since the end of the Cold War, there has been literally a new Cold War over oil in Central Asia. Caspian Sea has huge undeveloped reserves of oil from Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan, Baku, the old oilfields of early Russia, one of the first big oilfields in the world, actually, more than a century ago. And British Petroleum and several US companies went in early to try to lock up the oilfields in Baku, and with considerable cash under the table and over the table, according to various reports, they more or less locked the government of Azerbaijan into a US-friendly stance. And they built a pipeline, which was opened three years ago, called the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline (Ceyhan is a port on the Mediterranean side of Turkey) to bring oil from the Caspian Sea to the West, sidelining Russian territory. The Rose Revolution that brought President Saakashvili to power in Georgia in early 2004 was financed by the US State Department, the National Endowment for Democracy, and various NGOs that all receive money from the US government. So this was what the CIA did in Iran in the ’50s or in Guatemala against Arbenz that they do with these NGOs now, called the color revolutions. And that’s the operation that brought Saakashvili into power in 2004. So he’s essentially a Washington proxy or puppet figure, if you will, and that’s how Moscow regards it, and one that is committed to bringing Georgia into NATO, which is extremely provocative.

US court rules Saudis not liable for Sept 11 attacks

US court rules Saudis not liable for Sept 11 attacks
Published: Thursday August 14, 2008

A federal appeals court on Thursday ruled Saudi Arabia could not be held liable for the September 11 attacks against the United States despite charitable donations that ended up in the hands of Al-Qaeda.

Upholding a 2006 decision by a lower court, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled inadmissible a lawsuit in which families of victims of the 9/11 attacks charged that Saudi Arabia, four Saudi princes, a Saudi charity and bank had given material support to Al-Qaeda.

The plaintiffs in the case cited Saudi donations to Muslim charity groups that were later transferred to the Al-Qaeda terror network, arguing the Saudis were responsible for financing the 9/11 attacks.

The court in its ruling said the "Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976" granted the Saudi defendants immunity from prosecution on US soil.

It also ruled that a charity named in the suit, the Saudi High Commission for Relief to Bosnia and Herzegovina, was also immune under the same law as it was "an agency or instrumentality of the Kingdom."

Exceptions to the immunity provisions did not apply in the case, the court ruled, "because the Kingdom has not been designated a state sponsor of terrorism by the United States."