Saturday, March 18, 2006

The time has passed

The time in which is left to change the current cituation in which we find ourselfs has passed us by. The media mind hole for way to long has had the majority captured. The shift will come sudden and unexpected, without warning. And although many people today; including myself, is continuley whipping the dead horse with the reality in which we all find ourselfs, I agree with the following statements by Mr. Rockefeller. This email came to Stew Webb on March 21, 2002 after he had brouught these things to light. Here is an current article of the story from the Denver Post. Did Knights Of the Round Table have no meaning in history, or is that order still very much alive and active? Or do we believe it to be only fiction, because there was a fictitious movie portraying it, or is the fictitious media diverstion into the realms of fiction really; like a have said before, this order telling everyone the truth in plain sight, and then laughing at the ignorance of humans as we whisked it away into fiction saying 'nah, that really isnt true, that really cant be'. Is this reply from Rockefeller dissinformation? Did this email really come from the listed domain? I think that this sums up the decision that now faces us all, for the American people are the only thing standing in the way now, and soon they will fall as well if nothing is done. Have you known about the factions, does it matter to you? This has existed for awhile, but the push is on now to raise our voices more and to let more know. But will it still be enough? The rabit hole really gets deep, but the foundation comes first, and then we will go to wonderland.