Sunday, February 18, 2007

:Hypothesis:-On the date 7/7/07

By EA....

Although I talked about this in my original article that can be found here, was not written very carefully, here is a revised version of the 'original' hypothesis.

In this picture what do you see?

The main images that stick out in my mind are the numbers behind him, and the series of dots, and lines.

Why, you might ask, and what significance do they have with the paper that I wrote concerning the date 6/6/06/?

First of all let us take a look at some math, in relation with the Calender system..

Most people believe that the new Millennium change actually took place on January 1st 2000A.D. However this is incorrect.

The new millennium, as defined by the Gregorian Calendar used in most of the world, actually began on January 1, 2001, not January 1, 2000. The idea of "zero" was unknown to Dionysius. (If you recall the Roman numerals you learned in school, you'll remember there was no symbol for Zero.So, in designating the birth year of Christ as 1 AD, Dionysius chose the only starting point he knew: the Year One. This is critical to understanding when the next millennium begins.What matters is that the calendar we use today – the Gregorian Calendar – starts with the year 1 AD and has no Year Zero. For better or worse, we're stuck with it! (For a further discussion of the Year Zero problem, see Millennium Mistake, by Jan Zuidhoek.

Century Years (AD) Century Years (AD)
1st Century 1 - 100 12th Century 1101 - 1200
2nd Century 101 - 200 13th Century 1201 - 1300
3rd Century 201 - 300 14th Century 1301 - 1400
4th Century 301 - 400 15th Century 1401 - 1500
5th Century 401 - 500 16th Century 1501 - 1600
6th Century 501 - 600 17th Century 1601 - 1700
7th Century 601 - 700 18th Century 1701 - 1800
8th Century 701 - 800 19th Century 1801 - 1900
9th Century 801 - 900 20th Century 1901 - 2000
10th Century 901 - 1000 21st Century 2001 - 2100
11th Century 1001 - 1100 22nd Century 2101 - 2200

So every century begins with a year ending in 1 (one) and concludes with a year ending in 0 (zero). The 21st Century is no exception; it began in 2001, not 2000.The millennium works exactly the same way as the century. Each millennium begins with a year ending in 1 (one) and concludes with a year ending in 0 (zero):

So what still is my point?

Most today know of some type of symbolic meaning behind the number 6, specifically 666. It has been attached to the occult in various ways, both good and bad. It has also been hypothesized, that it holds special meaning for the Illuminati. Im not going to go into any of the theories or beliefs behind this number. Im fully hopeful that someone can do that for themselfs. However Mr. Gore is handled by there handlers, otherwise he would not be allowed to be in the positions that he has been in, and is. So my theory holds to the assumption that the users of these symbolic numbers he is attached to, and working for.

So why have the governments, as well as many other 'authority' figures let the masses believe that the year 2000 was Millennial change. Simple. To hid, and cloak there Math system from most people, while still yet having the mechanism in place.

The way they did this was to create trauma, and then placing in the programming. The used Y2k to do this. They even called it the "Millennial bug". This created panic, and dread in the public, enough so that the 'Millennial' was accepted while being mathematically incorrect, thus changing the very Collective Conscious perception of numbering systems in the Calendar, and any symbolical interpretation's that could be derived from it, by a simple math. The same can be said of the WORLDWIDE live telecast of the so called "Millennium", except is not trauma, but the reward programming, by celebration.

So why is the picture important specifically?

Well they have subtracted from the calender system to arrive at the year 2000 being the Millennium.

The number 7 means to be complete, or completed.

The numeric sequence 6/6/06 took place last year. But remember that is incorrect. If you subtract from the year 2000-2007, you get 7. However, when you subtract 2001 from 2007, you get 6.

So, why then is the date 7/7/06; which is the proper date mathematically in reference to the Millennial, of such significance?

In the picture under the 77 07 there 3 dashes - - -, and a pair of 3 dots ... on either side of the dash sequence. These dashes are much like fill in the blank dashes . They have filled in a month and day of 77, for it originally was meant to be 6 6. They have changed the 06, to 07 under the last dash. The pair of 3 dots represent what they have changed, which are the two 6's. For 3+3=6. And 6 in the month, the day, and the year is what the real meaning that is intended.

The number sequence being 7/7/07 is a triple reinforcement of the meaning COMPLETE. It is done, the master work has come into being.

It is also interesting to read the caption below the numbers, dashes and dots. It reads: "the CONCERT for a climate IN crisis".

If you reverse the CAPITALIZED concert, and the word IN, you get 'IN CONCERT'

The word "Concert" has 'a' meaning of:


a. Agreement in purpose, feeling, or action.
b. Unity achieved by mutual communication of views, ideas, and opinions:
1. To plan or arrange by mutual agreement.
2. To adjust; settle.


To act together in harmony.

Hmmmmm, that is very interesting. And what are they acting in harmony together with?

For a climate crisis! The word climate can also be applied to social structure's such as crowds, groups of people, national populations,etc.. So, maybe they are in concert with a climate of crisis?

There is also another meaning here.. They are also in concert with with there original meaning of the date of numbers 6/6/06, and are now 'concerting' them together on 7/7/07..

Another look at the picture reveals a lighthouse shinning through foggy looking clouds.. The word Illuminati does mean illuminated.

I feel from this will be the day that there NWO will either start to surface in full view, or something else in which they have planned. Either way I feel its a very strong message to the ones of them, for this is how they communicate. The concerts, and the phony purpose of the concerts is just like Y2K, just another phony ploy, to distract people from what is truly taking place..

If one were to do a reversal of the trauma/reward system with this system;this worldwide concert much like the live "Millennial" celebration, then what will come first if the 'celebration', and then the trauma.. Some are watching very closely...

Just some thoughts, and theories from me..

Source-Gore speech