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Deafening Media Silence On Ron Paul Candidacy

For all the reporting they´ve done on him, you´d think Ron Paul didn´t exist. He´s one of three candidates left in a Republican field that started with eleven, and yet you´d never know he was one of the last three survivors. If he was on American idol he´d be making headlines. Most everyone in America would know his name. People would be spending money on cell phone calls just to vote for him. Yet here he is running for the most important position in the world, one of three left who could possibly become the Republican presidential candidate, and so many still have no idea who Ron Paul is and what he stands for. So many people out there are just too lazy, just too dependent on the mainstream media to find out what their choices are. As a result, we all get the bottom of the barrel, the dregs of the political establishment, and so it is that corruption is so rampant in Washington DC.-Continue

Information on HAARP

UN To Censor Dr. Horowitz Manmade AIDS Research?

UN To Censor Dr. Len Horowitz
Manmade AIDS Research?

From Alan Cantwell
You know my research/books documenting the man-made origin of AIDS -- here is what my colleague, Leonard Horowitz, is experiencing regarding his man-made origin of AIDS research and its possible censorship by the United Nations AIDS group. Note my citations in his bibliography recorded in the Journal of Medical Hypothesis, May 2001.
Best regards,
Alan Cantwell M.D. author of, AIDS & The Doctors of Death and Queer Blood
Dear Friends and Colleagues in the Healthy World Network,
A United Nations sponsored AIDS group, hosted by the UNAIDS Secretariat to the UN Theme Group on AIDS, is considering censoring my research determinations and publications, along with Internet links to vaccination theories on the origin of HIV/AIDS.
Suppressing Internet free speech is troubling, but censoring scientific facts concerning AIDS and its apparent man-made, vaccine-linked, origin is despicable and genocidal.
The following are my communications to these UN officials, and international AIDS COMMUNITY members, regarding efforts to censor my peer reviewed scientific publications and investigation determinations into the chimpanzee link to human AIDS and the hypothesis of vaccination initiation of HIV/AIDS following hepatitis B inoculations of gay men in New York City and Central Africans between 1970 and 1974. This, better than any other theory, explains the triggering of the AIDS pandemic in the late 1970s and early 80s in these specific parts of the world.
Please kindly read and forward this information as widely as possible so that we may shed the light of truth into the dark deceptions of vaccine industrialists controlling medical and "public health" prostitutes undermining the legitimacy, integrity, and credibility of health science.
In addition, if you have not viewed my latest documentary film, In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism, available now online for free viewing without copyright restrictions, please do so at your earliest convenience at
Thank you for your educational outreach and activism. Together we shall overcome ignorance and adversity in co-creating a healthy world.
In the Spirit of health and human service.
Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M., D.M.M.
Overseer and Managing Member
Healthy World Distributing, LLC
Letter to the International AIDS COMMUNITY (aids-se@solutionexchange-un.net.in):
The sun is claimed to cure infantile jaundice. But in America, if you claim your use of a similar spectrum of light frequencies produced by an Ott Lamp cures this and more, you are charged with a crime, sent to court; maybe to jail, because the LIGHT is legally considered a DRUG if you simply state this claim in the media. Is this scientific? Is this even reasonable? Is there any evidence that LIGHT is a DRUG?
The Moderator of AIDS COMMUNITY demonstrates similar blind bias, and grossly disservices the AIDS COMMUNITY by his condescending rhetorical remark degrading this author who has better things to do with his time and life than serve those "without ears to hear, nor eyes to see" the truth that "shall set you free."
I provided for the AIDS COMMUNITY's evaluation of scientific material the facts that were published in the UK in Journal of Medical Hypothesis. (See attachment below.) That scientific peer reviewed article is damning enough for any fool to be persuaded to investigate further and open debate. Apparently, Dr. Moderator, who encourages censorship, has less intelligence and professional integrity than a common idiot.
Every physician knows that diagnosis precedes treatment, and that the diagnostic process involves a differential diagnosis THEORIZING what ails the patient. Here, as the late great AIDS Czar for the World Health Organization, Jonathan Mann, said, "Rather than a medical problem, AIDS is a socio-political IMPOSITION." His statement heralds a critical component in the differential diagnosis of this hideous pandemic; one that The Moderator wishes to strike from the record while assailing its proponents.
Diagnosis means "to see through" to the root cause of the disorder. With blind bias, you can't see through anything, including the root of this disorder called AIDS; as well evidenced by The Moderator's written statement reflecting such blind bias. This totally unscientific and undermining attitude breaches the professional and scientific integrity of the AIDS Community. Efforts to effectively diagnose and treat this world's worst cancer complex halt here.
For all we know, IF my scientific thesis is accurate as the compelling evidence supporting it has proven to be by peer-reviewed scientific scrutiny, THEN the origin of AIDS through contaminated vaccinations, specifically the hepatitis B produced initially in chimpanzees and rhesus monkeys between 1970 and 1974, not the polio vaccine of the 1950s and later, MIGHT STILL BE FUELING THE AIDS PANDEMIC!
Only a grossly-malfeasant blindly-biased sociopath would neglect this probability.
Perhaps it's time to appoint a new Moderator.
Polio, Hepatitis B and AIDS:
An Integrative Theory on a Possible Vaccine Induced Pandemic
By Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.
President and Co-Founder,
Tetrahedron, LLC Incorporated, a nonprofit educational organization,
Post Office Box 2033, Sandpoint, Idaho, 83864, USA.
E-mail: tetra@tetrahedron.org
The following paper was accepted for publication in the Journal of Medical Hypotheses. The final edited manuscript was published May 2001, Vol. 56, No. 5, pp. 553-694. Slight differences exist between this paper and the final publication. Editor-in-Chief: Dr. David F. Horrobin, Laxdale Limited Kings Park House, Laurelhill Business Park,
Stirling FK7 9JQ, UK


South America On Brink Of War

SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia — South America was on the brink of war yesterday as Venezuela and Ecuador amassed troops on the Colombian border in response to the killing of a Marxist rebel leader.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened to join the rebels in a war to overthrow hard-line Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, a key ally of the United States, deploying tanks, fighter jets and thousands of troops along the Colombian border.-Continue

Former Thatcher Adviser Monckton Warns Global Warming Alarmism 'Kills People If You Get the Science Wrong'

Speaking at international conference, he blames the propagation of the global warming 'scare' on a combination of factors, including the 'the media wanting a scare story.'

Science is a very powerful thing and it’s important to get it right.

That’s the message Lord Christopher Monckton, a policy advisor for former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during the 1980s, told an audience at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change on March 3 in New York.-Continue