Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's the people vs. the government, new poll suggests

The Bees' Needs:


The epic, unprecedented, literal disappearance of the world's honeybee population -- termed officially "Colony Collapse Disorder" (CCD), that suddenly began to be reported only last November -- is extraordinarily serious. However, contrary to some of the most severe of these mainstream reports, it does not have to spell "the end of life as we know it on Earth."

Colin Powell Leaks Real Reason for SSN

[Colin Powell] - "Finding the Russian scientists may be a problem being that Russia does not have a Social Security System, as here in America, that allows us to MONITOR, TRACK DOWN and CAPTURE an American citizen."

Obama: Impeachment is not acceptable

EA- Is he for real? "I think you reserve impeachment for grave, grave breeches, and intentional breeches of the president's authority," he said.

"I believe if we began impeachment proceedings we will be engulfed in more of the politics that has made Washington dysfunction," he added. "We would once again, rather than attending to the people's business, be engaged in a tit-for-tat, back-and-forth, non-stop circus."-Obama

Sorry dude, you need to go back to Harvard for a while. Both Bush and Cheny have breeched the Constitution many times. You are nothing more than a sock puppet for the New World Order, you will be taking orders from the Bitch Clinton, punk.

Obama, you are against the Constitution, and are a weak little tool thats playing the race card for the elite crime syndicate to use to further their power, you should be ashamed of yourself, and what you are truly representing.

US intelligence czar wants power to snoop on all non-Americans

US intelligence czar wants congress to pass a bill that would allow American spies to snoop electronically on non-Americans anywhere in the world by forcing telecommunication carriers to comply in exchange for immunity from prosecution by affected individuals.

Human Rights Are a Weapon Used against the People

The most frightening proposal [in the forthcoming EU Treaty] is the one least appreciated: to create a European “charter of fundamental rights” that will accomplish the precise opposite of what it claims. It will swing the iron claw of “progressive thought” through the soft flesh of human variety, enterprise, and freedom, on an unprecedented scale.

White House prepared to open U.S. air routes to Canada, Mexico

An author and investigative journalist says the Bush administration is working on a plan that would essentially erase national borders for air carriers, perhaps paving the way for Mexican and Canadian airlines to compete with U.S. carriers for American domestic and international routes.

2007 seen as second warmest year as climate shifts

KDR: They have these stories almost every year. Granted there has been no records broken since 1998 and the only reason 1998 was so warm was because of a very large El Nino. Another thing to notice is that all of this is based on data up to April. 3 months into the year and they are this confident in a record? What a joke.]

First artificial life 'within months'

Scientists could create the first new form of artificial life within months after a landmark breakthrough in which they turned one bacterium into another.

FTC sides against Net Neutrality

he Federal Trade Commission has cautioned against regulations that would ensure telecom providers treat all internet traffic the same way.

In a report released late Wednesday, the FTC's Internet Access Task Force accepted arguments posed by cable and phone companies that government intervention in Net Neutrality is unnecessary, as competition would prevent internet providers from taking advantage of customers.

School District Demands Biometric Data From Parents

PLUMSTED — The school district has installed a new security system that will check whether visitors to the schools are registered sex offenders.
Called the Teacher-Parent Authorization Security System (T-PASS) With Sex Offender Lookup — put out by Eyemetric Identity Systems — the new system will track visitors and people checking students out of school, Superintendent Jerry North said Monday.

Fairness Doctrine About As Fair as Patriot Act is Patriotic

The Fairness Doctrine is about as fair as the Patriot Act is patriotic. Its supporters are fooled by this veneer of rosy lexicon while overlooking the basic fact that this is about government regulation and suffocation of independent media.

Wolfowitz Returns To Neocon Think Tank AEI

Paul Wolfowitz vowed to continue in political life after he steps down as president of the World Bank this weekend following an internal revolt.

The White House appointee and former deputy defence secretary is leaving his post midway through his term after being forced from office over an ethics scandal.

U.N. Closes Down Iraq Weapons Monitoring

UNITED NATIONS -- More than four years after Saddam Hussein's ouster, the Security Council voted Friday to shut down the U.N. inspection bodies that helped uncover his illegal weapons programs but were then banned from Iraq by the United States.

Tighter Security at Some US Airports

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine -- Some U.S. airports will tighten security in response to possible terrorist incidents in Britain, the White House said Saturday.

The United States, however, is not raising its terror alert status, President Bush's spokesman said. "There is no indication of any specific or credible threat to the United States -- no change in the overall security level," Tony Snow told reporters in Maine.

Everyone Shows ID for Beer in Tenn.

"Richard Rollins, who owns a convenience store in Nashville, is already using a computerized scanner to check everyone's driver's licenses when they buy beer. "We just say we're trying to keep our beer permit, and this is the safest way," Rollins said."

"I don't mind them asking for my ID, but they don't need my driver's license number," said Campbell, 43. "I'm just buying a six-pack. All they need to know is how old I am."

Timeline of Events in London

A timeline of events in London and Glasgow, Scotland:

Iraq: 2 U.S. Troops Charged With Murder

BAGHDAD -- Two American soldiers have been charged with premeditated murder for allegedly killing three Iraqis and then planting weapons on their bodies to portray them as combatants, the U.S. military said Saturday.

Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati

A Chinese secret society with 6 million members, including 1.8 million Asian gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins, have targeted Illuminati members if they proceed with world depopulation plans, according to Tokyo-based journalist Benjamin Fulford, 46.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The coming trade war and global depression

06/16/05 "Asia Times" - - Many historians have suggested that the 1929 stock market crash was not the cause of the Great Depression. If anything, the 1929 crash was the technical reflection of the inevitable fate of an overblown bubble economy. Yet stock market crashes can recover within a relatively short time with the help of effective government monetary measures, as demonstrated by the crashes of 1987 (23% drop, recovered in nine months), 1998 (36% drop, recovered in three months) and 2002 (37% drop, recovered in two months).

Google it yourselves!

Web Groups Claim Victory in Bill Defeat

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Online groups took credit Friday for leading the grass-roots opposition against an immigration reform bill, saying they persuaded Americans to flood Congress with hundreds of thousands of phone calls, faxes and e-mails.

Marines Drop Case Against Iraq Veteran

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Marines won't kick out an Iraq war veteran who made anti-war statements in a speech and wore part of his uniform at a protest, the service said Friday, despite a recommendation to discharge him early.

Dick Cheney: Laws? What Laws? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Laws!

Vice President Dick Cheney has indicated in no uncertain terms that he believes the laws of the United States do not apply to him. According to Capitol Hill Blue, Cheney - in direct violation of a Presidential executive order - has refused to turn over documents to the National Archives. On Monday, June 25, 2007, most of the All-Star Panel on Special Report disagreed with the Vice President's blatant arrogance. Fred Barnes, editor of the Weekly Standard and Brit Hume were the notable exceptions. With video.

Legal expert White House stonewalling may force Congress to charge president with criminal offenses

Keith Olbermann announced on Wednesday's Countdown that the White House is refusing on grounds of executive privilege to honor Senate subpoenas and release documents relating to its warrantless wiretapping. In addition, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, David Addington, has sent a letter to Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) saying Cheney's office will not comply with oversight by the National Archives because it is not "an agency."

Members of congress give themselves a pay raise

Despite record-low approval ratings, House lawmakers Wednesday voted to accept an approximately $4,400 pay raise that will increase their salaries to almost $170,000.

Clinton Surpasses Obama in Site Traffic Race, Paul Rockets to First

Hillary Clinton overtook Barack Obama in May, John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani held steady and Ron Paul rocketed from fifth place to first. That's according to Hitwise data showing the ebb and flow of traffic to the official sites of the Democratic and Republican presidential primary candidates.

House Report Faults Pentagon Accounting of Iraqi Forces

The United States has invested $19 billion to train and equip nearly 350,000 Iraqi soldiers and police since toppling Saddam Hussein, but the ability of those forces to provide security remains in doubt, according to the findings of a bipartisan congressional investigation to be released today

Israel model for Iraq, says Bush

US President George W Bush has appealed for people to give his strategy in Iraq a chance - holding up Israel as a model for defining success there.

G4 The Loop: One-On-One With Ron Paul / Stickam: Ron Paul

6/26/07 - Lou Dobbs National Press Club Immigration pt1

Ex-Reagan Associate Deputy Attorney General: Impeach Cheney

Bruce Fein, who served as the Associate Deputy Attorney General under Ronald Reagan, in a scathing editorial today called for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney.

N.H. Governor Signs Law Banning Real ID

CONCORD, N.H. -- New Hampshire on Wednesday rejected the federal Real ID Act as tantamount to requiring a national ID card, joining five other states in opposing it.

New York Moves To Ban Public Filming And Photography

Broad rules do not exempt amateur photographers, independent reporters and filmmakers

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Scientists Swap Genes in Bacteria

WASHINGTON -- Talk about identity theft: Scientists changed one species of bacteria into another by performing a complete gene swap.

Iran Exile Group Stays on EU Terror List

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- European Union governments decided Thursday to keep an Iranian opposition group blacklisted as a terrorist organization after reviewing its demand to be removed following a recent court ruling, diplomats said.

White House Rejects Subpoenas, Showdown Looms

Setting up a battle royal between Congress and the White House, the Bush administration asserted executive privilege Thursday morning in denying requests from lawmakers for documents and testimony from former top White House officials related to the ongoing U.S. attorneys probe.

Housing's 'softened much more than is being reported'

O.C. real estate consultant John Burns says: "The housing market has softened much more than is being reported. We have been advising our retainer clients for more than one year about misleading national sales information, both with the Existing Home Sales and New Home Sales data.

Venezuelan President Chavez in Russia for Possible Weapons Deal

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is in Moscow for discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin about a possible arms deal and expanded economic ties between the two countries. VOA Correspondent Peter Fedynsky reports from the Russian capital.

Report: Blair Again Questioned by Police

LONDON -- Former Prime Minister Tony Blair was questioned by British police for a third time in their investigation of allegations that honors were offered for political contributions, the Press Association reported Thursday, citing unidentified sources.

Fairness Doctrine About As Fair as Patriot Act is Patriotic

The Fairness Doctrine is about as fair as the Patriot Act is patriotic. Its supporters are fooled by this veneer of rosy lexicon while overlooking the basic fact that this is about government regulation and suffocation of independent media. meets Norm Mineta had the opportunity of meeting Norm Mineta. We were able to ask Mineta a few questions about his testimony before the 9/11 commission and the omissions from the final report.

Senator: Immigration calls crashed Capitol phone system

The "Use of the Armed Forces" in America under a National Emergency

Unrestricted & Arbitrary Powers conferred to the President & Vice President

Alan Watt - Surveillance, Science & The Grid of Control

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Now, it’s psyops for your Second Life

Bush calls Immigration Bill 'Amnesty'

Rules 'hiding' trillions in debt

Do TB-Type Bacteria Cause AIDS?

The Worldwide Crack Up Boom, According to Ludwig Von Mises

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Unease about big powers 'rising'

Worldwide opinion is increasingly wary of major powers and their leaders, a new global study suggests.

Amnesty: The Plan To Destroy The USA

The June 26th Frightening Amnesty Senate Vote Recalls Governor Lamm's Warning About How to Destroy the USA.

Cheney’s office, White House subpoenaed

Targeting Dissent: FBI Spying on the National Lawyers Guild

Sen. Sessions Releases List of 20 Loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill

Holding America Hostage

Bush Won't Protect Nation Without Amnesty

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CNN whores control freedom of press

South Carolina Rejects Real ID Act

Iran: US 'biggest sponsor of terrorism'

New documents link Kissinger to two 1970s coups

June 25, 2007: The death of the Constitution

Putin Touts WTO, Currency Alternatives

Norman Mineta Confirms That Dick Cheney Ordered Stand Down on 9/11

High Schoolers Get In Bush's Face About Torture

Civics Quiz: Is Cheney Part of the Executive Branch?

Teddy Roosevelt On Immigrants In America

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."
Theodore Roosevelt 1907

What's Wrong With US?

Outside the Box #88

Alex discusses some of the top stories of the world ranging from the wargames that Iran is currently engaged in, to the latest developments ... all » with Avian bird flu. Later, he discusses the current level of surveillance at traffic intersections in Portland, Oregon.

Cheney Asserts Independence From Executive Branch- Is The Vice-President Now An Official ‘Rogue’ Element In Our Government?

FBI Knowingly Allowed Bin Laden To Personally Charter Flight After 9/11

VIDEO: 911 Truckload of Explosives

Special Ops Forces Conducting Activities On US Soil

Rules 'hiding' trillions in debt

VIDEO: Full Hillary 'smoking gun' video released

U.S., NATO killed more civilians than militants

President Bush claims he's exempt from security oversight too, Los Angeles Times to report

VIDEO: Lee Rogers Interviews Ron Paul



Clinton and Bush Connections with the NewWorldOrder

Talking Rainbows (1 of 2)-An Interview with Freeman

Globalist Study Says Citizens Want A World Government

Bush Directive for a "Catastrophic Emergency" in America: Building a Justification for Waging War on Iran?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Governmental Silence - I don't Think So!!!


Mobile phones may soon be used on planes(proves that the calls made on 911 could not have taken place.)

FBI to restrict student freedoms

Spider Goats

100 Professors Question 9/11 Commission Report

Al Qaeda Created by CIA

How the CIA created Osama bin Laden

Us War With Iran

How does the United States have a base in Cuba?

Report: Astor's Will Leaves Bulk to Son

One of the original infiltrators of the United States John Jacob Astor.

Supreme Court Cases Still to Be Decided

.Cheney Stance on Information Challenged