Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Open Letter to The Powers That Be

For thousands of years you have infiltrated the secret knowledge. You have perpetuated your plans like your forefathers. The world being in the palm of your hand, while Humanity slumbers there unaware of the nature of the holder.

For years Humanity has 'WILLFULLY' accepted. They have created all sorts of criss crossing paths in and out of the consciousness, trying to loose it from its knowing the truth. The truth?

That each of us is a free consciousness. Having no captive, or chain. Chains and veils have been created in attempt and have succeeded in blinding Humanity, but again this is by choice. The choice we all have isto give into the illusion of the artificial reality projected upon us, or to see it, and us, as we truly are.

Individually we are everything by being made up from everything. The projected reality is the millions of ideals in which have been created to control us, in which doing achieves the willed for outcome. These outcome's are created by you, and over many generations have been manifested by you.

However these truth's do not change the fact that we are still free Consciousness.

That is Humanity choice as well. To choose what is in reality the truth.

The many Master's throughout time have proven that nothing contains that which is free.

I am free. I have Consciously chooses to be free. I also choose to help my fellow Humans to do so as well.

We are not afraid of you. You dont have any power over our Soul's as Beings of Light. As you know, we come from vast time and space, where the Earth is nothing, not even all atom is our relative dimension. We know you understand this.

What is going to happen to you in the future has been known, and anticipated for a very long time, even before you came into being. Do not fear, it will not happen by violent means. It will happen by your power being usurped. Each of you become average, and ordinary in your way upon the Earth, while Humanity incorporates your riches.

You do not understand these words, for you have never thought them. You have never considered life without yourselves. You have never imagined a fair and just world.

That is ok, we are going to instruct you.

We know that before this time of true enlightenment there will be much darkness. That does not bother us, the system needs to shake, the motor needs to smoke, so that it can be fixed.

You have not even realized that you have done everything wrongly in your attempt at what you are attempting.

As the rays from the distant star systems sends certain energies upon the decaying carcass of your failed experiment for total control, Humanities dormant DNA encoded data will release and start to grow. In this time Humanity will come to full potential.

For many thousands of years you have continually blocked this activation. It is only at this time period that you cannot contain it.

This brings up another interesting notion. That in your desperate attempt to stop this, you have even contemplated exterminating 80% of the Earths population. All this is doing is transferring beings from one place to another, and does nothing to prevent the true outcome of your actions throughout time, which of course will be the above mentioned outcome.

In your attempt to cease the enlightenment of Humanity in the present, you are creating effects that you will late regret, and you justify this as reasonable losses.

This is acceptable, considering the individual outcomes of you in the future, being like the ordinary man, or one of the Eaters like the rest of us. That will be your portion.

Some of you will go to jail, where life will not be easy at all, you will not be in the same facility as your Martha Stewart.

Of course you could just make it easy on yourself and stop now while there is still time for you. But we know this will not happen, and if it did your seed will still be planted somewhere. This means you would still be searched for on the astral plain, and your secrets known.

How do you think that the information you wanted hid did in fact come unhid.

That is why your intelligence agencies started implementing programs with remote viewing and astral projection. Because you could not keep up with the increasing amount of activity within your spaces. To many people on there own where beginning to discover this through Universal experimentation's, and then these people started releasing what they had discovered to other's.

We also knew this would take place, for the Universe is an Open Directory, and nothing can be hidden forever within any Collective Consciousness without other's within that Collective finding out about it.

This is one of the Great Laws of The Universe. Know Thy Self. The One created formed this law from self.

And you certainly fall well under The One.

We regret the end of most of you, it will not be nice, but look forward to the future of the Planet called Earth.