Monday, January 04, 2016

(Part 1) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1)

Fantástico avistamento UFO em Santiago - Chile Dez 2015

Erklärt: „Chile-UFO-Video“ zeigt jährliche Flugshow der Luftwaffe

UFO Fleet Over Santiago Chile 15/12/2015

(((Ovnis locura en Santiago de Chile panico hoy))) 18 de Diciembre 2012 que pasa¡¡¡¡¡

UFOs mothership over Santiago de Chile December 2014 OVNI

2003: Ovnis ufo en Santiago Chile (Avions/planes T-35 Pillan)

UFOs During Expedition 46 Soyuz to the International Space Station 15/Dec/15

UFO flying over the city of El Alto LA PAZ BOLIVIA December 6 2015

UFOs OVER CORN FIELDS September 2015


Our so called leaders are Insane. Following them is a Choice.

No Two Alike: The First Photos of Snowflakes

The Origins of the American Public Education System: Horace Mann & the Prussian Model of Obedience

SURVIVAL of Civilization Depends on YOU | Ann Barnhardt

Oregon Standoff - The American Way

Best UFO Sightings Of December 2015

Mysterious Lights Hiding Something Massive Over Texas 12/4/2015

Glowing UFO Flies Near Mexican Volcano On Christmas Day 1/2/2016

Welcome to 2016 | S0 News Jan.4.2016

Trump’s Success - What It Has To Do With Anger?

Updates From Oregon Standoff

What Armed Group In OR Wants And Why

China Unveils Major Military Restructure

Saudi Arabia 'Doesn't Care' If White House Angered

Russian Senator Slams US Position On Shiite-Sunni Conflict

Russian Missile Cruiser Varyag Arrives in Mediterranean

UK Paper Warns Readers Of Terminal Decline Of West

Strange Lights Above Canberra, Oz

Airline Pilots Protest US Secrecy On UFOs

Urban Agriculture And Personal Indoor Farms

Someone is always under Standing.

My brow is heavy from the pain of understanding. Oct. 19th, 2005 | 11:27 pm

The Amazing Thing Is - Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Well Can it? Sarcasm, or None Sarcasm?

Situation Update

Quarantine Earth Endgame

Governments ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror

Armed militia seize fed building in stand against US govt

Network - We're In A Lot Of Trouble!

About that Hopey-Changey Thing

America’s criminal justice system is a hoax

Terrorist TOW Missiles Destroyed, Raytheon Rushes to Replace Them

The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual: A Blueprint for Total War and Military Dictatorship

FᎢrᎡ ᏍᏔrᏖr (Ꭲ ᎠM Ꭱ Медведь ᏍtjᎡrᏁ ᎠᎾk)

Tamir Rice protesterswant Cleveland prosecutor to step down

5 Ways The Government Keeps Native Americans In Poverty

Benjamin Fulford: Jan 4, 2016: A concerted push is under way to end Khazarian mafia rule this year

WOW! MAJOR Sighting Of Giant Mothership UFO Over East Coast! 1/4/2016