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Vaccination's have mercury and cancer in them

Scandals - 3/15/02
The Thimerosal/SV40 Connection - Public Health's Ongoing Scandal

In spite of to the known toxicity of thimerosal/mercury, vaccines containing it have not been recalled. Rather than being required to remove all existing stocks of mercury-containing vaccines, manufacturers and the FDA were merely "urged to work toward rapid reduction or elimination of mercury-containing preservatives in vaccines". Had the public not become aware of the fact that vaccines contain mercury, even this woefully inadequate step might not have been taken.

As if that wasn't enough, and ignoring the fact that "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence", it was apparently felt necessary to dilute further the already grudging support being given to the notion that mercury exposure should be reduced, because they went on to say: "When vaccines containing thimerosal have been administered in the recommended doses, hypersensitivity has been noted, but no other harmful effects have been reported". This in spite of the fact that the FDA "determined that infants who receive thimerosal-containing vaccines at several visits may be exposed to more mercury than recommended by federal guidelines for total mercury exposure", and its known toxicity.

In any event, almost three years later, vaccines containing thimerosal are still available and being administered to infants. (Click here for more on mercury and vaccines.)

In an ironic, disgraceful twist, the flu vaccine, which also contains thimerosal , and was not included in the list of vaccines recommended to have it removed, is now being recommended for infants.

What might be the consequences of the zealous pursuit of vaccination, regardless of potential risks? One only has to look to the emerging polio vaccine story for a clue.

When, in pursuit of the elimination of polio via vaccination, it was discovered that a known animal carcinogen contaminated the vaccine, those vaccines containing the contamination were not recalled, for fear of “eroding confidence” in vaccines. Officially adopting what perhaps should be known as its ongoing “ostrich policy”, in its apparent belief that what you don’t know can’t hurt you, Public Health allowed existing stocks to be used up and the public to be kept uninformed.

Sadly, however, that was not to be the end of the story. Over the years there have been many journal articles on possible connections between SV40 and cancer, the most recent one linking SV40 to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. For many years, however, little research was being done, and what was being done, ignored. That is, until the report about 30 years later, of SV40 in children’s brain tumors, and the later accidental discovery that SV40-caused mesotheliomas in hamsters. (Apparently research showing SV40's presence in "human" brain tumors, as early as 1978, was not considered of great enough import to warrant increased investigation.) Now, although the question is being more aggressively studied, with more and more cancers being linked to SV40, there continues to be resistance from some quarters. (To read more, click here for the three excellent San Francisco Chronicle articles on this topic.)

Why were the questions about SV40 and cancer not vigorously pursued, from the very moment of its discovery in polio vaccines administered to millions of people?

What should this say about our blind faith in vaccination policy and the “experts” promoting it?

Sandy Mintz

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Does the CDC really have your best interest in mind?

Mercury in Flu Vaccinations five times the CDC's safe level reccomendation
Interview of Dr Eva Snead by Gary Null

GARY NULL: One of the most outspoken, intelligent and absolutely determined physicians on public health issues that’s Dr Edith Snead. Nice to have you with us today.

DR EVA SNEAD: Nice to be with you. I appreciated all that flattery.

Well you deserve it. That’s because I wouldn’t give it if it’s not deserved. Let’s talk quickly, we have about eight minutes to talk about this latest phenomenon of everybody running out to get their flu shot and they can do that, I‘m not suggesting that they should not do that, that’s their choice but I’d like a different perspective so at least they have something to counterbalance their existing information. Why don’t you share what you consider the pros and cons of the flu vaccine?

Well we have talked about vaccines and that they are all totally unsafe. Now talking about the flu vaccine itself it’s prepared on chicken embryo, which mean unborn chicken which means that people who are allergic to these products like egg and chicken can become seriously ill and on the other hand the injection of these proteins into other humans will render them in a large percentage allergic to chicken and egg which means that people who were not allergic before will now become allergic.

The other problem is that all viral vaccines contain not only the particular virus but they also contain traces of leukaemia virus, cancer producing viruses etc. These are not completely removable, they exist in the chicken from which these eggs are taken and although they claim that they are like 98% purified, 2% of several billion viruses is still an awful lot of cancer and leukaemia dangers.

Another fact is that to separate cells we also may have to use a pork product which is made from raw pork stomach. This is an enzyme that separates the cells called pork trypsin and a lot of people who would not ingest or take pork products for religious reasons are seduced without knowing it into violating their convictions so there you have in a nutshell the beginning of why it is not very wise to take influenza vaccines.

OK. Why don’t you give us some of what you have found in the literature, some of the problems with the flu vaccine and also they’re claiming all this success. I question whether they can prove the success because you cannot disprove a negative.

That’s correct. Imagine, Gary, the gullibility of a public that not only believes that these companies give them a safe and effective product but that they give them the credence of a god that two years in advance when they start making these serums they know which particular kind of influenza is going to be causing the epidemic two years later. I mean you know these people have the utter gall to tell people that they can do it because they can’t. This is based on computer predictions and so on which are totally inaccurate. Now, you may remember the horrible epidemic of neurologic illness that we had in ’76 and although the present day vaccines don’t have that high an incidence even the package insert tells me that there’s a higher incidence of Guillaine Barre which is a sort of euphemism for a variety of polio in all people under fifty that take the influenza vaccine. So imagine the risk you are running aside from the viruses, the cancer, the leukaemia. Two or three years ago there was a rash of positive HIV and hepatitis patients in Baltimore among people who would otherwise not be expected to have a positive test. When studied all of these people had received the influenza vaccine four to six weeks prior and this was rapidly covered up by the press as you were saying in your beautiful new article that told that the press in uninquisitive today.

Do you have an example of some of the guaranteed safety vaccines that we have been given over the years only later to find out that the guarantees were unsupported by any credible science and actually were deleterious?

There is no science, credible or otherwise, this is all guess work. I mean you can’t test for something that hasn’t happened and you can’t test compared to what? I mean you don’t know that there would have been an epidemic and certainly if you put a certain variety of viruses in the public then you will find they will say "Oh we were right. Virus A or B, Australian or South American or whatever you may call it will be endemic this year". Well you know you become a self-fulfilling prophesy because you created the particular problem and not only that but the other thing that is very, very important that nobody has brought up to my knowledge is about forty years ago a study was done in England on problems with the nervous system in new born and unborn foetuses that were aborted and they discovered that the majority of children who had birth defects in the nervous system particularly and encephalus had been exposed to the flu virus. Flu virus, of course, being now in all the vaccines that people are vaccinated. In the south of Texas we are having a tremendous rash of these particular neurologic problems. Children born without a brain or part of a brain and everybody is telling the public "Oh we have not a clue of what could cause this". Well, we do have a clue, we’re just lying to the public.

Why do you think there’s such an interest in getting people to get the flu vaccine. I realise that this is subjective and giveus subjective answer.

Well the manufacturer makes money. I mean that a very simple thing. They’re seen as a wonderful product because they get the endorsement of government and health affiliations. He produces serum that costs you basically not that much to produce. You seduce the public into needing it and you sell millions and millions of doses so there’s an awful lot of money to be made. Now from the point of view of public health, again there’s money and grants to be made. I mean there are many people employed in persuading the public this problem exists and persuading them that they need it. And then of course, as you well know, we may suspect that there are other reasons that could be political or genocidal because the product is administered to large amounts of older people and as you well know in nursing homes where they receive flu vaccines there are many, many cases of flu shortly after the vaccination effort which indicates a total association and from a very crude point of view the perpetuation of life in older people particularly in nursing homes is not desirable to those that handle the funds. So of course we cannot prove this but it certainly presents a seductive hypothesis.

Again, that’s a little too seductive for my taste. I haven’t been able to make any such association but I would suggest that for them to tell us that the flu vaccines are both necessary ... I have not seen that they have either part of that scenario on hand. Dr Eva Snead thank you very much. Nice to always have you with us.

Israel wanted war, they dont want peace

Shin Bet Vetoed Secret
Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Press Release
Drafted by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
Department of International Relations

Israeli and Palestinian Sources Concur: Israel Made War Inevitable

The Omega Institute (OI), which works closely with the Institute for Policy Research for Development (IPRD), has learned from Israeli and Palestinian sources that just prior to the current crisis, senior Hamas leaders were in active dialogue with Israeli religious leaders in a round of bilateral peace negotiations. Israeli negotiators included Rabbi Menachem Froman, former deputy leader and co-founder of the Israeli Settler movement Gush Khatif; Rabbi David Bigman, head of the liberal religious Kibbutz movement Yeshiva at Ma?ale Gilboa; and Yitzhak Frankenthal, founder of the Arik Institute. Ongoing negotiations had resulted in a breakthrough peace ?understanding?, which was to be announced at a press conference in Jerusalem to mark the launching of an extraordinary peace initiative. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert had been briefed extensively about the initiative by Frankenthal. Also due to attend the conference were Khaled Abu Arafa, the Palestinian Cabinet Minister for Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhamed Abu Tir, senior Hamas Member of the Palestinian Parliament, and other senior Palestinian delegates.

The meeting was to announce a joint Israeli-Palestinian call for the release of Corporal Gilad Shalit who had been abducted by Hamas in Gaza, along with proposals for the beginning of the release of all Palestinian prisoners. These measures were to precipitate unprecedented new peace negotiations on a framework peace agreement, drawn on the 1967 borders. The presence of Palestinian Cabinet Officers and senior Israeli religious leaders in contact with the Prime Minster was to underline the seriousness of this peace proposal on both sides.

Just hours before the meeting was due to start, the Israeli Shin Bet internal Security Service arrested Abu Tir and Abu Arafa and warned them not to attend the meeting, under threats of detention. The meeting, which offered a major opportunity to obtain Shalit?s release and launch a new framework for peace, was thrown into disarray. The next day, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) invaded Gaza, and the day after both Abu Tir and Abu Arafa were abducted by Israeli forces, along with a third of the Palestinian Cabinet, provoking a predictable escalation of violence.

Israel simultaneously began conducting covert incursions on to Lebanese territory, provoking Hizbollah?s capture of two IDF soldiers. Credible sources confirm that the soldiers were not abducted on Israeli territory, but inside Lebanon. Like the scuppered peace negotiations, Western officials have ignored this, and misinformed the media. However, some reports corroborate the sources. Israeli officials, for instance, informed Forbes (12.7.06) that ?Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers during clashes Wednesday across the border in southern Lebanon, prompting a swift reaction from Israel.?

?The revelations show that Palestinian and Lebanese actors were not principally responsible for the escalation of the current conflict?, said OI Director Graham Ennis. ?Contrary to the misinformation disseminated by the Whitehouse and Whitehall, Israel vetoed unprecedented peace proposals that would have initiated a promising new framework for serious negotiations, and went on to provoke Palestinian and Lebanese groups into retaliations, that now threaten to escalate into a dangerous regional conflict.?

For more information please contact +44(0)7891 132 574 or email

Notes for Editors:

Full details and background information are annexed below in a memorandum by Graham Ennis, Director of the Omega Institute in Brighton, UK. It includes some relevant contacts for further verification. This memo was originally forwarded to Donald Macintyre at The Independent.

Memorandum From: Graham Ennis Omega Institute Brighton, England


1: Rabbi Menachem Froman is the former deputy leader, and co-founder, of the extremist Messianic Israeli Settler movement " Gush Khatif", but he left the movement after the massacre in Hebron of Palestinians by the Israeli terrorist Baruch Goldstein. He now lives in the West Bank Samarian settlement of Tekoa, where he works as a Rabbi, and has been long engaged in Muslim-Jewish dialogue activities. Froman himself has a typical Israeli political background. His Uncle was murdered in the 1930's by Ezzedine Al Qassam, a militant Cleric whose name was used by Hama's for it's armed wing. Froman has a track record. He was a principal negotiator in the release from prison of the Hama's spiritual leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. As a result of discussions with Froman, Yassin subsequently offered a ease-fire, which Yassin withdrew, after the offer was spurned by the israeli Government. He now works closely with Rabbi David Bigman, head of the Liberal religious Kibbutz movement's Yeshiva at Ma'ale Gilboa. They in turn are connected to Yitzhak Frankenthal, founder of the Arik Institute, who is also involved in religious and political dialog with Palestinians. Frankanthal has an unusual background. His son Arik was murdered by Hama's operatives whilst hitch-hiking in July 1994. Instead of sinking into bitterness, Frankanthal has become a major force in Israel in the peace movement.

The significance of all this is that Frankanthal has developed deep contacts with Palestinians. He was rapidly able to confirm, after Corporal Gilad Shalit was abducted in Gaza by Hama's, that he was only lightly wounded and still alive, as a Hama's prisoner. Frankenthal became concerned that the abduction would destroy the opportunity that had arisen, after the agreement between Fatah and Hama's prisoners in Israeli jails, to negotiate peace with Israel, which was then underway. Hama's had made public its agreement to negotiations. After Shalit's abduction, and the Israeli incursion into Gaza, this peace process has collapsed.

What is not publicly known, however, is that these bi-lateral peace negotiations between Jewish and Palestinian religious activists had gone further than is believed. After Shalit's abduction, Frankanthal and the other Israeli peace workers had kept up a close and continuous dialog with senior Hama's leaders. On at least one occasion, Frankanthal had given a detailed briefing to an aide of the Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, who was demanding Shalit's return.

All these negotiations had resulted in a remarkable secret "understanding", as a result of which, the day before the Israeli incursion into Gaza, there was to have been a major press conference in Jerusalem. At the press meeting, there would have been an extraordinary peace initiative launched. Attending the conference would have been not only Israeli's like Frankanthal, Froman, Bigman, etc, but, more remarkably, The Palestinian Cabinet Minister for Jerusalem Khaled Abu Arafa, and the senior Hama's Member of the Palestinian Parliament, Sheikh Muhamed Abu Tir. The meeting was also supported by Sheikh Ibrahim Sarsour, Chairman of the Islamic Movement in the occupied territories.

The meeting would have issued a joint call for the release of Shalit, implicitly backed by the Palestinian Cabinet, due to the authorized presence of the Cabinet Officer, Abu Arafa. Also, this would have formed part of a call for this to be the beginning of the release of all Palestinian prisoners, as part of an immediate start to peace negotiations on a framework peace agreement, based on the joint agreement of the Hama's/Fatah prisoners, drawn on the 1967 borders. The presence of Palestinian Cabinet Officers would have underlined the seriousness of this peace proposal.

However, what actually happened was that just hours before the meeting was due to start, the Israeli Shin Bet internal Security Service arrested Abu Tir and Abu Arafa and warned them not to attend the meeting, under threats of detention. This threw the meeting, which would have been a major opportunity to obtain Shalit's release, into complete disorder. The organizers were forced to franticly contact other Rabbis, already on the road to Jerusalem, and tell them not to appear.

The next day, the Israeli Army invaded Gaza. The day after that, Abu Tir and Abu Arafa were kidnapped by Israeli forces, along with a third of he Palestinian Cabinet. Israel revoked the two men's citizenship, making them stateless, and also removed their residency rights in Jerusalem. The subsequent escalation of violence, which also spread to Lebanon, resulted, in part, from the failure of the peace agreement that had been about to be announced, together with calls for the release of Shalit, which had been strongly "Signalled" by the Palestinians. The intervention of Shin Bet almost certainly aborted a planned release of Shalit, and a powerful appeal for peace negotiations to start. The role, in all this, of Palestinian leader Abbas, which has been extensive, will one day be revealed, and written up, by Historians of this huge calamity. That is, if there is still a history, and historians, and a future, as the whole Middle East faces something that Robert Fisk memorably denounced as "Not Dunkirk, but Munich." Or is it once again, 92 years after that fateful European Summer, time for another, terrible, "Guns of August".


NB: Useful contacts: Arthur Neslan, Tel Aviv. (significant Israeli writer, and journalist, writes also in English.) Palestinian leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar Ted Belman, Israel National Radio

posted by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed at
2006/07/shin-bet-vetoed-secret-israeli.html 1:10 PM
892&postID=1154092372527083 99

The American people are complicit of the actions of their leaders

Connect: Our bombs,
Their Little Bodies
By Norla Antinoro, Ph.D

The front page of every paper I looked at yesterday carried pictures of children dead at the hands of Israeli bombs. Bodies covered with scarves or shawls, as if to protect them from the brutal sun. Tiny feet showing the age of far too many of these victims. These were not terrorists. They were not soldiers or spies. They were children. Learning to find a place in the world. Was the next great peace maker killed today, before she learned to speak and draw to her side the hearts of the people she would have led, if not for the bombs? What crime was committed by the pregnant woman who died, taking with her the unborn child she carried?

In each of our lives there are defining moments. Moments of transcendent joy, moments of unremitting sorrow, moments of breathless anticipation. They are not many, but they are the moments we recall, the moments that make us who we are. They are the moments that make us able to connect with the people around us in deep and abiding ways.

Remember the breathless joy of holding a child you love and seeing the look of wonder in the child’s eyes as it gazes unfocussed at a world all new to be discovered. Remember the feeling of warmth and happiness as a child you love unwraps a hoped for Christmas gift. Remember the feeling of pride and hope as your child took their first trembling steps, or rode away on that bicycle without you to hold it steady, wobbling a little and then firm and smooth and strong.

We have moments that define our shadows as well. The death of a beloved pet, carelessly left a space just big enough for escape into the street and the still broken form that we found when we returned. The day we found that the one job we really wanted to do was forever beyond reach because we could not see well enough or were too tall or to weak or too small or too female. The feeling of emptiness and loss when that person we loved best of all lay broken beyond repair and dying. The wrenching grief when you felt the life within you die and wash away on a river of blood. The loss when your mother, sister, son, or wife died too soon.

Remember these moments. They are what make us human. They are what make us able to understand our fellows fully. They connect us all, except the sociopaths who strew death and devastation all around them without a care because they cannot connect and do not know the moments either joy or sorrow.

Now reach into yourself, remembering these defining moments and understand the feelings of a parent digging frantically through the rubble of what moments ago was their modest home, finding only the lifeless body of that beloved child. Think. Connect. That was your child lying broken in the ruins of your home. You do not know why some madman blew your house into shards of destruction. It is beyond all ken. You are a simple person. You go to work each day, you love your family, and you have no role in the larger stage where statesmen contend and armies clash. Yet it is your child who lies dead and broken in the rubble of your modest home in your simple neighborhood where once children’s’ voices were raised in laughter as they learned and grew in wonder.

When my sister died, I remember my mother’s face as she said “A mother is not supposed to outlive her children. It isn’t right.” I remember that grief as raw and bottomless, a wound that would never heal.

It isn’t right that we are visiting such sorrow on the world. It isn’t right that we send our children to kill another woman’s children half a world away.

The front page of every paper I looked at yesterday carried pictures of children dead at the hands of Israeli bombs. Bodies covered with scarves or shawls, as if to protect them from the brutal sun. Tiny feet showing the age of far too many of these victims. These were not terrorists. They were not soldiers or spies. They were children. Learning to find a place in the world. Was the next great peace maker killed today, before she learned to speak and draw to her side the hearts of the people she would have led, if not for the bombs? What crime was committed by the pregnant woman who died, taking with her the unborn child she carried?

If you are not horrified by the actions of your country yet, then you simply have not tried to see what is happening. You have looked away too often, too soon. Really look at what your country and her allies are doing half a world away. In Lebanon the seeds of terror are being planted deep and well watered with the blood of martyrs, not by wild eyed Islamic clerics demanding the death of the infidel, but by the power hungry, foolish leaders of Israel and the United States. Like dragon’s teeth, every bomb we drop brings new enemies.

We stand pariah to the world and justly so. There is a weary rage in me that knows no direction. No target properly presents itself. No proper expression comes to mind for that rage. No amount of giving vent to that rage will breathe life into one dead and decaying tiny corpse. Weeping brings no relief.

I could vent my rage at Bush but he is not alone in this terrible crime. We have a mass murderer for a president. Driven by a lust for power and control, he and his cronies have visited horror on people who have never raised a hand in threat or harm to him or his. Bush and Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice do not carry the entire blame for the horror that is the Middle East right now. We are complicit. We have turned away and chosen not to see. We have allowed this monstrous set of wars to continue because we have not taken the time to reach out with compassion and understand the people who are being destroyed by our country’s actions. We do not connect with the wrenching sorrow of the mother whose child is found broken and lifeless in the ruins of their home that was standing until our bombs brought it all down. We turn away. It is too unpleasant and we cannot do anything about it.

This time, don’t let yourself turn away. Don’t just look and say “how sad.” Connect. That is your child, your home, your neighborhood. Feel the loss. Know what harm we are causing. You know the joy of those defining moments. You know the hope and anticipation those parents felt. You know the sorrow of the defining loss. Feel it now, for the fallen in Iraq, whatever their nationality. Feel the loss of the Lebanese mother whose child lies dead in her arms from Israeli bullets. Feel the sorrow of the American father whose only child is being buried today under a flag, too young, promise unfulfilled. Feel it. Know how wrong it is. And decide we have had enough. Bring our troops home. Stop sending bombs to Israel. Support the UN efforts to broker a true cease fire and a lasting peace.

Perhaps we cannot stop this war today; not the one in Iraq nor the one in Afghanistan nor the one in Lebanon. But we can stand as witness to what our country is doing and say “No.” We can vote. We can choose a different congress. We can make it clear to the people we elect that we will not stand idly by while they destroy our world and send our children to kill the children of other nations. We can make it clear that we will demand honest elections in this mid term or we will take to the streets and the courts and raise hell.

The pictures defined the war in Vietnam for those of us who remember. It was the pictures that made us realize what was truly happening. A nation said no to Vietnam. Look at the pictures today. Really see them. We can do it again. We can make this set of wars unacceptably expensive to the politicians and the corporations. We can make it clear that we will not support war profiteering. We can support and encourage peace profiteering. We are their workers. We are their market. We can make a difference.

We cannot bring back the broken homes, the dead children. We cannot ease the sorrow our bombs have caused. But we can organize and resist. We can object. We can speak. We can write. We can hand out pamphlets and support anti-war candidates. And we can, by God, VOTE.

Simulated Nuclear Explosion Planned in Hawaii. Sign of what is to come?

By William Cole
Honolulu Advertiser
Military Writer

(FalseFlagNews Editor's note: This is more blatant martial law prep....see the highlighted text. Remember, on 9-11 the U.S. government ran 15 drills and war games, with many "simulated" hijackings. These drills are used as a cover for government-sponsored terror to be blamed on patsy networks. For more, please visit our section: Why monitor the drills and war games? Also, Click Here to listen to my 9-11 truth music with Alex Jones samples.)

The state plans to hold an exercise in mid-August simulating the explosion of a half-kiloton nuclear device at the entrance of Honolulu Harbor, a mock blast that theoretically would result in 10,000 casualties.

State Adjutant Maj. Gen. Robert G.F. Lee, head of the Hawai'i National Guard, said Hawai'i is one of the first to take on the nuclear device planning.

Several hundred state and military planners and first responders will take part Aug. 14 to 16 in "Exercise 'A Kele."

Edward Teixeira, vice director of state Civil Defense, said the name of the exercise uses the Hawaiian words " 'a," for hot and fiery, and "kele," for impurity, signifying radiation.

The Department of Homeland Security about two years ago developed 15 national planning scenarios, including simulating an "improvised nuclear device" explosion.

Planned for a year and a half, 'A Kele comes as Hawai'i reportedly was targeted on the Fourth of July in a North Korean test of a long-range Taepodong-2 missile that U.S. officials said blew up 42 seconds or sooner after launch.

The half-kiloton explosion being simulated in Honolulu is smaller than the 15-kiloton bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. A larger, 22-kiloton device exploded over Nagasaki.

Teixeira said the blast radius for the simulated exercise will encompass the diamondhead end of Honolulu Harbor, overlap Sand Island, and with prevailing winds, a plume will extend out to sea paralleling 'Ewa Beach.

State and federal military command and emergency responders will take part, including U.S. Pacific Command at Camp Smith.

"Essentially, you will see many emergency operations centers going round the clock," Teixeira said.

Although Honolulu Harbor is the site for the simulated explosion, Bellows Air Force Station will represent "ground zero" for the blast, and several hundred emergency responders will have roles there, including the state Urban Search and Rescue Team to search for casualties, and the Honolulu Fire Department, which will work with the health department's radiological monitoring team, Teixeira said.

Lee said he didn't want to turn the exercise into a mass casualty drill, and "we're not going to shut down commerce."

But he said it would be big enough, using computers and other communications, to simulate the loss of 30 percent of island communications.


The exercise will help the state develop a nuclear explosion evacuation plan. Officials said there is a terrorism response plan calling for a collective state and federal response using the powers of the president to declare a disaster.

"(But) for a nuclear scenario like (the one planned), that particular plan has to be developed," Teixeira said. "So this is good. It forces us to get there."

During the Cold War years, there was a plan to deal with radiological fallout and an evacuation plan to create one-way streets and move people away from Pearl Harbor and the Honolulu area — likely target areas — and up to the North Shore, Teixeira said.

There also was a component to airlift and sealift possibly 100,000 people to Neighbor Islands, he said.

"Once we find out what happens (in the upcoming scenario), we'll be calling for (simulated) evacuations back to a safer distance," Teixeira said. "It may not be all the way to the North Shore, but I'm thinking in those terms, because when you see something like that go off, and we start picking up radiological readings, you don't know where the buffer zone is going to be."

Teixeira said in a real nuclear explosion, there likely would be a lot of fires and calls coming in from all over the city to 911. An electromagnetic pulse could make phones go dead.

A presidential disaster declaration would allow the Federal Emergency Management Agency and military to work with the state. If that couldn't be obtained right away, U.S. Pacific Command would be able to assist the state until a declaration was made.


Lee said the state was out front when it conducted an avian flu exercise last August, and for the upcoming training "we'll be shown high interest" from the Defense Department because it is trying to build a nationwide exercise on improvised nuclear devices, Lee said.

"They are going to take a lot of lessons learned from Hawai'i," he said.

Although the exercise is occurring in the wake of the North Korean missile test, officials said it was planned long before.

In comments yesterday, Lee also downplayed the danger to Hawai'i of the missile test, which the conservative Japanese newspaper Sankei reported targeted waters off the state.

"It's good to be a small set of islands in the middle of the Pacific, because there is absolutely a huge difference between the ability to reach, and the ability to actually hit something," Lee said.

"I think we're giving too much technical credit to the ability of the North Koreans."

Beyond that, Lee questioned the veracity of the Japanese report saying Hawai'i was targeted.

"All I can say is I have not received any factual basis that lends credibility to that report," he said.


An improvised nuclear device may be a more real threat.

John Pike, director of Virginia-based military think tank, said a version of a North Korean medium range missile will fit inside a 40-foot cargo container.

"You can put those cargo containers on tramp steamers that you can buy on Web sites for $1 million apiece, and there are 100,000 ships like that," Pike said. "The United States does not have positive identification of all those ships."

Lee said the security "is fine within the state of Hawai'i," and people should make preparations for natural disasters and have water and other supplies on hand, but an improvised nuclear device "is a little more realistic threat we have to prepare for than a (North Korean) missile."

Reach William Cole at

The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil

The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil

by Michel Chossudovsky

s there a relationship between the bombing of Lebanon and the inauguration of the World's largest strategic pipeline, which will channel more than a million barrels of oil a day to Western markets?

Virtually unnoticed, the inauguration of the Ceyhan-Tblisi-Baku (BTC) oil pipeline, which links the Caspian sea to the Eastern Mediterranean, took place on the 13th of July, at the very outset of the Israeli sponsored bombings of Lebanon.

One day before the Israeli air strikes, the main partners and shareholders of the BTC pipeline project, including several heads of State and oil company executives were in attendance at the port of Ceyhan. They were then rushed off for an inauguration reception in Istanbul, hosted by Turkey's President Ahmet Necdet Sezer in the plush surroundings of the Çýraðan Palace.

Also in attendance was British Petroleum's (BP) CEO, Lord Browne together with senior government officials from Britain, the US and Israel. BP leads the BTC pipeline consortium. Other major Western shareholders include Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, France's Total and Italy's ENI. (see Annex)

Israel's Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Binyamin Ben-Eliezer was present at the venue together with a delegation of top Israeli oil officials.

The BTC pipeline totally bypasses the territory of the Russian Federation. It transits through the former Soviet republics of Azerbaijan and Georgia, both of which have become US "protectorates", firmly integrated into a military alliance with the US and NATO. Moreover, both Azerbaijan and Georgia have longstanding military cooperation agreements with Israel.

Israel has a stake in the Azeri oil fields, from which it imports some twenty percent of its oil. The opening of the pipeline will substantially enhance Israeli oil imports from the Caspian sea basin.

But there is another dimension which directly relates to the war on Lebanon. Whereas Russia has been weakened, Israel is slated to play a major strategic role in "protecting" the Eastern Mediterranean transport and pipeline corridors out of Ceyhan.

Militarization of the Eastern Mediterranean

The bombing of Lebanon is part of a carefully planned and coordinated military road map. The extension of the war into Syria and Iran has already been contemplated by US and Israeli military planners. This broader military agenda is intimately related to strategic oil and oil pipelines. It is supported by the Western oil giants which control the pipeline corridors. In the context of the war on Lebanon, it seeks Israeli territorial control over the East Mediterranean coastline.

In this context, the BTC pipeline dominated by British Petroleum, has dramatically changed the geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean, which is now linked , through an energy corridor, to the Caspian sea basin:

"[The BTC pipeline] considerably changes the status of the region's countries and cements a new pro-West alliance. Having taken the pipeline to the Mediterranean, Washington has practically set up a new bloc with Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Israel, " (Komerzant, Moscow, 14 July 2006)

Israel is now part of the Anglo-American military axis, which serves the interests of the Western oil giants in the Middle East and Central Asia.

While the official reports state that the BTC pipeline will "channel oil to Western markets", what is rarely acknowledged is that part of the oil from the Caspian sea would be directly channeled towards Israel. In this regard, an underwater Israeli-Turkish pipeline project has been envisaged which would link Ceyhan to the Israeli port of Ashkelon and from there through Israel's main pipeline system, to the Red Sea.

The objective of Israel is not only to acquire Caspian sea oil for its own consumption needs but also to play a key role in re-exporting Caspian sea oil back to the Asian markets through the Red Sea port of Eilat. The strategic implications of this re-routing of Caspian sea oil are farreaching.

What is envisaged is to link the BTC pipeline to the Trans-Israel Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline, also known as Israel's Tipline, from Ceyhan to the Israeli port of Ashkelon. In April 2006, Israel and Turkey announced plans for four underwater pipelines, which would bypass Syrian and Lebanese territory.

"Turkey and Israel are negotiating the construction of a multi-million-dollar energy and water project that will transport water, electricity, natural gas and oil by pipelines to Israel, with the oil to be sent onward from Israel to the Far East,

The new Turkish-Israeli proposal under discussion would see the transfer of water, electricity, natural gas and oil to Israel via four underwater pipelines.

“Baku oil can be transported to Ashkelon via this new pipeline and to India and the Far East.[via the Red sea]"

"Ceyhan and the Mediterranean port of Ashkelon are situated only 400 km apart. Oil can be transported to the city in tankers or via specially constructed under-water pipeline. From Ashkelon the oil can be pumped through already existing pipeline to the port of Eilat at the Red Sea; and from there it can be transported to India and other Asian countries in tankers. (REGNUM )

Water for Israel

Also involved in this project is a pipeline to bring water to Israel, pumping water from upstream resources of the Tigris and Euphrates river system in Anatolia. This has been a long-run strategic objective of Israel to the detriment of Syria and Iraq. Israel's agenda with regard to water is supported by the military cooperation agreement between Tel Aviv and Ankara.

The Strategic Re-routing of Central Asian Oil

Diverting Central Asian oil and gas to the Eastern Mediterranean (under Israeli military protection), for re-export back to Asia, serves to undermine the inter-Asian energy market, which is based on the development of direct pipeline corridors linking Central Asia and Russia to South Asia, China and the Far East.

Ultimately, this design is intended to weaken Russia's role in Central Asia and cut off China from Central Asian oil resources. It is also intended to isolate Iran.

Meanwhile, Israel has emerged as a new powerful player in the global energy market.

Russia's Military Presence in the Middle East

Meanwhile, Moscow has responded to the US-Israeli-Turkish design to militarize the East Mediterranean coastline with plans to establish a Russian naval base in the Syrian port of Tartus:

"Defense Ministry sources point out that a naval base in Tartus will enable Russia to solidify its positions in the Middle East and ensure security of Syria. Moscow intends to deploy an air defense system around the base - to provide air cover for the base itself and a substantial part of Syrian territory. (S-300PMU-2 Favorit systems will not be turned over to the Syrians. They will be manned and serviced by Russian personnel.)

(Kommerzant, 2 June 2006,

Tartus is strategically located within 30 km. of the Lebanese border.

Moreover, Moscow and Damascus have reached an agreement on the modernization of Syria's air defenses as well as a program in support to its ground forces, the modernization of its MIG-29 fighters as well as its submarines. (Kommerzant, 2 June 2006). In the context of an escalating conflict, these developments have farreaching implications.

War and Oil Pipelines

Prior to the bombing of Lebanon, Israel and Turkey had announced the underwater pipeline routes, which bypassed Syria and Lebanon. These underwater pipeline routes do not overtly encroach on the territorial sovereignty of Lebanon and Syria.

On the other hand, the development of alternative land based corridors (for oil and water) through Lebanon and Syria would require Israeli-Turkish territorial control over the Eastern Mediterranean coastline through Lebanon and Syria.

The implementation of a land-based corridor, as opposed to the underwater pipeline project, would require the militarisation of the East Mediterranean coastline, extending from the port of Ceyhan across Syria and Lebanon to the Lebanese-Israeli border.

Is this not one of the hidden objectives of the war on Lebanon? Open up a space which enables Israel to control a vast territory extending from the Lebanese border through Syria to Turkey.

"The Long War"

Israeli Prime minister Ehud Olmert has stated that the Israeli offensive against Lebanon would "last a very long time". Meanwhile, the US has speeded up weapons shipments to Israel.

There are strategic objectives underlying the "Long War" which are tied to oil and oil pipelines.

The air campaign against Lebanon is inextricably related to US-Israeli strategic objectives in the broader Middle East including Syria and Iran. In recent developments, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice stated that the main purpose of her mission to the Middle East was not to push for a ceasefire in Lebanon, but rather to isolate Syria and Iran. (Daily Telegraph, 22 July 2006)

At this particular juncture, the replenishing of Israeli stockpiles of US produced WMDs points to an escalation of the war both within and beyond the borders of Lebanon.


From Deacon Elurby

Dear Cindy Adams,

Re: Your report on the Mel Gibson story:

You may wish to know where Mel Gibson came to believe "Jews started all the
world's wars."

This is one article he and his father have read to hold that opinion:

Benjamen Freedman on WWI and Zionist Jews

And this one is an example of why he and
his father mistrust the government:


Best Regards,


See what gods people are doing to the innocent

I have taken many photographs of different aspects of the conflict in Lebanon.

Israeli Air Strikes Targeting Lebanese Red Cross

Click here

Scenes from Shelter in Qana where on July 30, Israeli air strikes killed
over 60 civilians, 37 of whom were children, as they slept in a shelter.
Click here

Views of villages and roads in southern Lebanon which have been hit by
Israeli air strikes. July, 2006.

Click here

Targets destroyed by Israeli air strikes in Sidon, and on highway
between Sidon and Beirut. July, 2006.

Click here

Wounded Lebanese civilians, many in critical condition, crowd hospitals
in Sidon. July, 2006.

Click here
? set_albumName=Lebanon_Israel_War_Civilians

As Israeli air strikes continue, wounded Lebanese arrive at hospitals in
Beirut. July, 2006.

Click here

Israeli bombings of oil storage tanks near the coast, along with an
Hezbollah attack against an Israeli warship have left Beirut's beaches
covered in oil.

Click here

Approximately 75% of southern Beirut has been damaged or destroyed by a
massive Israeli air assault. July, 2006.

Click here

Lebanese refugees from southern Beirut and southern Lebanon, fleeing
Israeli bombs, now living in Parks in central Beirut. July 2006.

Click here

Refugees from Lebanon clog the northern border with Syria, as they flee
for their lives from indiscriminate Israeli bombing of their country,
July 2006.

Click here

As Israel invades Lebanon, tens of thousands of people jam the border
with Syria to escape the bloodshed in July 2006.

Click here

(c)2006 Dahr Jamail.

All images, photos, photography and text are protected by United States and international copyright law. If you would like to reprint Dahr's Dispatches on the web, you need to include this copyright notice and a prominent link to the website. Website by photographer Jeff Pflueger's Photography Media . Any other use of images, photography, photos and text including, but not limited to, reproduction, use on another website, copying and printing requires the permission of Dahr Jamail. Of course, feel free to forward Dahr's dispatches via email.

More writing, commentary, photography, pictures and images at

Psy-ops are taking place all over this country

By Flagger

I work for a marketing company called Tomkins and Scott LLC. We are not a typical marketing company. Many of our campaigns involve what is known as "black PR" - a covert type of marketing campaign designed to influence and sway public opinion through covert means. Although many of the techniques we use are not specifically in violation of the law, the fact that many of the clients we have give us money for black PR campaigns is.

I have decided to come out and tell the public about what my company is doing because I believe it is unethical and wrong.

Several years ago we received a contract from an agency with the city of San Francisco. The purpose of this contract was to block the spread of any information which spreads a negative light on the city, or might adversely affect its burgeouning tourism industry or robust real estate market.

Members of the agency were concerned about community forums like Craigslist which are read by millions of people. Our job at Tomkins and Scott, my job specifically, was to monitor Craigslist and summarily flag all postings which reflected negatively upon the city in any way. I am going public with this because, after 3 years of being a censor for Craigslist, I believe what we are doing is totally wrong.

I can tell you that the agency of the city of San Francisco which contracted us is not the only government agency to be engaging in black PR operations. If you knew the full list of agencies hired by us and sister firms you would be absolutely shocked. If the average citizen understood the extent to which the information being presented to him or her is being filtered and skewed they would be up in arms immediately.

Information is power and the powers that be fully realize this, which is why they are willing to devote multi-million dollar budgets to covert campaigns like ours to distort and funnel public perceptions in ways that they consider appropriate. Nothing could be more fundamentally poisonous to a democratic society than the blocking of free and open exchange of information and ideas.

God must hate children then

Traumatised and afraid - 300,000 children who want to go home
By Anne Penketh and Kim Sengupta
Published: 04 August 2006

"I don't want to die. I want to go to school," says Jamal, a four-year-old Lebanese boy scarred by the Israeli bombing of his country. Home for Jamal is now a "displacement centre" in the southern town of Jezzine, where his family fled in fear for their lives.

"We've had our picnic, and we want to go home now," says another child,staying in a makeshift refugee camp in the Sanayeh public gardens in Beirut. "We are bored and afraid and we want to go home," says another.

These are the voices of the dispossessed of Lebanon, the hundreds of thousands of children whose world was changed forever in the seconds that followed the explosion of a bomb. "Mummy, what is a massacre?" another child asks.

About 300,000 Lebanese children have been displaced by Israel's three-week war against Hizbollah - a third of the number of people who have abandoned their homes. In many cases they were ordered out by Israeli army leaflets. They are living in open-air camps, like the one in the Beirut park, or in schools, where many sought refuge. Many children have been housed with host families - in the port of Sidon, 48km (30 miles) south of the capital, 40 per cent of the 22,700 children in temporary accommodation are doing so. The rest are in displacement centres.

Ribka Amsale, an aid worker with Save the Children, visited a school in Sidon yesterday. Children were playing football as their mothers cheered them on. The children seemed cheerful enough, but the stress and trauma are already etched in their psyches.

"Many are undergoing enormous stress in this situation," said Save the Children's Deborah Haines in Sidon. "Although some are out playing, there are issues of safety and security. Many are at a loose end, as their toys and games have been left behind. Their parents haven't got the time or the patience to set things up for the children."

Many of the displaced children are behaving aggressively, getting into fights, in a sign of the underlying pressure that also manifests itself through crying, bed-wetting and bad dreams.

Children placed with host families are not necessarily better off than those in the centres, says Ms Haines. "There are tensions, they have to get used to living with strangers."

Save the Children, which has launched a humanitarian appeal jointly with The Independent, is working with the Lebanese education and social affairs ministries, local non-government partners, and donor countries to assess urgent needs. Save the Children had received 300 telephone calls by yesterday afternoon, pledging an average of £100 a time, thanks toThe Independent's Lebanon appeal, which was launched on Wednesday.

Rania al-Ameri, a Lebanese child psychologist working with young internally displaced people, said: "They desperately need help because they are the ones who are suffering the most. Many children have lost members of their families as well as their homes. They are severely traumatised."

There have been discussions on creating safe places for children to play in. It sounds straightforward, and is relatively easy to organise in the camps, where children can be supervised. But for the displaced living with families, the natural caution of mothers must be overcome by house visits.

Schools have become the displacement centres of choice because of the holidays, which run until 15 September in Lebanon. But the water is of poor quality, the showers - if there are any - are overcrowded, and the lavatories reek of sewage.

In addition to basic necessities such as mattresses, the children need fresh fruit and vegetables for a balanced diet. But "in some of the camps in Tyre, the displaced people need food full stop," said the aid worker Jeremie Bodin of Save the Children. "The stress means that women are no longer breast-feeding, so we need [an] infant-feeding formula, and we need nappies because the children haven't been changed for days." Emerging from his basement, where he has spent the past three weeks, Ali, nine, said: "My father and mother went with my other brothers and sisters to another town. They said they will come and get me when the bombs stop." After another nearby explosion, he said: "Why are the Israelis hitting us? Do they hate us? My cousin told me nuclear bombs are really big. Are they as big as these rockets?"

* The young lives interrupted by their nation's call to arms
* The family forced to flee Iraq is on the run again
* Israeli bomb attack kills 33 as aid effort suffers
* Israel extends bombing of Lebanon
* Civilian deaths 'should be seen as war crime'

Israel- 'We Are Untouchable'-By Tanya Hsu

We are Israel. We are untouchable. No matter what we do the international community will not act against us. Oh, there will be talks at the United Nations but we know that the United States will intervene on our behalf. There will be Arab League discussions but we know that no state will take action against us. There will be mass protests and demonstrations; there will be activists and advocates begging for peace; there will be rallies and fundraisers to help the targets of our bombs. And we know that nothing will make a difference because we are Jews - we are victims of the Holocaust. We have suffered such that we have the right to make the rest of the world pay (even though organised Zionism officially declared war on Germany in 1933, long before Hitler's Final Solution). Because we are victims.

Yes, we know that peoples all over the world have suffered worse crimes than ours, but they were not the Chosen People. We know that over 22 million Russians were killed under Stalin, 15 million Chinese killed by the Japanese, millions elsewhere in the world who suffer the same fate in the bloodiest 20th century. We know that Zionism is an athiest Marxist creation using Judaism as its weapon; that we were founded upon terrorism and our leaders became Israel's prime ministers and Nobel Peace Prize winners; that less than 10% of Jews worldwide supported the Zionist cause for decades until WWII. We know that the crimes committed by Hitler equally affected Communists, gypsies, the handicapped, and political prisoners.

That does not matter - we are special. The rest of the world will not touch us because they are terrified of the label "anti-Semite". World leaders: terrified of this most glorious ad hominem even though we are mostly not Semitic peoples. Jews of Israel, the Sephardim Jews, were almost non existant when we arrived from Russia, Poland, Austria-Hungary and elsewhere in the 20th century and demanded Arab land. They had spread out and moved on. We did not come from Yemen, Ethiopia or Iraq, but who cares? We are the victims and that is all that counts.

Time and again we wonder at how far American gullibility will take us. We push it to the limits on cable television and get away with it repeatedly. We know that the majority of the world is aware we blatantly lie when we express our "deepest regrets" because "terrorists" were hiding in the villages we destroy. We even have the gall to pick the precise same targets as a decade ago, ignoring the cries of outrage from America and the West. We'll just repeat the mantra "a tragic mistake".

Honestly, we, too, are rather surprised to see that America patiently sits back and buys our words each time. We have trained our diplomats well, not only in the art of deception to the media, but by using powerful strong arm behind the scenes tactics to mold the views of US Congressmen and women in our favour. We have worked on this for decades and it has been perfected for the one place it counts: our bank America. We rely upon those weapons; we need to create constant conflict so as to receive a perpetual $13 billion annual aid package from the US, including unsecured loans that we have never been, nor ever will be, required to pay back. We are living a dream: what we want is given to us on a silver patter because we are Jews, and we have the Holocaust.

The above is only daring in that it is never voiced publicly in the West. The world is watching as Israel incinerates the Lebanese, next the Syrians and Palestinians, then Iran. Diplomats call for peace, a cease -fire, and negotiations. They speak the language of non committance. It takes a few brave men and women in leadership positions to dare to speak the truth; losing that AIPAC support in government is the kiss of death, and academics who dare write the facts know that their tenured careers are over. Israel is in the position of dominating the US government to an extent never before seen in history, creating a regime who will fully fund a "new Middle East" which in reality means Eretz Israel consisting of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, northern Saudi Arabia and even Cyprus by some accounts. There is nothing speculative about these plans for hegemony - everything has been laid out, written down, and presented for years.

This war will not end with a cease-fire next week. This war will not end with a security zone controlled by the UN. This war will not end if Hezbollah and Hamas disappeared tomorrow. This war will not end as long as leaders and diplomats continue to fear the trump card charge of anti-Semitism by Israel.

So, when hundreds of children are torn apart by uranium tipped missiles provided courtesy of the US government, look in the mirror. Have you dared to offend Israel? Have you risked? Ask yourself what role you may have played in contributing to this global disaster. Nothing will change until you do.

Tanya Cariina Hsu is a British Saudi-US Political Analyst. She lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The American media is a disgrace

Media With No Guts, No Grace
by Molly Ivins

San Francisco — Do you think the Bush administration is going after the press? The San Francisco Chronicle said on the front page, “Cameraman Jailed for Not Yielding Tape,” whereas The New York Times reported, “U.S. Wins Access to Reporter Phone Records.” I’m feeling like a bunny trying to outrun a pack of wolfhounds.

Sometimes the press enjoys scaring itself or pretending it is about to be made into a bunch of martyrs. This is not one of those times. We are under full attack now, and it is time to fight. I am not infuriated by the performance of the press so far, but I am disgusted. Bob Novak is the most notable traitor, but others are leaping for political favors as they rush to insist The New York Times shouldn’t print the news (and occasionally, quite old news at that). I fail to see how Fox News and other right-wing outlets have so little imagination they cannot picture themselves in the same corner come a Democratic administration. What goes around comes around and all that good stuff, but to set it up so that payback is hell for yourself is tragically, deeply dumb. I have watched the D.C. press corps play courtier to Bush since he openly insulted Helen Thomas, who is not only a first-rate journalist but a lady as well. Shame on you all. No principle, no guts, no grace.

On another topic, I was talking to a guy named Andy the other night when he observed that unlike President Bush, he had learned firsthand that diplomacy works with skunks. He was speaking of the striped, tail-up-bad-sign kind, but they seem a perfect metaphor for the rest of what he laughingly calls Bush’s diplomatic strategery—at which point the proper response is to ask, “What diplomatic strategery?” Has anyone seen a foreign policy lately? Does anyone still know what containment means? These are, after all, the people who were against arms control because Bill Clinton was for it.

One feels like Casey Stengel looking at the early Mets: “Doesn’t anybody here know how to play this game?” In the most contemptible act of irresponsibility imaginable, the neocons who pulled together to start this war now reject any responsibility for it. Mr. Wolfowitz is busy running the World Bank; it’s no longer his business.

The rest of this crew of moral pygmies is too frightened of Dick Cheney to point out that this entire war is a disaster, or a fiasco, as Thomas E. Ricks, author of the new book “Fiasco,” puts it. I think the Bush foreign policy—when in doubt, send Condi Rice home—is a public relations ploy to keep the Israeli-Lebanese war going long enough so that Americans won’t notice Iraq has completely collapsed in the meantime. And it has collapsed. I suggest our military figure out how to get out of there before it loses an entire effing army on the way.

In Washington, the sophomore wienies who now staff the administration are far too terrified of Cheney to speak up, even if they had enough sense to notice it’s going rather badly. Oh, for heaven’s sake—send Cheney back to south Texas so he can shoot at caged birds there. The Wizard of Oz had more credibility.

I think they’re running around the Middle East looking for a red heifer. (For those of you who don’t read your news straight from the Book of Revelations, a red heifer is needed to set off the Rapture. We’re working on it.)

Well, if you can’t get any global action from this outfit, how about some plain old legislation? Nope. The Republicans’ latest effort was to pass a callous imitation of a minimum wage increase ($2.10 an hour over two years) after 10 years with no raise. They may fall over in gratitude. And, in the same bill, mind you, this crew of crazed philanthropists insisted on another multibillion-dollar cut in the estate tax. For really, really rich people. Rep. Zach Wamp gloatingly told the Democrats, “We have outfoxed you.” Outfoxed? A tiny increase in the minimum wage and a huge tax cut for multimillionaires. Does this make any sense? Does this even make politics?

In a splendid display of incompetence, the Republicans went on to make hay of pension reform plans.

Meanwhile, I have yet another complaint to lodge against George W. Bush. “The man is a moron!” is not political debate. Not helpful. Not even prudent, as his old man would say. But that is precisely what he leaves us saying: “But, he is a complete moron.” Someone needs to pick up this discussion and point out that at least he’s our moron and say something encouraging like someday maybe he’ll learn to pronounce nuclear. We can count on him not to change his mind about stem cell research no matter what people learn. And, the only foreign leader he’s necked with is female.

What is in your medicine?

The American people are pill poppers, we love pills, cant get enough of them. But, what is really in the pills. Cancer, Aids, etc. Watch the video, do the research!!!

The simple fact is that pharmaceutical companies dont care about you, all they care about is money, and are in the boat with the NWO in the plan of population reduction, do the research yourself, its all there in front of you...

Do you think Bayer is the only one? I think not, the pharmaceutical companies are all connected; you know, its called 'cooperate mergers', and in bed with each other, as well as being in bed with the governments of the world. In fact most of those companies actually control the congress and the executive branches of the United States, look it up for yourselfs!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Sniffling Apologetics You All Are

I hear it often, people saying "your crazy", "no, thats not true, it cant be". Look at the grand nation of Israel, and the genocide taking place today in Lebanon. The same secret government is tearing down this country as well. On, and on, and on and on. Oh no, but we are all crazy. The lazy, complacent American people are fixing to get a shock. Instead of driving there fancy cars, drinking there beer, and all the other bullshit that most Americans do, YOU need to start doing some research, you need to start to care, YOU need to start observing the world around you, before YOU become a slave, a slave of the NWO. It is coming, look around you, see what the REALITY is, instead of being fed your reality via the T.V., and the myriads of "reality TV shows". America is full of the ignorant today, neo-con lovers, who lust after blood and war, and the killing of the innocent, that is what YOU have become. Cowards, spineless cowards YOU are...

Well through the subsection of patriot act 2, the government can now have secret courts, executions of anyone who commits a 'misdemeanors', yes, dont you love your country. And the concentration camps that are being build for 'citizens' around the country.

YOU sit there in your darkened mind saying 'hehe' your so silly, you nut, your crazy. Meanwhile you say these things out of ignorance, while we say these things out of INVESTIGATION, it is all out in front of YOUR eyes, YOU just have to want to look, to want to see the truth.

I know, I know, most people want to be slaves, it is easier than standing up and fighting.

Mark all of our words, what is coming will come, unless YOU do something about it, the collective needs to rise, or we all will fall.

Instead though most will go to sleep having convinced themselves that it is all a dream, it is all a creation of crazy loonies on the internet...

Why dont you just do some simple google searches of these topics, enlighten yourself to the truth. Stop being cowards, wimpish cowards at that...

Here is much information on the soon to be occupied concentration camps inside the United States of Cowards!!!

In the words of a redneck "America needs to grow a pair".

Time and again, Science proves some illegal drugs are good for us

God Is In The Magic Mushrooms
This just in: Psychedelic drugs could be very good for your mind, heart, soul. Can you believe?
By Mark Morford
SF Gate Columnist

Hide the children. Pour some absinthe, fluff the pillows, take off your pants. It is time.

Because now we know: Getting nicely and wholly high on illegal but completely natural hallucinogenic drugs might, just might open some sort of profound psychological doorway or serve as some sort of giddy terrifying rocket ride to a higher state of consciousness, happiness, a sense of inner peace and love and perspective and a big, fat lick from the divine.

It's true. There's even a swell new study from Johns Hopkins University that officially suggests what shamans and gurus and botany Ph.D.s and alt-spirituality types have known since the dawn of time and Jimi Hendrix's consciousness: that psilocybin, the all-natural chemical found in certain strains of wild mushrooms, induces a surprisingly large percentage of users to experience a profound -- and in some cases, largely permanent -- revolution in their spiritual attitudes and perspectives.

Not only that, but the stuff reportedly made a majority of testers feel so much more compassionate, open-hearted, connected to and awestruck by the world and the universe and God that it ranks right up there with the most profound and unfathomable experiences of their lives. I know. Stop the presses.

But let us sidestep the face-slapping obviousness. Let us look past the fact that you are meant to react to this study's findings like it's some sort of revelation, like it doesn't merely reinforce roughly 10 thousand years of evidence and modern research and opinioneering and responsible advocacy by everyone from Timothy Leary to Terence McKenna to Huston Smith to the Tibetan Book of the Dead with yet another study to add to the pile in the Science of the No Duh.

You know the type -- studies that merely reinforce ageless common sense, that simply reiterate something that's been said and understood for eons. There have been, for example, recent studies that prove that meditation actually reduces blood pressure (no!) and that MDMA (Ecstasy) is amazing at releasing inhibition and tapping the deeper psyche (shocking!) and that marijuana is roughly a thousand times less harmful than Marlboros and nine vodka tonics and smacking your family around in an alcoholic rage. You know, duh.

Because one thing painfully redundant studies like this do provide is a nicely clinical framework, a structured context from which to view a long-standing phenomenon. But here's the fascinating part: In the case of something like psilocybin, it's not so much the astounding findings that can make you swoon, it's also, well, the illuminating shortcomings of science itself.

Put another way, they are trying, once again, to measure enlightenment. They are attempting to put a frame around consciousness, cosmic awe, God. And of course, they cannot do it. Or rather, they can only go so far before they hit that point where the sidewalk ends and the world spins off its logical axis and the study's participants cannot help but deliver the death blow every scientist dreads to hear: "You cannot possibly understand."

Witness, won't you, these revelations:

The psilocybin joyriders claimed the experience included such feelings as "a sense of pure awareness and a merging with ultimate reality, a transcendence of time and space, a feeling of sacredness or awe, and deeply felt positive mood like joy, peace and love." What's more, for a majority of users, the experience was "impossible to put into words."

It doesn't stop there. Two months later, 24 of the participants (out of a total of 36) filled out a questionnaire. Two-thirds called their reaction to psilocybin "one of the five top most meaningful experiences of their lives. On another measure, one-third called it the most spiritually significant experience of their lives, with another 40 percent ranking it in the top five. About 80 percent said that because of the psilocybin experience, they still had a sense of well-being or life satisfaction that was raised either 'moderately' or 'very much.'"

You gotta read that again. And then again. Because those statements are just a little astonishing, unlike anything you will read in some FDA report on Prozac from Eli Lily. The most profound experience of their lives? One of the most spiritually significant? Can we get some of this stuff into Dick Cheney's blood pudding? Into the Kool-Aid at the American Family Association? Into Israel and Lebanon?

But this is the amazing thing: Here, again, is hard science running smack into the hot cosmic goo of the mystical. Here, again, is science peering over the edge of understanding and jumping back and saying, "Holy crap." It is yet another reminder that our beautiful sciences have almost zero tools with which to quantify something like "transcendence of time and space" or "a feeling of sacredness and awe." And watching them try is either tremendously enjoyable or just depressing as hell. Or a little of both. It all depends, of course, on how you see it.

Here then, are your choices. Here are the three ways to look at the effects of magic mushrooms on the consciousness of humankind. Which angle you choose depends a great deal on how nimble you allow your mind, your heart, your spirit to be. Or maybe it's just how much wine you've had.

The first way is to simply presume that the lives of the study's participants had obviously been, up to their psilocybin joys, tremendously mediocre. So bland and so limp that something like hallucinogenic mushrooms could not help but be, in contrast, as profound as being licked by angels.

This is a clinical interpretation. The gorgeous experience itself means nothing except to say that normal life is terribly drab and crazy drugs temporarily scramble your brain in occasionally positive and interesting ways, but never the twain shall meet, so oh well let's go back to work.

But you can also take it one step further. You may conclude that the study underscores the harsh fact that we as a species are so divorced from deeper meaning, so detached from the mystical and the divine and the universal in our everyday instant-gratification lives, that it takes something like a powerful hallucinogen to show us just how meek and limited and far from merging with God we still very much are. This is the pessimistic view. And it is, by every estimate, a very primitive and sour place to be.

Ah, but then there's the third way. This is to suggest that it's exactly the other way around, that perhaps at least some of us are, as Leary and his cosmic cohorts have suggested for decades, just inches from the celestial doorway, already on the precipice of realizing that we are, in fact, the divine we so desperately seek. Problem is, we can't see the edge through the tremendous fog of consumerism and conservatism and quasi-religious muck.

But even so, every now and then we manage to take a tiny, unconscious, clumsy step ever closer to the edge, stumbling toward ecstasy without really knowing or understanding that we're doing so. And ultimately, sly entheogens like psilocybin are merely nature's way of clearing the fog for a moment, of letting us know just how close we are by smacking us upside the scientific head and tying our cosmic shoelaces together. And doesn't that sound like a fascinating way to spend the weekend?

UN Condems US Moral Stance

UN Report A 'Moral
Indictment' Of The US
By Larisa Alexandrovna

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has released its final report after a series of hearings in Geneva last week, which RAW STORY has learned amounts to a moral indictment of US treaty violations, as well as what some attendees and delegates described as US hubris, willful disregard for international and domestic law, and contempt for the Committee itself.

Understanding the Hearings

At the hearings, signatory nations to the Conventions against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment and Punishment (CAT) and the 1992 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)?one of two treaties that make up what is commonly referred to as the International Bill of Rights-- presented reports on their implementation of the agreed-upon standards of the treaties. The Committee holds hearings every four years to review the compliance status of ICCPR signatory member nations.

As part of that review, the official State report is presented along with what is called a ?shadow report,? a rebuttal from non-government organizations (NGO), advocacy groups, and citizen representatives. The US ?shadow report? was prepared by The Coalition for Human Rights at Home, a coalition of 142 not-for-profit groups.

The shadow report delivered -- a whopping 456 pages -- documents domestic human rights abuses generally go unreported. The report meticulously details over 100 instances of human rights violations, as a response to the official report by the US. The US for its part was seven years late in delivering any sort of report, something it is obligated to do as a signatory of the ICCPR.

Cat and Mouse

The Geneva hearings were only the latest back and forth between the Committee and the US, following a series of allegations and cases that have already been well discussed, debated, and reviewed. The report summarizes just briefly what has been an ongoing attempt by the Committee to compel the US to participate, as it is obligated to do by both the ICCPR and CAT, and to explain its reasons for not participating

The US has thus far offered very little in the support of a self-proclaimed stellar human rights record. Rather, much of what is presented at the hearings, in written responses to Committee questions, and in press statements, shows a nation that on one hand touts international treaties as necessary, imposing them on other nations, and at the same time reminds the Committee repeatedly of its own sovereignty, despite being a full fledged signatory to both the ICCPR and CAT treaties.

The interplay between the Committee and the US is circular at best, working essentially like a cat and mouse game. Delegates have indicated to HYPERLINK ""RAW STORY that written requests for information from the committee are often responded to by US indications that it has already answered the questions. While the US typically, they say, specifies when and where they answered previously, they do not attempt clarify.

A particularly clear example of this can be seen in the US answer question 13 in one written response to the Committee prior to the hearings. The question read as follows:

The State Party, including through the National Security Agency (NSA), reportedly has monitored and still monitors phone, email, and fax communications of individuals both within and outside the U.S., without any judicial oversight. Please comment and explain how such practices comply with article 17 of the Covenant.

Article 17 of the ICPPR reads thusly:

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

The US contends that it is compliant, and goes on to cite various claims: Article 17 of the Covenant provides, in relevant part, that ?[n]o one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his honor and reputation.? For reasons described in this response, the Terrorist Surveillance Program is consistent with this article.

The US goes on to cite judicial overview and careful safeguards in place to ensure it only monitors suspected terrorists, as well as example rulings that are only tangentially connected. The US argument fails to address the basic issue: that the FISA court was completely bypassed.

The Geneva hearings on this question went much the same way, with the US pointing to the previous written response as their answer, as well as addendums added after the hearings.

Jamil Dakwar, a staff attorney with the Human Rights Program ? National Legal Department of the HYPERLINK ""American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who was present at the hearings as part of the NGO delegation, said he could only describe the interplay ?as a dialogue of deaf.?

The Report

The Human Rights Committee?s final report supports the NGO findings, presenting issues of concern and indicating how those issues violate ICCPR and CAT. The report also prescribes remedies by which the United States can become compliant with treaty obligations, something that many human rights advocates are not optimistic about.

"The US ratified only three human rights treaties out of seven major human rights treaties. In fact, the US and Somalia are the only two countries in the world that have not ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child--and Somalia does not have a functional government!" Said Dakwar.

"Judging from the lack of domestic application of human rights law, and from the gap between human rights law and US law in many areas, we can certainly say that the US government had never taken its human rights treaty obligations seriously," he added.

Setting the tone for the relationship between a frustrated Committee and a seemingly discourteous and defiant super power, the Committee's report delivers an opening salvo, stating on page 1:

"The Committee regrets that the State party has not integrated into its reports information on the implementation of the Covenant in respect of individuals under its jurisdiction and outside its territory. The Committee notes however that the State party has provided additional material ?out of courtesy?. The Committee further regrets that the State party, invoking grounds of non-applicability of the Covenant or intelligence operations, refused to address certain serious allegations of violations of the rights protected under the Covenant."

The Report covers issues that quite simply read like the US Bill of Rights - citing freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, the right to life, and the right to due process - and focuses on issues extending well into the rest of the US Constitution, including voting rights and so forth.

For example, the Human Rights Committee report cites the Patriot Act as a major concern several times, including:

"The Committee, while noting some positive amendments introduced in 2006, notes that section 213 of the Patriot Act, expanding the possibility of delayed notification of home and office searches; section 215 regarding access to individuals' personal records and belongings; and section 505, relating to the issuance of national security letters, still raise issues of concern in relation to article 17 of the Covenant. In particular, the Committee is concerned about the restricted possibilities for the affected persons to be informed about such measures and for them and recipients to effectively challenge them. Furthermore, the Committee is concerned that the State Party, including through the National Security Agency (NSA), has monitored and still monitors phone, email, and fax communications of individuals both within and outside the U.S., without any judicial or other independent oversight. (articles 2(3) and 17). (page 6, point 21).

The report also expresses concern about the clear correlation between race and poverty in America:

"The Committee is concerned by reports that some 50% of homeless people are African American although they constitute only 12% of the U.S. population. (articles 2 and 26).? (page 7, point 22.).

The report goes on to express concern about the large number of undocumented workers within US borders-- and what appears to be a military solution to the issue. It also emphasizes, both here and repeatedly in other sections, that the US has not provided adequate information:

"The Committee regrets that it has not received sufficient information on the measures the State party envisages adopting in relation to the reportedly nine million undocumented migrants now in the United States of America. While noting the information provided by the delegation that National Guard troops will not engage in direct law enforcement duties in the apprehension or detention of aliens, the Committee remains concern about the increased level of militarization on the southwest border with Mexico. (articles 12 and 26).? (page 8, point 27).

The Committee's questions, hearings, and the report all indicate that the international community is well aware of US law, Constitutional issues, and domestic policies that are in clear violation of the ICCPR, CAT, and State law.

During the media roundtable held on July 17, HYPERLINK ""Waxman touted the human rights record of the US with great vigor.

"Indeed, few countries in the world could claim greater protections of, for example, speech, press, association or religion than the United States. The United States also historically promotes these same values around the world and continues to do so as part of the President's Freedom Agenda," Waxman said.

Facts provided by the US NGO delegation, which numbers 65 citizen delegates, the largest ever NGO delegation for any State do not support the position of Waxman and the official US delegation.

Additionally, many of the policies criticized in the report bypass legislative attempts to correct. President Bush has bypassed corrective measures by issuing more than 700 signing statements.

Political Cost

The official state delegation from the US was composed largely of members of the State Department, and was headed by Matthew Waxman, Principal Deputy Director of the Policy Planning Staff at the Department of State.

In his opening address, Waxman cited the attacks of September 11, 2001, setting the tone for subsequent answers to questions the committee raised with regard to domestic detainment and interrogation of terrorist suspects, and programs that have been implemented in response:

"First, the United States is engaged in a real, not rhetorical, armed conflict with al Qaeda and its affiliates and supporters, as noted in multiple declaration by al Qaeda in the 1990s and as reflected in al Qaeda's heinous attack on September 11, 2001, an attack that killed more than 3000 innocent civilians. It is important to clarify the distinction we draw between the struggle in which all countries are engaged in a 'global war on terrorism' and the legal meaning of our nation?s armed conflict with al Qaeda, its affiliates and supporters."

Waxman, who previously served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Affairs, and Director of Security & Justice Affairs in the Washington office of the Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority, was joined by other key State Department officials and legal experts as part of the US delegation.

When asked why the US continues to be a signatory to international human rights treaties if it has no intention of taking seriously its obligations under those treaties, Lisa Crooms, Constitutional and international law professor at the Howard University School of Law, opined that the US wishes to 'maintain some semblance of being a human rights protector.'

"The political cost of opting out would be too great. It is easier to claim to be bound and not really be bound," she added.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

There talking population reduction, again

Eco-Misanthropes Want Better Living Through Mass Death

Written By: Deroy Murdock
Published In: Environment News
Publication Date: August 1, 2006
Publisher: The Heartland Institute

Most ecologists want to make life easy for butterflies and waterfalls. Who can argue with that? Some environmental extremists, however, think what the Earth really needs is fewer people. In some cases, billions fewer.

No Better than Bacteria?

"We're no better than bacteria!" University of Texas biologist Eric Pianka recently announced. "Things are gonna get better after the collapse [of the world's human population due to a theorized airborne virus plague] because we won't be able to decimate the Earth so much," he added. "And, I actually think the world will be much better when there's only 10 or 20 percent of us left."

Pianka dreamed disease "will control the scourge of humanity." He celebrated the potential of Ebola Reston, an airborne strain of the killer virus, to make Earth nearly human-free. "We've got airborne 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that."

Just five hours after Pianka's March 3 speech to the Texas Academy of Science, which Forrest Mims III covered on March 31 in The Citizen Scientist, the academy named Pianka its 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist. Several hundred scientists gave Pianka a standing ovation, Mims reported.

Pianka is not alone.

Many Agree

In the April 17 Boston Globe, columnist Cathy Young quoted Texas Lutheran University's Brenna McConnell, who heard Pianka's speech. "He's a radical thinker, that one!" McConnell exclaimed. "I mean, he's basically advocating for the death of all but 10 percent of the current population! And at the risk of sounding just as radical, I think he's right."

Going even further, the University of Texas-Arlington's Rebecca Calisi observed April 4 on, "There is no denying the natural world would be a better place without people. ALL people!"

One wonders, among any 10 of Pianka's, McConnell's, or Calisi's loved ones, which nine might they yield to "save the Earth." And would these "radical thinkers" sacrifice themselves to protect our planet?

Echoing the radicals' sentiments, scientist William Burger decried "the devastation humans are currently imposing upon our planet." The curator emeritus for botany at Chicago's Field Museum of Science wrote those words last November 9 to then-Discovery Institute scholar Jay Richards regarding the latter's book, The Privileged Planet. Burger continued, "Still, adding over 70 million new humans to the planet each year, the future looks pretty bleak to me. Surely, the Black Death was one of the best things that ever happened to Europe: elevating the worth of human labor, reducing environmental degradation, and, rather promptly, producing the Renaissance. From where I sit, Planet Earth could use another major human pandemic, and pronto!"

What frightful words from a flower expert!

Assassinations Advocated

Finnish environmentalist Pentti Linkola calls humanity a sinking ship with 100 passengers and a lifeboat for 10, and posits a grisly metaphorical response: "Those who hate life try to pull more people on board and drown everybody. Those who love and respect life use axes to chop off the extra hands hanging on the gunwale."

At an October 27 hearing of the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Jerry Vlasak of the North American Animal Liberation Front discussed his 2004 recommendations on how to reduce medical research on animals. "I don't think you'd have to kill--assassinate--too many vivisectors before you would see a marked decrease in the amount of vivisection going on," Vlasak said. "And I think for five lives, 10 lives, 15 human lives, we could save a million, 2 million, 10 million non-human lives." Asked about this comment, Vlasak told the senators, "I made that statement. I stand by that statement."

The green movement includes "Elves"--Earth Liberation Front radicals who firebomb houses under construction to prevent their supposed environmental harm (never mind that lumber smoke is a greenhouse gas). Likewise, the Animal Liberation Front's fanatics have penetrated medical research facilities to free lab rats. If such eco-terrorism delays or blocks cures for deadly diseases, well, who needs all those humans anyway?

Beyond identifying and foiling Islamic terrorists, U.S. law enforcement officials also should locate and defeat eco-terrorists who may try to use disease agents and other pathogens to animate this ideology of mass death. A few vials of mutated Ebola virus could be equally dangerous in the hands of both Muslim extremists and militant ecologists.

While the environmental movement features both sensible and misguided though good-hearted individuals, too many Greens love butterflies and waterfalls best when those pesky humans are scrubbed from the landscape.