Saturday, July 05, 2014

The Only Signal

For those whom have ears.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

V, with Hawk- You might want to listen

You see, the bankers are not going away. They are not the losers, but the Alpha Males, therefore have been behind every war, economic collapse, depression, and all the other criminal banker enterprises, since the days of Rome, and Christ Jesus.

V with Hawk! They Will Make a Killing on the Volatility! Collapse! 

Happening soon at the theater near you.

Point Of No Return

Has been reached. It might take months, years, but no more than 10 years.

That is for the best. Humanity have proven over many thousands of years to be a failed species. The Earth and Universe solve problems with species like that. Humanity would be more comfortable in a lower realm environment whereby the y can kill, control, and dominate each other , and then the rest of the population just accepts it as ok, and allowing it to continue on and take place. Unlike this realm however, the realm that Humanity is going to, will be suited for such events, and they will NEVER stop, like is soon to happen on Earth, for the environment in this realm will be suited  for suffering species like Humans, who just want to have fun doing all such wickedness, without anything stopping them, or getting in their way. Wish granted.