Thursday, September 07, 2006

RED ALERT: 9/11/06 (Chicago, Detroit & Houston)

By Captain May

September 04, 2006

Four-Square Analysis: The Who and Why

Almost five years after the first 9/11, all America is divided into three equal parts, and all of them have strong beliefs:

A third says it just doesn't trust this government, citing Iraq and Katrina as the main reasons why. They want to get out of the war in Iraq and stay out of a war with Iran.

A third says it simply hates this government, and wants to remove it for ordering or allowing 9/11 five years ago to take us to war in the Middle East. They say the media covered up 9/11 and is setting up the second, follow-up 9/11. They use the Internet to get around the media, which calls them conspiracy theorists for doing so.

A third says it supports the government, which is run by the Neocons who got it elected, and who now say that the only way to win the global war is to turn it into a world war. Their Iraq war has been an utter failure, and they are fighting mad about it. In recent days they have threatened consequences for their foreign and domestic enemies, calling the one group fascists and the other appeasers. The joke in Washington nowadays is that they'll need Osama Bin Laden to save the Republican Congress in the midterm 11/7 elections -- or to save their president from impeachment afterward.

The Neocons wrote their "Project for a New American Century" plan for world domination back in 2000, stating in it that the US would be difficult to lead to war without "some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor." 9/11 was just the kind of thing they'd wanted, and on the night of 9/11, their president wrote in his diary that "the Pearl Harbor of the 21st Century took place today." The very next day the Neocons began their war plans for Iraq.

They have used the threat of Al Qaeda in the last two elections, but the threats aren't budging falling poll numbers any more. Only a second 9/11 might reverse this slide and energize the public -- like a another new Pearl Harbor. If another 9/11 were to occur, they could lead the nation to a second war, this time with Iran instead of Iraq. They could shut up appeasers at home. They could arrest, confine and prosecute the conspiracy theorists who think that the government had anything to do with either the first or the second 9/11.

The media has spent five years saying that a second 9/11 is inevitable, and all this summer they've been saying that homegrown terrorists in Canada, Florida and the UK are planning to blow us up in our buildings, airplanes and tunnels. Last week they said Homeland Security was setting up terror exercises in major Midwestern cities around 9/11/06, to protect us.

Conspiracy theorists don't feel protected, though, because they know that on 9/11/01 the US government was holding exercises to protect us from the very attacks that happened to us, and on 7/7/05 the UK government was holding exercises to protect their citizens from the very attacks that happened to them. To them it's clear that the terror exercises were set ups for the terror events.

Three Targets and Times: The Where and When

CHICAGO, 9/7/06: Chicago has major terror exercises on 9/7, four days before 9/11/06. Recently the Chicago Sun-Times carried the story "Daley: Loop evacuation drill to be spontaneous." The media says that Al Qaeda once wanted to destroy the Sears Tower ago on 9/11/01, and once Al Qaeda has chosen a target, they're sure to strike it sooner or later. Just this spring media said that Al Qaeda was casing the Sears Tower, and just this summer they said that a Florida Al Qaeda cell was planning to blow it up. Citizens of the Windy City were terrified on 7/11/06 during a strange train derailment in one of their underground tunnels. Everyone on the train immediately thought of the 7/7 London bombings on trains just over a year before -- and of the 7/11 Bombay bombings train bombings of that very day. They believed they were the next terror target on 7/11, and they may still be right on 9/7.

DETROIT, 9/9/06: Detroit has major terror exercises on 9/9, two days before 9/11/06. The Windsor Star recently carried the story " Detroit on guard for huge disaster." The Motor City is quite close to the Canadian border, where media said a Canadian homegrown terror was plotting, and who would be surprised if they crossed the border to do something in Michigan? The exercises are reacting to tunnel attacks, and recent exercises have practiced falling buildings like the Twin Towers or Sears Tower .

HOUSTON, 9/11/06: This summer in my home city of Houston, media has said that Al Qaeda is a strong local threat, and would like to blow up area refineries -- and they haven't reported on a series of major, market-rocking explosions in the Texas City British Petroleum and Beaumont Exxon Mobil refineries. I predicted all those explosions in advance, sometimes weeks in advance, and covered them in my 7/17 Lone Star Iconoclast commentary, "9/11, 7/11, 3/11 Terror Dates -- Is there an embedded code, and can we use it to save ourselves?" If there is a Neocon plan to use the Bayou City for a 9/11-V attack in the Bush Family's adopted home state, then look for their friends in big oil to make a killing on price changes connected with the killing of our city.

A Pair of Points: The What and How

In the 19th Century our Wendell Phillips wrote "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." We Americans want our liberty back, especially our liberty from state terror, but we must pay for it with simple and sensible efforts to behave like a free people. I urge Americans to buy back their liberty with the vigilance of which Wendell Phillips wrote, especially from now to the 11/7 elections.

We must speak, write and act freely, even if it is an unwelcome duty from which too many have hitherto hidden. As a lifelong military man, in my early years I swore an oath to defend my country and its constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Writing and posting this commentary is my way of obeying that oath and performing that duty in my middle years, even if it means they may be my last years. We must pay the price for liberty.

It is worthwhile to oppose the Neocon tyranny of our times because it's clear -- at least to me -- that we shall regain our balance despite their continued efforts to destabilize us. Five years ago we slipped badly when we were shoved from behind, stumbling into the quicksand of a Middle Eastern war as the Neocons told us that their enemies -- not ours -- had done the shoving. It was all a lie. Our true enemies are apparent now, and they are becoming more apparent every day.

The Neocons are like the Nazis, and their best trick is accusing others of being fascists to cover up that reality. The Nazis set up the Reichstag Fire and terrified their nation into starting World War Two. It was all in the name of their "Thousand Year Reich." The Neocons set up 9/11 to terrify us into starting World War Three. It has all been in the name of their New American Century.

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

Captain Eric H. May is the founder and commander of Ghost Troop, the 300-strong 911 Truth Movement's cyber-cavalry unit, made up of of military and police veterans, along with citizen researchers and activists. His most recent interview and Iconoclast articles are available via Visibility 9-11.