Thursday, January 26, 2006


All across the internet, and after speaking with some internet friends of mine, the consensus is that there is going to be a nuclear attack on the US, perpetrated by the Bush cabal to further there agenda of US Nazi control. Bush needs another terrorist ruse to scare the American people, to further take there liberties and rights away, impeachment hearings of the
criminal Bush start in February. If and when this happens, this will signify the beginning of the end, the end game of the plans of the Illuminate to solidify there full control by replacing him with a stronger arm for the people. If an detonation, or some other 'shockingly awful' event took place, then the American dronelike public would immediately accept Martial Law from there government masters, wanting them to save them from the 'terrorist'. An interesting fact is that the government has ceased its search for Osama; whom has worked and probally still works for the CIA, the hunt for so called terrorist is really nonexistent anyway, for the last thing that Bush really wants is a stop of terror, for then his power would disappear, this is his leverage and it always has been. This will do the same as 9-11, it will rally the public behind the president, and reinforce his dropping approval rating, and distract the public from his impeachment hearings, even if those hearings continue, for he will argue that it is unwise to have them for he and the country is at war. It will all be a distraction, all planned long in advance by the military industrial complexes think tanks. Americans will further fall for the bait, and sink further into the loss of there rights, and the rights of the entire earthly population. He is a man who hides behind words, using them to trick and beat the world into submission. The targets might be Texas City, Austin, Houston, Charleston, S.C, Los Angeles, Ca., and Kansas City, Ka. Right now the Houston PD is running nuclear disaster drills. Oh and by the way Congress will start impeachment hearings of bush, for his words really have no real weight(if you study them), and he tells people what they want to hear, but his actions prove that they are not in line with his words. He is concerned with the rest of the world casting ballots, and voting for themselfs, while at the same time does not listen to the majority in his own country. When people watch him on tv, they hear his words and believe, then read in where his word is not only lacking in action, but is outright evil and factiouslike.Media interviews with the press with him are all faked and staged, the media just
being lapdogs to government, and this has been so most of the 20th century, and most countries, that is the 'mainstream media'. There are really a lot of strange things happening today, the spraying of the sky, electromagnetic disturbances in the atmosphere, nature dying before our eyes, the list goes on of what they will do to us to achieve there goals, if means killing children or old women in the name of our plan, then yes they will, the great stage and the actors, the real evil is backstage, with there hands on the light controls, and the mechanisms that control the stage, using simple psychology to achieve the goal. Simple cause and effect, the cause being whatever effect is desired. One day plan to go outside, setting about 2 hours for this event. Watch the sky, to see if there are any white trails in the sky being left by 'aircraft'. After about two hours these trails that are left spread out into the 'perceived' clouds that 'look so pretty', when really they are an aerosol that has dispersed through ejection of the slipstream from 'government' planes. Some will say that this is all exhaust from 'normal' plane paths, and although it is true that with jet engines there is a carbon dioxide emission's, but however they dissipate within seconds of the emission, leaving the sky blue again.
For example think of a car, that is out on a cold day, what is coming out of the talepipe? Yes 'visible' exhaust, or vapor that dissipates within seconds, but, what happens when there is an 'oily' substance within that emission of the car, yes it is smoky matter that hangs in the air, when it is cold only intensifies the event, because of the density. The same is true with these aircraft, and there is no valid reason for believing that the 'airline' companies have faulty equipment. No. What ever the reason; and there are many, it is being done intentionally. Scot Stevens; who is a meteorologies has a very well researched site that helps explain how and why the weather should not, and used to not operate as it is now. Along the same lines as 'electromagnetism', and the manipulations of such is Tom Bearden. Oh and look what MIT is doing, wouldn't this mean they could control genes with radio frequencies? Think so! Hmmm, maybe thats why the planes are spraying, substance containing genetically altered biological matter in which contains preconfigured code in them, then this code is activated and manipulated upon, done so on a massmassive scale using mutable devices such as 'HAARP' triangulated from Illumanati controlled bases around the world. And that is why we all feel tired, and our bodies hurt, our minds hurt, because we are being poisoned by these aerosol's that they are spraying, and who knows what they have been really testing on us, there is worse to come though before it gets better. It is obvious though that our entire planet is being manipulated. Some more evidence that 9-11 was staged. There are many people that work specifically on a subject, and then there are those of us that compile the information, all of it, our as much as we can, on varying subjects that are pertinent to all involved. But what is important is that we all do 'something', for then really it is not pointless.911 simply was allowed to happen, a fraud, the same as Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen, even encyclopedia's tell of it. Of course the government is not going to admit to it, to tell the American public that CIA run organizations and people carried those attacks out, with help from the U.S. military providing technical operations. These people are not stupid. Become aware, release the ignorance that has been placed over you by the men of shadow. Awaken.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Support the troops????

'Ah shucks, dont feel that way, Im just doing what my masters tell me, just obey.'
I have seen these bumper stickers often, and heard the reasoning mentality of people who do support the troops, but insist they disagree with the war. Does that sound like a paradox to you to? For without the 'troops' there would be no wars. The troops themselfs share in the responsibility(as all of American citizens do), for they have allowed themselfs to be dominated by neo-cons, war mongering, cult worshiping, evil, megalomaniacs that have shit on the constitution, and the world by there actions and there words. Yes the 'mighty' military industrial complex has no power without the little peons out there taking the bullets for them, they are the spear of this complex. Have you heard of DU, or depleted uranium?Oh you have to love the UN, they tell you something is not bad for you, and then list the adverse heath effects of it, typical propaganda. Moreover, there are resolutions from the UN classifying DU as 'weapons of mass destruction', wait isn't that the 'presumed' reason why we invaded Iraq, where these same type weapons? Did you know that the US government has found a way to get rid of this highly toxic by product, yes thats right, instead of spending money on proper storage containment devices, they have solved two problems at once by putting the stuff in everything from bullets to hardware(read). Some people might say that there is no affect of these actions, stating that the amounts present are benign. However if one is to do a small amount of research on DU, they will find that small amounts are still highly toxic for thousands of years.
Still some will argue that with war, there are always civilian casualties. While this is true, this 'war' is illegal, and unconstitutional, and only dimwitted ignorants cannot see that it is about oil, and the threat that Iraq made of switching from the currency of the dollar to the Euro, I suppose everyone forgets that Iraq and the US used to be in bed together, but logic does not matter now does it, only the propaganda spewing forth, as the masses obey there master. Would you like to see what 'supporting the troops really means? Here are some pictures of the permanent results of the American public supporting our children, mothers, fathers, wifes, and husbands, as they go out and mindlessly 'defend freedom'. Here are some children from the middle east with the obvious effects of DU. Here is another link to many pages of pictures of 'civilians' in Irag, oh but that does not matter to the self righteous American public, who views all these people as 'sand nigers' anyway right, come on people, wake up, WAKE UP,WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA, what the hell are you all thinking, you dont, you sit around all day consumed with nothing, consumed with yourselves, consumed with what is not reality. Look at these people, look at them, the middle east is the cradle of our civilization, they are just people to, for what right is it of ours to turn our backs, I bet if they where 'Christian', 'good' Christian people, this would not be tolerated would it? Do you see the troops, do you see what they are doing in those pictures, smiling like they are while they torture people, and loot the belongings of another countries. Here is what Bushs' 'shock and awe' campaign has done. Please look over this page further, and get a REAL view of war, I think since we are never a part of war we really dont understand what it is like, for our soil has never been attacked before, and no 911 and Pearl harbor does not count, for both events where known about, but allowed to happen so as to be A PRETEXT. In a land so full of presumed spirituality there is a very large taste for blood, which leads me to question the source of this spirituality to begin with. That is proved true by the inactions of the public pertaining to the government in which 'represents us'. Americans are mostly Satanist, this being proved by what is condoned today. And then you have these redneck winos that say ' well, if yall dont support the troops your unpatriotic, your one of them sand niggers', the president of the US said the same thing when he said that ' your either for us or against us', meaning if you dont support the government in whatever action it takes, even before it takes it, then you are our enemy. How many casualties do you think there have been thus far, it is hard to 'really' know, but there have been many. Have we forgotten about this?
Oh thats right the United States is above and beyond the Geneva Convention now aren't we, for the US is ordained by God, well I say bullshit, if one would think that God condones these actions, then I never want to meet him. Thomas Jefferson said ' Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day', he also said ' The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it always to be kept alive'. Do Benjamin Franklins words ' They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety' ring hollow in the ears of America? Well when this country dissolves into nothingness, we will get what we deserve then. No, I do not support the troops, any of them, for by extension then I would be condoning the murder of innocent men, woman, and children. This war is wrong, illegal, immoral, and is costing the US 'taxpayers' billions of dollars, money that should not even come from us to begin with. The US is almost bankrupt, if you dont believe me just do a little research, or does the continual 'spelling' things out have to take place. I hate what this country has become, I never have liked it, there always have been an abundance of stupid, haughty, arrogantly selfish, pigheaded, pigs that have lived here. Maybe this was different a hundred years ago, but now the spineless effigy of what used to be is nothing more than a burning pile of crap on the pavement. George Bernard Shaw said ' Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.', yes responsibility, something in which we view as being toward our kids, our parents, but not those sand niggers, they dont deserve it. We, the American people are 'Oh please say the right words, getting you out of legal jam's wears me down.'

really the only ones responsible for 'our' governments actions, but mostly we are cheerleaders standing on the sidelines, never 'doing anything about it, making all kinds of excuses for not. America is dead, the nails are fixing to be driven into the coffin, and then the party will be over, then we will see how the rest of the world has been living for so long. Im sure you have heard of the 'Medal Of Honor', and what it takes to be worthy of that medal. Here is what two time recipient of the Medal Of Honor Smedley Darlington Butler; and by the way served in the Marines for some 33 years starting around 1914, has to say about ALL war, I think he would know what he is talking about, dont you? I dont know about you, but I rather live in a third world country living on bread, than to live in a 1st world country inhabited by sniffling weak cowards, that dont have the brawn, or the intelligence to figure out what there reality is. Yes, what it like going into a country without consent, rounding 'suspects' up without any hard evidence, and without any trial, destroying the landscaping and public centers of a country, setting up governments within the taken over country, and treating the people of this country with disregard? Hmmm, that sounds like a peaceful nation, ehhh nooo, a crazy nation, well that is closer, no that sounds like Nazi-Germany, and the dictator Hitler, does it not. After all the token service of the lips we give to the holocaust, and how 'we will never let it happen again', it again happens. Yes, the big moral outlook that this nations people view themselfs as towards the rest of the world have overlooked disgust of themselfs that lays right under there nose. Bush is no more or less than Hitler, he is just another Evil puppet (dic)tator that was place by the Illuminati, gaining more and more power for themselfs through him, and as planned everyone loves him. Oh many dont know, but they did, never learning from history that our election process has been flawed for a long time, and does not represent a properly running government, just a complex wiring system for the puppet masters. I hear a lot of people asking today 'why everyone in the world hates Americans', and the answer is the same reason everyone hate Hitler and his Nazi-regime. If another nation really waged a war here in the country how would we all feel, and what would be our attitude of this nation? Well this is what the US is doing, going throughout the world bulling people, telling them that Democracy is GOOD for them, so that the US can then manipulate them and there finances. Again this country was not founded upon what is now called a Democracy, if you need any proof of this just say the pledge of allegiance. Democracy destroyed Rome, and is going to destroy us as well, for we have become no wiser in the world in which we live. The actions in which this nation initiates will only perpetuate TERROR not stop its fuction.This man was tricked and lied to; as where you and I, but he will have to pay the emotional consiquences for the rest of his life.

(Feb 4th 2006) I just looked over this writing and pictures, and I am just getting more angry. People wonder why the people of Irag are so angry with us 'liberating' them. Well if another country and there army invaded this country, and the same things happened that are happening in Irag, how would we feel. This country killing our children with illegal 'cluster' bombs and napalm, mowing down our people in the streets, not discriminating in the path of destruction. Yes I think we might be a little 'upset' and angry dont you? We might be a little hateful towards these attacking forces. It is almost impossible for the average American to put themselfs in another's shoes today but there own, there minds being manipulated to believe that everyone else is the enemy, when the enemy resides in there own white house, congress, and senate. Did you see in the picture the U.S. soldier crying, he look so afraid and alone, not because of where he is at, but because I think he knows that he has done wrong, and he is ashamed for it, he probally signed up to get to go to college, and now he is there killing woman and children. So sad. The picture of him moved me the most, for it shows a desperate young man trapped in what he finds himself, unable to do anything about it or face charges. Well if a person does find himself though in a situation like that, then the honorable thing to do would be to mutiny, and face the consequences, for right should always be struggled for, even when the outcome of that struggle might end in ones death for mutiny. But you see, this is the control they have, the ability to convince people to kill others, when there is no logical reason to do so, now that is power. It is interesting how the memory hole is used today, and newspeak is being formed. For instance remember the young man that was found years ago fighting in Afghanistan, and he was an American citizen. Now why do you think he was there? Could it be because he visited there, saw for himself what was taking place, and decided to fight against the oppressor's as well? Yes. After we get through our programming, and begin to see things in a different light, the newspeak we have been taught to believe begins to disenigrate, the powers that are dont want us to think universally, they want us to believe what defines right and wrong from there mouths only, using the position as a patriotic ploy for doing so. 'He is the president, he can do no wrong' is the reasoning of the masses, ' they are our leaders, they know what is best' is the excuse for inactive social input from the majority. 'They will take care of it, that is what they are paid for'. Sadly they view there salaries as pocket change, the real money they make is from behind closed doors, payoffs that the corporations lend, in return for 'there' will to take place in politics, not the PEOPLES. It is the corporations that make our laws and policy in this country, not the American people;Government then is bought, but not as if then did not 'intend' this,These corporations usually being outside the country, many of which can be found the Middle East, primarily Israel can be attributed with the manipulations of the U.S, but many Americans worship Israel, attesting great honor to them, when in reality there governments actions and mental attitude is not Godly. Example: 1. 2. 3. This is not to say that there are not people there in Israel who are opposed to the government actions, but just like here it seems everyone is asleep. They are very smart, and have planned this for some time, knowing how sympathetic Americans are, and how easily they can be made to believe anything. For they have always desired power and wealth, driven by greed and selfishness. And there are many of them whom are in positions of power in this country, tricking the Americans into believing and supporting there genocide, yes taxpayer money goes to Israel to support there genocide efforts. Of course this has been dropped in the memory hole as well, we forget which country has a fence around it, who goes into the settlements with tanks and bulldozers to kill and tear down houses, we forget the journalist who have recorded this, and have been shot at will doing so. We forget what government then censors these journalist's documentations, yes that is Israel and the U.S. I will not argue about the authenticity about them being gods people, for that is very complex and tiresome, but I will say that there ACTIONS are not very godly, and if god condones this for the sake of them being his people, then he has contradicted himself. But I will not venture to acclaim God has done this, and will accept the fact that they are not his people any longer due to there continual actions, actions that where started thousands of years ago, disobedience, straying from the laws and principles to the point of giving them up as there people. They do not even believe in the ONLY believed way of salvation, so really then a person who is Christian believing that they are Gods people, would only find themselfs believing in something that was given up by God many years ago; it came from his own mouth in the Bible, believing in a purpose which goes against ones own purpose is not only illogical, but insane. For instance lets say a person believed in a charity, and the causes and purposes of that charity. But the charity owners admit that they are not a charity at all, and the presumed principles of that charity they do not agree with. If the person continues believing that the principles and purposes of that charity are the same after knowing that the charity does not even believe that way, then what does that say about the person believing in the charity? My words do not have anything to do about the Jewish people, for I know that there is good in that country to, but it is with the reasoning that they are still Gods people. They will tell you the foundation of what Christianity is they do not believe in, but many Christians will still say they are Gods chosen people. This makes me wonder then of there Christianity, for they believe in something which defies there own believe, condemning it as not real, and this is the Jewish viewpoint of Christianity. It is the same as believing that Satan is still a descent angel, when there is much proof that he is not, although he will still say that he is. Little wonder then why so many people today follow him, even when they do not realize it.