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Change Confronts Mayor Bloomberg on Subway

Bloomberg Takes the Ride of His Life.

Mayor Bloomberg takes the subway periodically, about once a month according to his staff, so that he can be with the people. Unfortunately he picked the day when and reporters were outside City Hall. The ride lasted about 15 minutes and Luke, Tom, Nate and several other concerned citizens used every minute to bring up questions from parking tickets to 9/11.

Luke started in with an attack on the Ground Zero Memorial. Why are you disrespecting the family members by moving the memorial off the grounds of the World Trade Center? Read a great article about this and the massive money spent by Pataki and Bloomberg after 9/11 here by Debra Burlingame.

Debra Burlingame is the sister of Captain Charles “Chic” Burlingame, III, pilot of American Airlines flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. He participated in the very pentagon drill which envisioned just such an attack and his daughter Wendy died under mysterious circumstances in a fire later. It's all just a coincidence.

Luke moved on by adding that 45% of the remains have not been found, why do you want to build on holy ground? By the way family members this year are just asking to go down the ramp but Bloomberg said in an earlier interview ,“It doesn't work. And you know we just have to get used to the fact that there's a lot of construction going on there.” I guess everyone is supposed to move on and stop bugging the government about trivial issues like this. Why are you ignoring the rescue workers who are sick and dieing? How did building 7 come down? The EPAs lies are causing the deaths of thousands of first responders. Still no response from the Mayor.

With the film ban going into effect there was plenty of questions about the constitutionality of it all. Even Keith Olbermann said it was the worst constitutional attack he could think of. Questions came fast and furious like, why do you want to destroy the constitution? You want to run for President, aren't you concerned with destroying the constitution? Nate was right on the mark when he added, "If it's unconstitutional it's null and void, you know we will win in court don't you?" Luke reminded Mayor Bloomberg that he has money invested in a media company and doesn't he see the conflict of interest, "you want to ban filming?"

Other points were made like, your just trying to put fear into us hoping we won't film, we will continue to film even if you declare martial law. Your making criminals out of ordinary citizens by arresting bicycle riders (See the Critical Mass Video by WeAreChange) and now people with cameras. Stop selling out to the corporate banks, sir. There's lots of questions, It's you opportunity as mayor to actually address these questions.

The Mayor's goons make a big deal about the fact that our reporters do not have official New York City issued press passes. However this does not excuse the Mayor from not answering the questions put forth even if they are from his constituency. However this just shows that the media is controlled and if they were to ask these questions they might fear having their passes revoked.

Tom Foti said it best when he said "Until we get answers, this is how it's going to be"
Watch what happens at the end with an NYPD officer. You have to see it to believe it!

Underground Bases, Mind Control, and Dr. Deagle

Ron Paul – Nearly 10 Percent of Iowa Straw Poll Vote

Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) seems to have proved that his campaign can turn electronic sentiment into real votes. Sources close to the campaign expected – along with the GOP – that about 25,000 votes would be cast at the Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday, August 11, and said that anything over five percent of the vote could be considered as proving that Ron Paul’s electronic presence was a tangible asset. This is based on national polling that shows Ron Paul at only 2 percent.-Continue

Cindy Sheehan Announces House Candidacy

A tearful Cindy Sheehan cited her son, killed in Iraq, as her inspiration as she announced her candidacy Thursday for the U.S. House against Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Sheehan last month said she intended to run against Pelosi, the House speaker, if the San Francisco congresswoman didn't move to impeach President Bush by July 23.

Sheehan said Thursday that Pelosi had "protected the status quo" of the corporate elite and had lost touch with people in her district, most of whom, she asserted, want American troops out of Iraq.

Nadeam Elshami, a spokesman for Pelosi, would not comment on Sheehan's candidacy but said the speaker has always opposed the war in Iraq and has focused on bringing troops home "safely and soon."

After her 24-year-old son, Casey, was killed in Iraq in 2004, Sheehan gained international attention by setting up camp outside the president's Texas ranch and demanding to meet with him.

On Thursday, Sheehan said her son inspired her to run against Pelosi, who has represented San Francisco in Congress since 1987.

"The country is ripe for a change," said Sheehan, who spoke at a podium with her son's photograph attached to it. "It's going to start right here and right now."

Sheehan said she would run as an independent on a platform of universal health care, making college affordable and improving ethics in the legislative and executive branches. She did not offer specifics.

The money being spent on the Iraq war should be used to help the country's shrinking middle class, she said.

Sheehan said she had no funds for a campaign but planned to immediately start raising money. She said she wouldn't accept money from corporations.

Daniel Ellsberg, the former high-level Pentagon analyst who in 1969 leaked the Pentagon Papers to Congress and the media and a Sheehan supporter, said Sheehan has a difficult task.

"At the moment, facing a well-funded, powerful incumbent without party support, the odds against Cindy appear insuperable," said Ellsberg, who was arrested twice with other protesters outside Bush's Texas ranch.

"But we plan to change that."

Economic Meltdown Favors The Elite

Economic Meltdown Favors The Elite
The Stock Market has again plunged several hundred points in trading in addition to yesterday's downturn as the markets continue to gyrate. Though economic experts all agree that this spells bad news for the delicate US economy, the Federal Reserve and the central banks seemingly do not believe it to be a significant problem.-Continue

MoD gags military as soldiers banned from blogging

The Ministry of Defence has introduced new guidelines to prevent military personnel talking about their experiences as members of the Armed Forces.

Soldiers, sailors and air force members will be prevented from blogging, taking part in surveys, speaking in public or posting on bulletin boards, according to The Guardian.-Continue

Police to use terror laws on Heathrow climate protesters

Police to use terror laws on Heathrow climate protesters

Armed police will use anti-terrorism powers to "deal robustly" with climate change protesters at Heathrow next week, as confrontations threaten to bring major delays to the already overstretched airport.-Continue

Terrorists Win: Americans Living In Perpetual Fear

The majority of people in America feel less safe now than they did before the 9/11 attacks in spite of the introduction of terror related legislation and laws such as the PATRIOT act, the domestic spying program and the Military Commissions act, according to a recent scientific poll.-Continue

Cheney urging strikes on Iran

WASHINGTON — President Bush charged Thursday that Iran continues to arm and train insurgents who are killing U.S. soldiers in Iraq, and he threatened action if that continues.-Continue

Pitching For More Dead Americans: A Neo-Con Fetish

Another feverish Neo-Con has come out of the closet and admitted to enjoying the fetish that he shares with scores of other Administration apologists - a deathwish for more terror and more dead Americans in order to unite the country behind Bush.-Continue

States Feel Left Out Of Disaster Planning

A decision by the Bush administration to rewrite in secret the nation's emergency response blueprint has angered state and local emergency officials, who worry that Washington is repeating a series of mistakes that contributed to its bungled response to Hurricane Katrina nearly two years ago.-Continue

Coral reef loss at unprecedented levels

Pacific coral reefs are dying at an unprecedented rate, scientists have found. Almost 600 square miles of reef have disappeared every year since the late 1960s - twice the rate of rainforest loss.-Continue

Cheney urging strikes on Iran

WASHINGTON — President Bush charged Thursday that Iran continues to arm and train insurgents who are killing U.S. soldiers in Iraq, and he threatened action if that continues.-Continue

Bush war adviser says draft worth a look (for Israel!)

Bush war adviser says draft worth a look (for Israel!)
Bush war adviser says draft worth a look (the 'JINSA crowd' in control of the Pentagon want even more American kids to die/get horribly maimed for Israel in the Middle East):-Continue

Ron Paul, Iowa and the Presidency

I came across an article by Karen Kwiatkowski today at "The Huffington Post" that I liked. What really impressed me is her credentials. How she feels about the current state of world affairs. Finally what she thinks of Ron Paul, like many of us do. I also find her to be a valuable information source for how the secret governments physical world mechanism functions and operates. This is all from a person who has the courage, honor, and integrity to expose key issues, but also the fact that she was there...

I will list some background on her, and then the article she wrote will be below that.

Karen U. Kwiatkowski (born 24 September 1960) is a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel whose assignments included duties as a Pentagon desk officer and a variety of roles for the National Security Agency. Since retiring, she has become a noted critic of the U.S. government's involvement in Iraq. Kwiatkowski is primarily known for her insider essays which denounce a corrupting political influence on the course of military intelligence leading up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Colonel Kwiatkowski has an MA in Government from Harvard and a MS in Science Management from the University of Alaska. She has a PhD in World Politics from Catholic University; her thesis was on overt and covert war in Angola, A Case Study of the Implementation of the Reagan Doctrine. She has also published two books about U.S. policy towards Africa: African Crisis Response Initiative: Past Present and Future (US Army Peacekeeping Institute, 2000) and Expeditionary Air Operations in Africa: Challenges and Solutions (Air University Press, 2001).

Raised in western North Carolina, Kwiatkowski began her military career in 1982 as a second lieutenant. She served at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, providing logistical support to missions along the Chinese and Russian coasts. She also served in Spain and Italy. Kwiatkowski was then assigned to the National Security Agency (NSA), eventually becoming a speechwriter for the agency's director. After leaving the NSA in 1998 she became an analyst on sub-Saharan Africa policy for the Pentagon. Kwiatkowski was in her office in the Pentagon when it was attacked on September 11, 2001. From May, 2002 to February, 2003 she served in the Pentagon's Near East and South Asia directorate (NESA). While at NESA, she wrote a series of anonymous articles, Insider Notes from the Pentagon which appeared on the website of David Hackworth.

Kwiatkowski left NESA in February 2003 and retired from the Air Force the following month. In April 2003 she began writing a series of articles for the libertarian website In June of that year she published an article in the Ohio Beacon Journal, "Career Officer Does Eye-Opening Stint Inside Pentagon," which attracted additional notice. Since February 2004 she has written a biweekly column ("Without Reservations") for the website MilitaryWeek.

Her most comprehensive writings on the subject of a corrupting influence of the Pentagon on intelligence analysis leading up to the Iraq War appeared in a series of articles in The American Conservative magazine in December 2003 and in a March 2004 article on In the latter piece ("The New Pentagon Papers") she wrote:

I witnessed neoconservative agenda bearers within OSP usurp measured and carefully considered assessments, and through suppression and distortion of intelligence analysis promulgate what were in fact falsehoods to both Congress and the executive office of the president.

Kwiatkowski described how a clique of officers led by retired Navy Captain Bill Luti, assistant secretary of defense for NESA and former aide to Dick Cheney when the latter was Secretary of Defense, took control of military intelligence and how the "Office of Special Plans" (OSP) grew and eventually turned into a censorship and disinformation organism controlling the NESA.

Following the American Conservative and Salon articles, Kwiatkowski began to receive criticism from several conservative sources that supported President Bush's policies. Michael Rubin of the National Review argued she had exaggerated her knowledge of the OSP's workings and claimed she had ties to Lyndon LaRouche. Republican U.S. Senator John Kyl criticized her in a speech on the Senate floor. On a Fox News program, host John Gibson and former Republican National Committee communications director Clifford May described her as an anarchist. Kwiatkowski responded by saying, among other points, that she had never supported or dealt with LaRouche. She requested and received a written apology from Senator John Kyl for his false statements about her.

In addition to her writings Kwiatkowski has appeared as a commentator in the documentaries Hijacking Catastrophe, Honor Betrayed and Why We Fight. She has been a registered member of the U.S. Libertarian Party since 1994 and spoke at the party's national convention in 2004. She is also a member of the Liberty and Power group weblog at the History News Network. Kwiatkowski currently lives with her family in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and works part-time as a farmer.

Kwiatkowski has been widely seen as an attractive Libertarian presidential candidate, especially given her military background and outspoken opposition to the Iraq War. In April 2006, Kwiatkowski received the New Hampshire Libertarian Party's 2008 vice-presidential nomination (the Libertarian Party chooses presidential and vice-presidential nominees on separate ballot, and campaigns for the two positions are often independent).


"I came to share with many NESA colleagues a kind of unease, a sense that something was awry. What seemed out of place was the strong and open pro-Israel and anti-Arab orientation in an ostensibly apolitical policy-generation staff within the Pentagon."

"Why we fight? I think we fight 'cause too many people are not standing up, saying 'I'm not doing this any more.'"

"If you join the United States military now, you are not defending the United States of America; you are helping certain policy-makers pursue an imperial agenda."

"It wasn't intelligence — it was propaganda. They'd take a little bit of intelligence, cherry-pick it, make it sound much more exciting, usually by taking it out of context, often by juxtaposition of two pieces of information that don't belong together."

"We have a Congress that failed in every way to ask the right questions, to hold the President to account. Our Congress failed us miserably, and that's because many in Congress are beholden to the Military Industrial Complex."

"The reason we're in Iraq first off has not honestly been told to the American people; it certainly had nothing to do with the liberation of the Iraqi people. It was never part of the agenda and it's not part of the agenda now"

Ron Paul, Iowa and the Presidency

by Karen Kwiatkowski

A lot of people are frightened of Dr. Ron Paul's possible presidency. They're scared to talk about it, to consider it, or recognize its possibility. Like so many frightened people, they are putting their heads in the sand, and hoping it will all just go away.

Give us a snarky political professional like Guiliani or Clinton, or a nicely coiffed white family man like Romney or Edwards. Give us a nice neoconservative grandpa like Fred Thompson, or a grouchy neoconservative grandpa like McCain. Give us an Obama -- for a change of pace in everything but currently established domestic and foreign policies.

But by golly, don't dare threaten the establishment with Jeffersonian democratic vision and Washingtonian non-interventionism. Don't boldly challenge the NYC/DC axis of politics with sheer constitutionalism. Better yet, don't remind us that the American president is not the commander-in-chief of everybody but a narrowly defined and legally constrained institution that is only equal -- and certainly subject -- to our judicial and legislative bodies.

Ron Paul, Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich are the only candidates who seem to understand this. They are also the only candidates who will quickly, if not immediately, end the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Wait a sec -- I mean end it peacefully. Ultimately, Iraqis and their supporters around the world will bring down the American occupation -- but they will do so limb by limb, heart by heart, and soul by soul. They will kill thousands of us and themselves before it reaches that inevitable point of non-occupation and honest political independence. Only Paul and two underfunded Democratic contenders offer wisdom to Americans across the nation who are hungry for wisdom, at least in foreign policy.

However -- it is in domestic policy where Ron Paul completes the package. Unlike the democratic longshots, and the candidacy of GuiliClintoRomnObamThomEdwaCain, Ron Paul is about real freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to live, freedom to decide for ourselves. He offers freedom from excessive government mandates, excessive rules and regulations, excessive confiscation of our life and property. In this, Paul is the only real conservative in the group, and yes, perhaps the only radical.

Social planners of all sorts -- some more Marxist in orientation, others more nationalist -- present themselves as the American presidential front runners. The media focuses cameras on their faces, murmurs over their every word, and wonders if America and the world will really like them as Most Supreme Leader of the World.

Ron Paul, humbly and simply, honors the Constitution -- and perhaps this makes him boring to mainstream media. When asked recently how he would use the great power of the executive office, circa 2009, Paul indicated he'd use his power to restrain the natural temptation to abuse that mostly unconstitutional concentration of power. He'd then work to restore a constitutionally established presidency -- in part by revoking the many executive orders to which we have all become inured.

Ron Paul may not excite the mainstream press, establishment policy cheerleaders, big investors in government programs, or the military-industrial complex. But Ron Paul really excites a whole heck of a lot of regular people -- and puts the scare in the rest of them.

Ron's latest odds in the Iowa Straw poll are 8 to 1 -- and the big Republican candidates who represent all-spending, all-war, all-the-time are worried. So worried, many of them aren't even coming to Iowa.

Those who wish to discredit Ron Paul as a viable candidate don't point out his popularity among traditional Republicans, Democrats and Independents. They don't point out that his "Don't Tread on Me" libertarian streak is shared by half the adults in this country, and three quarters of the teenagers. They ignore his grass roots support, the money and the passion that flows steadily into his campaign.

The Republican Party, its Democratic emulators, and mainstream media are living dinosaurs. All refuse to pull their heads out of the sand and face the issues that really touch Americans, and to deliver what Americans really want for themselves, their families and their government. And unlike in previous elections, nobody in American really, truly, cares what mainstream media thinks. It's not that Katie Couric and her ilk aren't nice people. It's just that times have changed.

These dinosaurs -- and the theropods that report the news -- are increasingly irrelevant. I believe that the other contenders for the Presidency will soon begin to adopt Paul's message and attempt to promote his agenda of freedom and peace, or they will become politically extinct. As a peace and freedom-loving American, I can't wait.

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