Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Giants are falling.

Certain men have hid behind illustion now for thousands of years, there way of darkness not being enlighted to the people. But everything is opening into the light, the age of Aquarius is rising, it shall not be stoped, for deep within the bowels of the beast come the truth and knowledge of societies true reality. The subject has been writen on much, and the adding to it never ceases, only ceasing when it is destroyed and gone, this taking place in the collective, there being no place for it no longer being tolerated. And they call themselfs the "Illumines Ones" hiding in the dark like they do. Article's 1. 2. 3. 4.
Article's by Greg Szymanski

Current governmental situation.

Im going to start posting links to articles of interest being written, as well as from time to time interject my own thoughts about the subjects that all are facing and going to face concerning the puppets that are governments and the masters of the powers that are, that reside in the shadows, pupetering the masses as they do. I thought this was an interesting writing from Alex Jones on the Bush family.. People wake up to the reality at hand, and what history tells us of the past circumstances, the intuition by now should be fully realizing the misperceptions of itself. Awaken, spread truth, help to see. One thing I find very interesting is that for so long people have accepted as fact that this country was founded in democracy, when in fact it was a republic. What has happened is that the revolution provided a new system set upon the regulations and the laws of the past, before revolution, letting the architects of the complex arrangement from thousands of years ago of the power that would be handed down behind closed doors, and ironical enough many today do not see or understand the lineage progression that people of power share, wherever they reside on the earth. The republic states are the ones that should be the balancing power, this power being implemented and regulated by the people, accumulatively being a part of the whole, the whole being the democracy, not one man, or men that make a democracy, this would really be a dictatorship(s'). Really though all ways have been tried, all avenues sought, only to be laden with the imperfections of the before.
This country has gone from a wonderful place to live, to a sea of spineless, brainwashed, febleminded drones, that follow the master into death itself. The president is a liar, terrorist, and evil war mongering puppet of the illuminate agenda, but many people point out that he goes to church, and is an conservative. Independent thought today does not exist within the public of the United States, all just accepting what is feed to them with unquestioning diligence. The president, many members of Congress and the Senate should be removed, and hung from a tree for there crimes, but many today laud there evil ways as righteousness. Shame on America, shame on the people, for all that is happening the founders of this country warned about time and again, but that is just an afterthought in the childlike minds of the masses. Let the Revolution rise, the Civil War begin, let it come, for it is coming, and many are waking up to this fact. I for one will have my sword in my hand ready to shed the blood of the opposer. Im going to laugh at all the 'braindead' when it does come, the ones who think that all is ok, and there is nothing wrong, the ones in which refuse to accept reality as it truly is, that is what America has become, a spineless society that hides from the truth, ignorant fools you are, and your end will be a painful one.