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The first Boys From Brazil: Nazi graveyard discovered deep in the Amazon rainforest

By Alan Hall
Last updated at 9:07 AM on 24th October 2008

A graveyard of former Nazis bent on creating a 'foreign Fatherland' in the Amazonian rainforests from which to spread Hitler's maniacal beliefs has been discovered in Brazil.

The relics betray a madcap plan back in the 1930s to create a master race thousands of miles from Germany.

The graveyard and other ruins that fanatical Nazis left behind are chronicled in a new book.

Entitled ’The Guayana-Projekt. A German Adventure on the Amazon’ it says die-hard Nazis believed they were destined to settle the world like pioneers of the wild west in America.

Nazi graveyard

Final resting place: Brazilian natives at a Nazi grave in the Amazon. The wooden cross decorated with swastikas carries the inscription: 'Joseph Greiner died here on 2.1.1936'

Nazi graveyard

Discovered: Crosses mark the graves deep in the jungle

It has long been known that Nazis wandered post-war into the remote regions of South America, befriended by fascist governments and military dictatorships.

The 1978 film Boys From Brazil told a of a bizarre plot to clone Hitler that was hatched by Joseph Mengele in his jungle hideout.

But the harshness of the Amazonian jungle was a strange choice of destination.

Historical Nazi 'footprints' are found in grave markers with swastikas, photos found in archives back home and the remains of dwellings.

On an island on a tributary of the River Jary in Brazil author Jens Gluessing found a nine-foot high wooden cross decorated with swastikas that testified to one of the explorers who never made it back to Berlin.

It carries the inscription: 'Joseph Greiner died here on 2.1.1936, a death from fever in the service of German Research Work.'


Chilling: Gregory Peck as Nazi fiend Dr Joseph Mengele in the 1978 film Boys From Brazil

Locals call the site 'The Nazi graveyard' but it was originally destined to be part of a string of Nazi settlements across the Amazon

which Hitler missionaries would use as jumping-off points to spread the gospel of totalitarianism.

In archives of the Brazilian State Department and the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Gluessing found details of Greiner’s jungle mission.

Greiner arrived in 1935, bankrolled by the Nazi government and died of yellow fever or Malaria. He was one of three sent out by S.S race specialists as the vanguard of what they perceived would be a wave of settlers.

Greiner and his compatriots had dozens of helpers with them exploring the region bordering French Guyana with a view to populating it for the Reich. They also had their sights on the neighbouring British and Dutch colonies.

Nazi graveyard

The Guayana project: Nazi's in the jungle Camp. In 1935 German researchers went on an expedition of the Brazilian jungles

Nazi graveyard

With the natives: In 1935 German researchers went on an expedition of the Brazilian jungles

They sent back to Berlin details of how a German soldiers should live in Brazil, even though their cover story was that they were collecting specimens of fauna and wildlife.

Schulz Kampfhenkel, an officer in the S.S. and leader of the expedition which claimed Greiner’s life, returned from the jungles and submitted to his boss Heinrich Himmler details of the ’Guayana Project.’

'The two largest scantly populated, but rich in resources, areas on earth are in Siberia and South America,' he wrote to Himmler. 'They alone offer spacious immigration and settlement possibilities for the Nordic peoples.'

As Siberia semed likely to fall at that time to China, he recommended colonising Amazonia for 'people without living space.'

He added in typically Nazi fashion: 'For the more advanced white race it offers outstanding possibilities for exploitation.'

Nazi graveyard

They applied to conquer the Amazon jungle

Project Guyana

A film was produced showing Greiner's work in the jungle in the 1930s. He believed the Nazis could colonise 'Amazonia'

As befitting an S.S. man who bought wholly into concepts of Nazi race purity he said the people who lived there 'cannot be measured in civilised terms as we known them in Germany.'

With one million German settlers in Brazil already, he argued the seedcorn was already there for the expansion of the Third Reich and that they could secure a 'bridgehead' against American influence in the region.

The author found evidence, however, that Himmler had 'scant interest' in his grandiose settlement plans. A Nazi film was made of his travels – but no mention made of the Guayana Project: it remained classified by S.S. intelligence.

'Given time, the plan may be submitted again,' Himmler wrote to his jungle emissary.

But his experiences were put to use by the Nazi war machine: he became Nazi Germany’s leading expert in aerial photo-reconnaissance interpretation.

After the war the Americans arrested him and he was placed in a POW camp in Salzburg, Austria. Released, he died in 1989, still dreaming of a German colony amid the rain forests.


Lost world: The relics were discovered on an island on a tributary of the River Jary in Brazil

Ultrasound Shown to Exert Remote Control of Brain Circuits

Source: Arizona State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Released: Wed 29-Oct-2008, 08:00 ET
Embargo expired: Wed 29-Oct-2008, 00:00 ET
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Ultrasound Shown to Exert Remote Control of Brain Circuits

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In a twist on nontraditional uses of ultrasound, a group of neuroscientists at Arizona State University has developed pulsed ultrasound techniques that can remotely stimulate brain circuit activity. Their findings, published in the Oct. 29 issue of the journal Public Library of Science (PLoS) One, provide insights into how low-power ultrasound can be harnessed for the noninvasive neurostimulation of brain circuits and offers the potential for new treatments of brain disorders and disease.

Newswise — In a twist on nontraditional uses of ultrasound, a group of neuroscientists at Arizona State University has developed pulsed ultrasound techniques that can remotely stimulate brain circuit activity. Their findings, published in the Oct. 29 issue of the journal Public Library of Science (PLoS) One, provide insights into how low-power ultrasound can be harnessed for the noninvasive neurostimulation of brain circuits and offers the potential for new treatments of brain disorders and disease.

While it might be hard to imagine the day where doctors could treat post traumatic stress disorders, traumatic brain injury and even Alzheimer’s disease with the flip of a switch, most of us have in fact experienced some of ultrasound’s numerous applications in our daily lives. For example, ultrasound has been used in fetal and other diagnostic medical imaging, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, physiotherapies, or surgical ablation. Ultrasound also provides a multitude of other non-medical uses, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, nondestructive materials testing, sonar, communications, oceanography and acoustic mapping.

“Studies of ultrasound and its interactions with biological tissues have a rich history dating back to the late 1920s,” lead investigator William “Jamie” Tyler points out. “Several research groups have, for more than a half-century, demonstrated that ultrasound can produce changes in excitable tissues, such as nerve and/or muscle, but detailed studies in neurons at the cellular level have been lacking.”

“We were able to unravel how ultrasound can stimulate the electrical activity of neurons by optically monitoring the activity of neuronal circuits, while we simultaneously propagated low-intensity, low-frequency ultrasound through brain tissues,” says Tyler, assistant professor of neurobiology and bioimaging in the School of Life Sciences in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Led by Tyler, the ASU research group discovered that remotely delivered low intensity, low frequency ultrasound (LILFU) increased the activity of voltage-gated sodium and calcium channels in a manner sufficient to trigger action potentials and the release of neurotransmitter from synapses. Since these processes are fundamental to the transfer of information among neurons, the authors pose that this type of ultrasound provides a powerful new tool for modulating the activity of neural circuits.

“Many of the stimulation methods used by neuroscientists require the use and implantation of stimulating electrodes, requiring direct contact with nervous tissue or the introduction of exogenous proteins, such as those used for the light-activation of neurons,” Tyler explains.

The search for new types of noninvasive neurostimulation methods led them to revisit ultrasound.

“We were quite surprised to find that ultrasound at power levels lower than those typically used in routine diagnostic medical imaging procedures could produce an increase in the activity of neurons while higher power levels produced very little effect on their activity,” Tyler says.

Other neuroscientists and engineers have also been rapidly developing new neurostimulation methods for controlling nervous system activity and several approaches show promise for the treatment of a wide variety of nervous system disorders. For example, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS) have been shown to be effective in the management of psychiatric disorders such as depression, bipolar disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and drug addition, as well as for therapies of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Tourette Syndrome, epilepsy, dystonia, stuttering, tinnitus, recovery of cognitive and motor function following stroke, and chronic pain. Up until now, these two techniques have captured the attention of physicians and scientists; however, these therapies still pose risks to patients because they require the surgical implantation of stimulating electrodes. Thus, these types of therapies are often only available to patients presenting the worst of prognoses.

One prior stumbling block to using ultrasound noninvasively in the brain has been the skull. However, the acoustic frequencies utilized by Tyler and his colleagues to construct their pulsed ultrasound waveforms, overlap with a frequency range where optimal energy gains are achieved between transcranial transmission and brain absorption of ultrasound – which allows the ultrasound to penetrate bone and yet prevent damage to the soft tissues. Their findings are supported by other studies examining the potential of high-intensity focused ultrasound for ablating brain tissues, where it was shown that low-frequency ultrasound could be focused through human skulls.

When asked about the potential of using his groups’ methods to remotely control brain activity, Tyler says: “One might be able to envision potential applications ranging from medical interventions to use in video gaming or the creation of artificial memories along the lines of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in ‘Total Recall.’ Imagine taking a vacation without actually going anywhere?”

“Obviously, we need to conduct further research and development, but one of the most exhilarating prospects is that low intensity, low frequency ultrasound permit deep-brain stimulation procedures without requiring exogenous proteins or surgically implanted medical devices,” he adds.

Tyler and the other ASU researchers will now focus on further characterization of the influence of ultrasound on intact brain circuits and translational research, taking low intensity ultrasound from the lab into pre-clinical trials and treatment of neurological diseases.

Obama Tells The Greatest Lies Ever Told, Even Before Being Elected

The Bulletin ^ | October 30, 2008 | Herb Denenberg

Posted on 30 October 2008 05:11:47 PM by jazusamo

Sen. Barack Obama, as a world-class liar, has come to the top in the list of the greatest lies ever told. Move over such old staples as, "Your check is in the mail," and "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." Consider the output of Sen. Obama.

The lies bursting forth from one of the great world-class liars are so numerous and extraordinary it is impossible to rank the Top 10 or 20. They all deserve first place recognition. This column has already discussed some of the more noteworthy Sen. Obama lies, such as the first few listed among the long list of the greatest lies ever told.

* "William Ayers [the unrepentant terrorist] was only a guy in the neighborhood." Mr. Ayers it turns out was in fact a close collaborator, friend and associate. But that should surprise no one as Sen. Obama seems to have attracted a list of friends, associates and collaborators who come closer to the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List than to what you would expect a candidate for president to be running with.

* Or how about Sen. Obama's claim he didn't know what Rev. Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright stood for. When it comes to lies this has to be almost first place among equals. Sen. Obama sat in Rev. Wright's church for 20 years, sought him out because he was a political activist, worked with him, took the title of his book from one of his sermons and on and on. If that doesn't prove Sen. Obama's a liar and can't be trusted, I don't know what will.

* One of Sen. Obama's signature lines is that 95 percent of Americans will get tax cuts or at least avoid tax increases. That means if your income is less than $250,000 a year you're in good shape. But now we've just heard from Sen. Joe Biden the figure is $150,000 and on occasion Sen. Obama's people have used $200,000. You can be sure this is a lie, as the Obama people know you can't pay for the $700 million bailout, tack on another trillion dollars in new spending, give everybody health care and adopt all kinds of other new spending programs and still cut all those tax rates.

It sounds too good to be true and it is too good to be true. It is a lie, pure and simple, and all too typical of the campaign. Before believing that lie, consider his record. He recently voted in favor of raising taxes on those with income as low as $42,000. There's another reason Sen. Obama knows it won't work. He is also going to "soak the rich" and "spread the wealth around." That's his terminology for taxing small business, big business, investors and entrepreneurs out of existence. They are the engines of prosperity and job creation.

When you start raising the capital gains tax rate, the dividend tax rate and the rates on small business entrepreneurs and when you insist on a corporate tax rate among the highest in the world and then slap on windfall taxes, higher payroll taxes for some and other taxes, you kill the goose that lays the golden egg. When you make the risk benefit ratio look much less attractive, when the benefits go down as the tax rate goes up, business just won't play the game. Whether you call this socialism, Marxism or something else, the button line is the same: Our engine of job growth and prosperity slows down big time under the Sen. Obama tax plan, and we all pay the big time price tax for such reckless policies made all the more reckless by their application in bad economic times. You learn in Economics 101 not to raise taxes in an economic turn down. So, of course, Sen. Obama wants to raise taxes in the teeth of a recession.

* Here's another slick Sen. Obama lie. It is slick as it seems to be truthful, but it carries a message Sen. Obama and his campaign know to be false. He says 98 percent of small businesses make less than $250,000 and so his tax plan won't adversely impact small business. The lie is in the details.

Twenty-one of the 27 million small businesses don't even have employees. But when you take the small businesses with income of more than $250,000 you're talking about 70 percent of all small business income. So his tax plan, despite the misleading and meaningless statistic relied on, will severely impact "Joe the Plumber" and most small businesses that provide the jobs and economic prosperity we need. Because of this ill-conceived tax, small business will raise prices, cut back on employment, or not create new jobs.

* Here's the all-time Sen. Obama foreign policy lie: Iran is just a tiny country and not a real threat. Well, maybe that's not a lie. Maybe it's just an untrue statement Sen. Obama actually believes. But if that's the case, it's an even more damning indictment of the foreign policy views of Sen. Obama. His advisers eventually told him his statement was ridiculous and he retracted it. But a president can't take two or three passes to get it right. On foreign policy, Sen. Obama (when without his teleprompter and 200 foreign policy advisers), gets it wrong the first or second time around, and then eventually gets it right.

* Another signature line is that Sen. Obama will bring change, change you can believe in, and all that jazz. Sen. Obama represents, and has always been, an extremist, radical, left-wing liberal Democrat and would revive all the rejected and failed policies of the Democratic Party, most notably more taxes, more spending, bigger government, more onerous regulation and a weaker military and timid and ineffectual foreign policy. That's not change. It just the same old Democratic stuff repackaged with fancy rhetoric.

* Here's a Sen. Obama lie that has to be considered one of the biggest, if not the biggest, lies of the campaign. That lie is that Sen. John McCain and the Republican Party are responsible for the present financial crisis because of their stance on deregulation. In fact, Sen. McCain and the Republican Party wanted to put an end to the abuses at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were making unsound mortgages in an ill-founded and dangerous plan to make housing affordable for even the credit unworthy.

Sen. McCain issued warnings and proposed remedial legislation. Who told us all was well and went along with the status quo that was heading toward catastrophe: The Democratic Party, spearheaded by Sen.Chris Dodd (who took a sweetheart loan from one of the mortgage companies in on the gravy, that some might view as a bribe), and Rep. Barney Frank who reassured everyone as recently as June 2008 that all was well at Fannie and Freddy. And what was Sen. Obama's role? He was raking in political contributions from those connected with Fannie and Freddy. In fact, he was second only to Mr. Dodd, but in terms of contributions per year he got more tainted money from Fannie and Freddy connections than anyone in the Senate.

The irony and tragedy is that the Republicans and Sen. McCain are being blamed for the financial meltdown that was brought upon us by the improper, shortsighted, unethical activity of the Democratic Party and Democratic legislators such as Messrs. Dodd, Frank and Sen. Obama.

* Another classic lie is that Sen. Obama is a centrist. He tries to portray himself as a moderate and a great compromiser. In fact, he is an extremist, a radical, a socialist, a Marxist and a highly partisan legislator. His proposals are to the far left. His voting is to the far left. And his administration will be to the far left. He is the most liberal member of the Senate, followed by socialist Bernie Sanders in second place followed by Sen. Biden in third. This is probably the most liberal ticket in the history of presidential politics.

* Still another classic lie is he is non-partisan. He has never reached across the aisle and worked with the other party on any issue of real significance. He is, and has always been, a hardline, leftist, extremist and radical. There isn't a non-partisan bone in his record. That quality is reserved for speeches only.

* Sen. Obama constantly harps he wants to help the middle class. That's his rhetoric but his record turns statement into a lie. That's because he's never done anything for the middle class but talk.

* One of his most vicious lies was made right after Russia launched its illegal aggression against neighboring Georgia. Sen. Obama's comment included a statement that we'd have more credibility in such matters if we "set a better example." This suggested that our internationally sanctioned liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein was somehow a bad example, and that detracted from our ability to protest Russia's aggression against Georgia. Sen. Obama knows better. America has set the best example in the history of the world for using its treasure and blood to help others, to free others and to fight for the rights and freedom of others.

We saved Europe, and the world, from Nazism, communism and Japanese imperialism. We rebuilt our defeated enemies after World War II. We have sent endless aid to other nations and regions after national disasters. We are responsible for one of the great humanitarian projects to fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa. We have given the whole world the benefit of our endless inventions to improve the health and welfare of all from medical advances of all kinds to the invention of all kinds of technology. We are indeed the golden city on the hill that pours forth the endless benefits of our system of freedom and liberty to all of our citizens and the rest of the world. So where does Sen. Obama, who has had every advantage of our system, come to complain about the example we set.

* One of Sen. Obama's biggest lies is his pledge and promise to take public financing of elections. He broke his promise in a minute, as soon as he saw that private rather than public financing would bring his campaign more money.

Sen. McCain kept his promise. Sen. Obama's promise breaking is especially significant for several reasons. First, he is breaking his promises even before the election. WOW, after the election he'll break them even faster. Second, public financing was one of his key tenets, but it went under the bus as soon as Sen. Obama saw it wasn't expedient at the moment. Third, he went into his usual disingenuous spin to try to excuse himself and lie himself out of it, suggesting his version of private financing was in effect public financing because so many contributions came from small donors. He breaks his promise and then tells a ridiculous lie to excuse his breaking that promise. How good is his promise to hold the line on taxes of everyone making less than $250,000? What are any of his promises worth?

* Sen. Obama claims he is a friend of Israel. Yet he honors and gets grant money for Rashid Khalidi and his organization, knowing that Mr. Khalidi is a virulently anti-Israel operative with links to terrorist organizations. He attended a going-away party for Mr. Khalidi, an Arafat associate, along with unrepentant terrorist Mr. Ayres and pays tribute to Mr. Khalidi. At that party, Mr. Obama sits around and listens to all kinds of anti-Israel speeches. Mr. Khalidi also held a fund-raiser for Sen. Obama and was often his dinner companion.

Investor's Business Daily on its Web site, (Oct. 27) concluded, "This should be enough for Obama supporters who stand behind Israel to rethink their vote. Those concerned about honesty and integrity should do the same, since Obama has sworn to be a friend of Israel." When confronted with this, Sen. Obama will probably say (as he did in the case of terrorist Mr. Ayers) he is just a guy in the neighborhood.

Incidentally, the Los Angeles Times has a tape of the Mr. Khalidi going away party, an Israel-bashing session in which Sen. Obama participated. The Times has refused to release the tape, in keeping with the mainstream media's campaign to sell Sen. Obama and keep the truth from the public. For that reason, you can be sure Sen. Obama is a hundred times more dangerous and unqualified than portrayed by the mainstream media.

Sen. Obama also attended Rev. Wright's church. Rev. Wright was and is well known for his speaking and writing was often laced with anti-Israel commentary. Sen. Obama says he's a friend of Israel, but if he were would he be supporting, working with, and praising a stable of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic friends?

* One of the cruelest lies of the Obama campaign was the claim Sen. McCain is out of touch because he doesn't make a lot of use of the computer. He doesn't because of war injuries.

* There are many other Obama campaign spots that depend on lies. For example, one suggested Sen. McCain was willing to stay and fight in Iraq for 100 years. Sen. McCain had simply made the point that, as for example, in Germany we still have troops there more than 60 years after the end of World War II. So that's entirely different than fighting a 60-year or a 100-year war.

* I won't even get into the whopping lies from Sen. Biden, as that would require a 30-volume encyclopedia. I will mention perhaps the latest. He said, in the now famous Florida satellite interview Sen. Obama didn't say he wants to "spread the wealth around."

He did say that and he said much worse in the now famous 2001 interview in which he says one of the great failures of the civil rights movement was its failure to get more redistributive justice, i.e., spreading the wealth around.

I could go on, but remember this is only a small sample of Sen. Obama's lies proving his basic dishonesty and proving he is unfit for high office. Remember, also, he has not been vetted by the mainstream media, and even when it made feeble attempts to do so, he usually stonewalled or brushed aside the questions.

We don't know enough about him to even consider him seriously as a candidate. But we do know enough about him to compel a vote against him.

Herb Denenberg is a former Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissioner, and professor at the Wharton School. He is a longtime Philadelphia journalist and consumer advocate. He is also a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of the Sciences. His column appears daily in The Bulletin. You can reach him at advocate@

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In wake of U.S. attack, Syria shuts down American institutions

γαρ | 28.10.2008 18:13

The Syrian cabinet decided on Tuesday to shut down an American school and an American cultural center in Damascus, the Syria's official SANA news agency said, two days after a U.S. military raid in Syria. Syria said the Sunday helicopter strike on the village of Sukkariyeh, five miles (8 kilometers) from the border with Iraq, killed eight civilians..

the hit
the hit


In wake of U.S. attack, Syria shuts down American institutions
The Syrian cabinet decided on Tuesday to shut down an American school and an American cultural center in Damascus, the Syria's official SANA news agency said, two days after a U.S. military raid in Syria. Syria said the Sunday helicopter strike on the village of Sukkariyeh, five miles (8 kilometers) from the border with Iraq, killed eight civilians while a U.S. official said the raid was believed to have killed a major al Qaida operative who helped smuggle foreign fighters into Iraq. Syria said four U.S. helicopters attacked the border region in eastern Syria. Iraq, which said the raid targeted staging grounds used by militants, denounced the air strike. France and Russia have also condemned the attack.
According to the SANA report, the Syrian cabinet also decided to postpone a Syrian-Iraqi bilateral committee meeting which was scheduled for Nov. 12- Nov. 13 in Baghdad. Moallem has characterized the attack as a "terrorist aggression" and said if repeated, Syria would defend itself. He has called for U.S. and Iraqi investigations into the attack. Meanwhile Tuesday, Syria rejected the allegations that the raid had targeted an al-Qaida operative. "What they are saying is just unjustified. I deny it totally," Moallem told reporters. A U.S. official said on Monday that the raid was aimed at Abu Ghadiya, a former lieutenant of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq who was killed in a U.S. air strike in 2006. "What they are saying is not accurate," said Moallem, who is on a visit to London. "Do you imagine that a man with his three children are terrorists?" he said, referring to one of the civilians Syria said was killed in the raid. He stressed that the victims of the raid were innocent civilians, and repeated his accusation that the attack was a "terrorist act" by the United States. "This is a war crime attempt by the United States against Syria," he said. Asked if Syria planned any further diplomatic steps, Moallem said "we are awaiting their response. According to what we will receive, we will decide our options." The Bush administration, which will leave office in January after the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 4, accuses Syria of not doing enough to stem the flow of al-Qaida fighters and other insurgents into Iraq. Iraq's government denounced the U.S. action on Tuesday in an unusual rebuke of Washington. "The Iraqi government rejects U.S. aircraft bombarding posts inside Syria," spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said
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Biden Mentions New World Order

Canadian Free Press
October 29, 2008

WARREN: “Senator… I want to start off asking the same question I did when we talked via satellite last week. We were talking about your comment that the next president would face a generated crisis that would test him. I asked ‘if you believe we are going to have a crisis, how has Obama been tested in the past to deal with it?’ You gave us a long list of mistakes you believe John McCain has made, but nothing for Senator Obama.”

Last week, this is what Biden said to my question: “Let’s start off, John McCain has never been tested either. And when they’ve both been tested and state their opinion as senator, John McCain has been wrong. Barack Obama has been right. Barack Obama warned about the mistake in Iraq. He was right. John McCain said we’d be greeted as liberators. He was wrong.”

WARREN: “So, second bite at the apple. Any specifics examples of senator Obama’s experience that prepare him to lead in a national security crisis?”

BIDEN: “Barack Obama suggested we’d be in real trouble if we went into Iraq the way we did. Barack Obama has been calling for a year and a half that we need to invest more resources in Afghanistan where the actual folks who plotted against us are still living the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Barack Obama suggested we should be negotiating with North Korea, as the Bush Administration finally did getting an agreement to do away with their nuclear facility.”

WARREN: “There were a lot of issues where he might be siding on the right issue, but what I’m wondering is any concrete examples of how he’s actually impacted policy that has affected national security?”

BIDEN: “He’s changed the entire debate on policy by leading the effort to say that we in fact should set a timeline to draw down American troops in Iraq handing over authority to the Iraqis. What’s happened? George Bush has now adopted the Barack Obama plan. You saw that prime minister Maliki the guy who heads up the government in Iraq embracing Barack’s policy.”

WARREN: “Many of the polls show that your ticket may be headed to victory in November and that the Democrats may pick up a larger number of seats in the House and perhaps win 10 seats for a filibuster proof Senate. Republicans are beginning to make the argument that that means Democratic dominance in Washington, unchecked power. Is that a good thing?”

BIDEN: “First of all, we’re no where near there. We have 8 days to go. This is the most important election in the public’s life. They are looking at these races very closely. I think this is going to be much closer than everyone thinks it is. Second, with regard to the Democratic Party, this is a new Democratic Party not the party of the 70s and 80s. This is a party that has adjusted to the realities of a new world order.” He went on to say, “I think there is going to be a collaborative effort to make the 21st century an American century.”

WARREN: “You mention that you’ll have to work with leaders on the Hill, which would include the Speaker of the House a Democrat and the Democratic Senate Majority Leader. Can you give me some specific examples where your team might differ from their agenda or are your agendas identical?”

BIDEN: “I don’t know that. It’s too early to tell. Not only are our agendas similar in how to deal with the economy, how to deal with foreign policy and taxes. It’s a view shared by a significant number of Republicans.” He went on to say, “There’s an emerging consensus that we need a new direction and it’s got to be done in a bipartisan way.”

WARREN: “Sarah Palin is making a big swing through Virginia today, stopping in salem this evening. She’s making the claim that you guys are already doing your victory lap and that Senator Obama has already written in inaugural address. Is your team a little over-confident?”

BIDEN: “Not at all. Looks when’s the last time a Democrat won Virginia for Lord’s sake? 1964. I’m in North Carolina, our 10th time here. I would not call that over confident. We think this is going to be a very difficult race. I think that the reason Governor Palin and Senator McCain are talking the way they are is because they don’t want to talk about the economy. They don’t have anything to talk about. So what are they talking about? They’re talking about attacks on Barack Obama that we’re measuring the drapes and taking victory laps. We have a long way to go before that victory lap. I think it’s going to be a very close election.”

Yukihisa Fujita questions 9/11 for third time in Japanese Diet
October 29, 2008

You Tube Link (edited version of the 20 minute long speech - complete version will be added)

On October 22, 2008, Yukihisa Fujita, Congressman for the Democratic Party of Japan made a 20 minute speech on the floor of the Japanese Diet or House of Representatives. For the third time this year he directly questioned the official version of 9/11

At the same time he called on the government to stop all support for the US-led military operations. After presenting reports of heavy civilian and military losses in Iraq and Afghanistan he went on to describe the Kucinich impeachment debate in US-Congress and its wide support by representatives of the House. In detail he listed the particular reasons for impeachment, that US-Congressman Dennis Kucinich presented to congress this summer. He also reported on Ron Paul’s demands for impeachment and new 9/11 investigations.

Fujita emphasized that there was never an official police investigation into the deaths of the 24 Japanese citizens who were killed on 9/11, he then talked about questions put forward by Japanese victim`s families of 9/11 to the former Prime Minister Koshimizu and asked why the government never responded.

This time there was no public broadcast of his 20 minute speech on NHK television. It was the third time since January, that Yukihisa Fujita voiced his doubts about 9/11 on the floor of the Japanese parliament.

Fujita is a member of the Democratic Party of Japan which is the main opposition party, holding a majority in the Upper House of Parliament and has 36 % of the seats in the Lower House, the more powerful house. Mr. Fujita`s calls for a new investigation are backed by his party leadership. He made also presentations to members of other parties.

Yukihisa Fujita is currently working to form an international coalition to demand an independent, international 9/11 investigation and has been in contact with politicians in Europe and the US.

Here a video interview with MP Fujita in July 2008 in Berlin


Videos of Mr. Fujita’s speech in Japanese Parliament April 2008

Videos of Mr. Fujita’s speech in Japanese Parliament Jan. 2008

Generals Try to Stop Imminent World War III

Sorcha Faal |
October 27, 2008

A most stunning report is circulating in the Kremlin stating that some of the most Senior Generals in the United States Military are ‘pleading’ for ‘immediate’ help from both Russian and European Military to prevent their current President from starting World War III in the coming weeks.

Even more shocking, this plea for help by the America Military Establishment came from their most senior military officer Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, and who in an unprecedented secret meeting, held this past weekend in the neutral country of Finland, met with General Nikolai Makarov, the head of Russia’s General Staff.

This meeting between the United States and Russia’s top Military Officials followed an equally unprecedented meeting held also this past week in the Adirondack Mountain Region of New York State between these US Generals and all of the top Military Officers and Staff of Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands and South Korea.

According to these reports the American Generals have stated their ‘firm belief’ that the United States and Europe are under an ‘imminent threat’ for large scale attacks by nuclear weapons prior to the US elections, due to be held on November 4th, that will completely destroy both America and the European Union in a bid to establish upon both these Nations a new ‘Forth Reich’ modeled upon the former German Nazi Empire.

Russian Military Analysts state in these reports that the fascist forces currently in power in both the United States and European Union already have in place all of the necessary laws and private paramilitary forces needed to accomplish such an astounding coup of virtually the entire Western World.

This new ‘Forth Reich’, these reports continue, is planned to ruled from the ‘new’ Western capital cities of Denver, Colorado and Vienna, Austria as Washington D.C. and nearly all of Europe’s main capitol cities will be destroyed in this planned attack.

As we had, also, previously warned, Russian Military and Political Forces have been on ‘high alert’ over the planned destruction of the United States by those factions within it who see that their days are numbered but will not allow their most guarded secrets to ever be revealed to their citizens, even to the extreme of aligning themselves with dissident European factions currently engaged in the destruction of the entire Global financial system.

Equally as critical to the Europeans is the rapid ascent to power of their new ‘fascist masters’ in Vienna who though mourning the ‘accidental’ death of their most popular right-wing Nazi leader, Jörg Haider, are also rejoicing that for the first time since the defeat of the Germany Nazis in World War II all of their right-wing parties are now aligned and completely control Austria’s government.

With the right-wing power blocs currently placed in both America and Europe one can readily see the grave concerns being expressed by America’s Top Generals as with these planned fascist attacks bringing down the entire West our World will, indeed, be plunged into Total Global War.

However, the American Generals plea appears to have been answered as reports from Austria are stating that a successful attack was made upon that Nations most elite commando unit codenamed ‘Cobra’ by the piloting of an as yet unidentified drone aircraft and may have, these reports say, destroyed the planning for the nuclear attacks upon European capitals these fascist forces were tasked with carrying out.

It is important to note that the planned fascist destruction of the United States should come as no surprise to the American people as their very President and his family have long standing ties to the Nazis and were instrumental in funding the rise of Adolph Hitler.

Also, since the ending of World War II the American supporters of Nazism were instrumental in bringing to the United States the main architects of German fascism to recreate their ‘One World’ dream and began the changing of American law to reflect those of the German Nazi Empire in 1968 when they enacted new gun laws that were ‘word for word’ taken from the Nazi German laws enacted in 1938.

And as incredible as it may seem, the American fascist forces currently in control of their Nation had virtually no fear in duplicating Nazi Germany’s 1933 Reichstag Fire, which enabled Hitler to assume dictatorial powers and robbed German citizens of all of their freedoms, with the planned attacks of September 11, 2001, and which like the Nazi’s saw the enacting of new laws which have enslaved the American people in a police state which is now more efficient than the Gestapo ever was.

To the American people not protecting themselves from the catastrophes due to fall upon them it can only be said that these truths are so enormous and chilling in their implications that they believe they could not possible be true. This was a sentiment the German people once had too.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one. No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors, or their sources, to protect their safety.]