Saturday, February 11, 2006

If we find, what will we do with that knowledge?

I smelt myself,
tear into the heart,
for my eyes reveal it,
forced to face self for truth,
As I sit in ash,
I await,
wait for the unknown,
constantly searching for Keyes,
of the prisons of ignorance that we grow towards and away from.
It is not my heart that beats within,
but fear,
fear of not finding,
before the searching runs out,
only to die bitter,
with disillusionments from there mouths.

Some know, others sub-consciencely know only, few have come to know both. Fact remains it is known. Others mere breezes of non-reality that's purpose is the 'common good', never questioning as a whole the obvious, for the lack of care because of the 'cremation' of such as a 'collective'. The matter therefore is in the hands of the individual, who in turns enlightens another, etc, until the amount of collective energy causes shift. Throughout all of history records of these shifts; whether or not they where ' intended' or not, occurred because of there not being enough positive, or a limited amount of negative energy, that then shifts society into the direction of itself. Now the question remains for the people of this country, the continent, this Earth, of what are they going to become, and who they are going to become it too.
Learn, reason, speak.

Everything being in place, in plain view, having purpose to the full extent of itself, never ceasing in sustaining an understanding of the world around you, surprise in its gift of delight each morning, finding the butterflies drifting towards midheavan in early light, never doubt the reason that exists within the self for this pleasure. On the other hand, many moments slip one in the night, by over-exuberate in that gift to an indulgent exstream. It though know it is of worth, for it is a great gain, one that resides fully within, filling the brim with the froth of sages. Do the love's of discontent, and solitude fill well within the hollow stone, or as again do my classes need cleaning? The feet of the traveler soft that they where, for the grass is where his foot stepped. A certain point of light gleamed its twinkle at the dusk one night as said " I feel like my light is fading, do you mind a spark or two"? The dusk did not hear the glimmer, for it was lazy and afraid of all its life, just the mere sight of it burned the eye. But one day the glimmer was infused with energy, energy that dispersed many, many years ago, by the wave of a giant, this wave washing over the glimmer, filling the brightness again, ever more expanding into itself

"Never go gloomily,man with a
Hope is a better companion than
(Martin Farquhar Tupper)

Everything moved like this for many years, until one almost motionless day, the glimmer so far away fell into itself, because of its gravity, becoming brilliant and weighty. One of far away brings solutions to chaos, but then upon arriving is killed by beggars in the streets. I trust that finding the ocean of the springtime requires years of planting, the afar being but tomorrow. I listen upon the wind birds, as they dance in groups among themselves, effortlessly communicating through themselves, making human relations childish, and stubbornly obvious.

(A special place of mine)

Friday, February 10, 2006

Is the Illuminati telling us the truth just to offer us the solution?

For a long time now more and more people the world over are starting to wake up, and see for themselves who 'really' rules the world, and controls every facet of it. There are many people online who have websites dedicated to the exposure of such things. But with some things, and some people there is a nagging question. Who are they really working for?
The Illuminati are very organized, and have thought out 'every' conceivable 'what-if', and to think that they have not planned for a resistance is undermining there itelligence, which really is the first step, is to realize how intelligent they really are, if they where not then how could there elaborate plans come to be without many realizing it? So how has the Illuminate dealt with people who have realized there plans, and see what they are planning for the entire earth? It is really simple actually, you give them the truth, by an extension or operative of themselves, for then they have the 'dissenters' on there side as well. Have you heard the old expression ' keep you friends close, but your enemies closer', well that is exactly the concept that they have adopted. And who really needs to be closer than the dissenters, for the majority are duped, and are more concerned with what shoes match there attire, but the dissenters are the ones in which see clearly.
Take for instance Alex Jones. I do not know him, have any animosity toward him, etc. However there are some very interesting things in which he has said and I have observed. For instance in his bio, it does not list any of his past, where he got the resources to do what he has been doing for 13 years, as well as his 'sources' that he keeps mentioning on his programs. No these things within themselves do not warrant any concern, but when 'what he has been doing' for the last 13 years is traveling around the world investigating Illuminati propaganda, finding stories that reveal this propaganda, yeah, I want to know how he was able to travel to those places. It is true that he seels his video's, but before this time is what I want to know, what is his past? Also his voice, facial, bodily mannerisms suggest an overly exuberant method of persuasion. When he does receive phone calls it is interesting that right before the caller can establish a subject context foundation, he hangs up, then closes the foundation of context with his own context, as if knowing what the callers outcome of subject is going to be. Now again, there are time limits, exhausted questions with repeated answers, technical confustions, etc, that do account for some instances. But this is on a regular basis on his show. Sometimes for a simple contextual quotation on an subject, he resides in thought for much time, as if to remember and check that he is not contradicting himself as well. But what is the most interesting is how he got inside Bohemian Grove in California. Bohemian Grove is a place for the most powerful men to meet, and conferance, sometimes reading essays in whichs content have sweeping changes for the world, and its governments. When this event is taking place every year there is much security from the Secret Service and other agencies. So how did he get in? In "Eyes Wide Shut", when Toms character sneaks into the secret orgy with a mask on and cape, they still knew he was not one of them, the same being true for any real Illuminati event. So when Alex went to Bohemian Grove why was he allowed to stay there, when Im sure most of the people there would know who he is, the Illuminati would know. Unless of course he was supposed to be there, just like he is supposed to be on air.
"Be patient, O be patient! Put
your ear against the earth;
Listen there how noiselessly the
germ o' the seed has birth;
How noiselessly and gently it up-
heaves its little way
Till it parts the scarcely broken
ground, and the blade stands
up in day."
(William James Linton)
Another curious note is that in the opening of his shows he states' that he is deep behind enemy lines'. He would have to be referring to Austin Texas, for that is where he lives and airs the show. The only people that I know of deep behind enemy lines is the enemy, unless it is referring to recon(which is not stated), it can be either. Another interesting fact is he endorses Texas politicians after talking at much length about the New World Order, and the Illuminate behind it. If he is suggesting that we take back control through the States then his reinforcing information of such is very lacking. Now one might think that his statements are obvious and understood clearly, but it is not that easy to take back the states when the Illuminati have control over these things, and it did not prevent them from growing that control by the States in the past in the first place. My point is that right know he can only point out the way, not showing the way out. Uncovering the Puppet Masters without giving any leadership of how too overcome both. Here is a hypothectical situation: What if the dissent increased world wide, especially here in the states, and the plan of the Powers That Are was thwarted for a time because of the increase of enlightenment, certain people like him would cry out that good has won, and that there plans have been crushed. And maybe the politician's that he endorsed to his 'listeners' would be supported by them and take office thus taking power.
Yes that would be interesting wouldn't it. And the Illuminati have calculated the 'hypothetical' descent many years ago, the possibility that the public would become enlightened by very observant citizens. So they planed well in advance to send seeds out among the population, that if ever the need for them arouse they would arise. Now the Illuminati knew that it was imperative to control all enlightenment, for it spreads like a wildfire , and they knew that the truth seekers could not be feed the lie like the rest, for they where enlightened. But there had to be some way of stopping the spread of enlightenment and control these ones. "Ahh, we will tell them the truth", they said, "but the truth in which is told will come from the mouth of us". One in which tells the truth, is also the one in which the ones hearing truth will run to for the answers, this is common logic. So by being the ones in which tell these ones the truth the Illuminati control even the enlightened ones. This was one of the safeguard mechanism in which the Illuminati have put in place in case dissent becomes rampart, if dissent becomes more rampant then we will see more of these people, for the Illuminati will need to force more control. Do you see where Im getting at?
And no I am not saying that Alex Jones or Jeff Rense are secret fingers of the Illuminati hand, but, I am saying that this can be expected, for they no doubt have thought everything through, even retaining power if there was a world wide dissent and enlightening, doing this through some in which they had supplanted within this dissent of enlightened ones. That is how confident and powerful they are, they can tell us in open view what is going to happen, knowing that only there power will remain in the end. It does not matter, for they know these things will occur, it is destiny. The infinite shifting between good and bad in which has always taken place. But we are on the verge of this 'bad' being with us for a long time, for once they come out of the shadows into the light fully, there is no turning back, and there rule will last for many years. However if there is a resistance and dissent, then there plans will be held of again, like it did 80 years ago. And the more time that they can be held of, is more time that enlightenment can grow, even if they still retain there power between the two shift points. Is this counter intelligence to the counter intelligence? Once again I am not saying that Alex is an finger exstension, just that we need to have more direction and understanding, we need to organize into something solid, and coherent, instead of abstractness and dilution. Knowing these things is not enough, for we all know them, now is the time to start organizing, to start reasoning on the way out of what we find ourselfs, to start to care again as to the outcome of tommorow, fully. The more the Illuminati tell us, the better, and although they do not view this as such, it is, and will be the eventual downfall of there arrogant stance.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rising from nothing to sustain what is.

(sign of me angry
or frustrated.)
I find myself not wanting to do anything anymore, I could waste away without a care, but the nagging 'care' is still there, and therefore I need to get a job; yes that right Im a bum or loser, or whatever other 'creative' singlely discriptive word small minded ones coin, more so to support my hobbies, of which now I cannot do to the full. Yes, this is true, for I know that my hobbies could be a way of income, but for a time having to do things in which I do not 'care' to do to achieve what I care for. It is not that I have not 'worked' before; I did grow up on a ranch, or do not enjoy it, but that I am to worn; because of 'my' lack of exercise, and 'my' body cannot handle the heat, or extreme cold, 'Im' malnutritioned and minerally deprived. I need to filter my water, take vitamin's, eat a healthy diet, and exercise. I need to get a job, just for the sake of getting out of the space Im in. I need to change my attitude concerning 'myself' and my health, for life is enjoyable, the great puzzle that constantly morphs into another puzzle. I need to want, want coming from the self value that it comes from, I am just frustrated, for I get 'comfortable' very easily with circumstances, and change is a nuisance that distracts me, then leading me of into more realm's of the puzzle. I will get up, and gain drive again, I will become healthy, for I am really healthy, I am just giving in to the illustion of not felling that way, which is my choice to begin with, so I will start now to feel good and healthy again, start to exercise, eat right, and fill my life with activity besides a few hobbies alone. I need and will stop smoking, for it is completely insane especially now because of all the poisonous chemicals that are in them; which could be a hypothectical 'population reduction' plan of the Illuminati. I think that the electromagnetic devices in which they use to alter nominal frequency patterns are operational throughout the world via cell towers, cell devices, computers, satellites, and output centers like 'HAARP', satellites, electricly transcieved, yes that is right using electricity; of course using a differnt frequency span and configuration than electromagnectic, or active vacume derived energy sources, . All driven at controlling bodily functions of the target, preconfigured desinated frequency spans, depending on what result is desired. They obviously 'can' use this massive grid for the entire populations, but for a specific target, persons or people, they could triangulate, and then harmonize the frequecy to this 'targets' exact field of coordinate, they then use the electromagnectics' to manipulate the actual genes of target, like MIT is working on; however Im sure they have been working on things of this nature for a while, just now revieling it to the public, that of which Dr. Rife laid the foundation of. I personally think that Dr. Rife was used by the Illuminati, he did not want to go along with there plan; unlike einstein who gave in, and then regreted that decision later in life saying"The release of atomic power has changed everything except our way of thinking...the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I would have become a watchmaker"(Einstein), becoming disilustioned then with polotics, and that is why they 'blackballed' him; hmmm pharmaceutical companies against one person that has a free cure for most diseases, and a form of 'daily' vitamin; taken by the use of electromagnetism, the active vacuum, orgone, and radio frequecies, they understood what that meant, and took most of his work and left him discredited; for the Rife technology does exsist today as well as many others, it has been worked on by 'black' operations, then given to 'Front' companies to sell to the public, although all the while having been' silently' worked on. When Einstein made that statement, he was not refering to "knowing" in the sence of the atomic detonation; for he was a man of Science, Physicists, and Mathematician, he knew full well what his equation was capable of, "known" is referring to 'him' knowing not, that the outcomes of his work where going to be used the way they where. What is the result desired by the 'Illuminati'; the Skull & Bones being the Illuminati Sub-branch of the entire north-western continent, projected and achieved through there titled 'essay', the "New World Order"? For more information on essay's, go here. Is it to help the poor to gain again, to furninsh people with freedom, to increase true enlightenment, yes, it really is. But it is by rule of them, there hearts, there minds, that will make there order vast and vicelike, not the combined cultures of the Earths people's. Truly then, will this be what it takes for 'Human Kind', to be enslaved compleately to finally learn enlightenment, and the way of the great elders again, but learning so the hard way, through trail? Unfortunately, I think so, I know so, so do they, and it will be so.. There will be no enlightenment of the people, and they have known this a long time, that this was our weakness to destroy, was care, and they reinact this 'cremation' every year in the pines of california. Yes that is right, world domination, the ultimate 'monopoly', all furnished at the world inhabitant's expense's, which after there population reduction, will be around three hundred million people, around the population of the US. Do you remember seeing movies growing up as I did, movies depicting a scenario such as these things, and like I have said before "Admitting the truth before all, knowing that there is no care", yes 'art' imitating 'life', or the life that was behind stage. One small instance of this "A club insider remarked that the Creamation of Care ceremony is inspired by a animted film called "Begone Dull Care". However, the film wasn't made until 1949, this it cannot be the origins of the ritual", art inmitating life! People still continue not to care, from the very beginning in this country, and that all started with the Europeans ' dividing and conquering' the Indian people's, which is what is going on throughout the world as of today, and has been most of the 20th century. I hate and love living in the time period in which I do, but find that enjoying all the puzzles is tiresome, and need a bit of a distraction, and working will fill that void. Working has been reduced to doing, only for the reasons that it furthers what one loves to do that brings joy. Trying to accomplish anything economically in this world is just polishing the brass on a sinking ship, for the collapse will come, probably the countries in which we owe; through the UN of course, will hold the US accountable to there loans, further destabilizing the the US, then the UN taking full control, and wal-laa, the New World Order comes out of the shadows in completeness and into the light. Oh this is what is funny, that until then I need to get a job so that I can continue my hobbies. Well doesn't that make sense, oh, it is very uh-hum, logical?.??

'There destroying the cites uncle tom'. (Uncle tom) ' Ok, have a good day, I have to go to work'. "I came to America because
of the great freedom which
I heard existed in this counry.
I made a mistake in selecting America
as the land of freedom, a mistake
I cannot repair in the balance of my lifetime.
(Albert Einstein)

I hate bossy bosses, and mangers, that no matter what you do, or how you do it, it is never good enough. I hate employees who are deceitful, cunning, devious, rude, as they carelessly go about there day as if in a soap opera. And then the customers (that was funny)come in to berate you as well. I hate repeating thousands of times, actions that just become ilky poison in the brain that is called 'a job'. Working 40 hours a week for a pay check that pays only for the expenses of living(and mine are about ten thousand a year), not having five hundred dollars in case your car breaks down, or fifty for the electric bill. Then if ones credit is not 'satisfactory' one has no choice but to rely on money, that of which is insufficient for standards of living in this country. Some will say that a 'higher education' is the way, saying it is a persons 'own' fault for not having a good job, one is 'uneducated', while in the background are post grads, and even post docs who are out of work, everything being shipped overseas, only leaving working at a gas station as the the only options for work. What I mean by 'gas stations' is jobs that no one likes, are boring, offer no reason for enthusiasm or growth from within, and does not release any creative satisfaction in the employee. This is not good for me, for I like new interesting things in work, and tend to find other jobs of 'newness' , for the lack of sustainment of this need for creative, new, stimulating circumstances within the work 'atmosphere'. And really if I feel sometimes if I am to never find the type of work that I enjoy, then why work all that time at all, just to watch a broken world become crushed dirt. Yep, Im a hippie. That is what destroyed the hippie revolution, was that unfortunately it was founded on 'bumism', a few geniuses are still on the 'street's' though. I think I will take that LSD sitting on the table, oh WOW, perception hasn't changed at all, (damn lying hippies). If only the lie where that simple, but oh no, they have to get crafty do they? Well anyway, yeahhh, talking about exercise, and a job, and all that ' good ole stuff', yeah, ok, right on man, yup, uh-huh. Working is pointless if you have no families, no bills due, no loans to pay of, so there has to be a purpose to work, or unless there will be no purpose. Im in a funny mood and not making sence and think I should stop here. It all is just so pointless, and Im tired, and Im not even that old, so whats up, what is it that is going to be done, or will we just continue to rise every morning for the 'great illusion'. They are subverting all economic 'classes' into eventually one lump of serf's "Daddy what is that falling from the sky?", oh well, that is the economy son, now run along and play.ATTENTION THIS JUST IN-"The bomb is falling, millions fleeing continent". When the takeover does happen, this country will be the worst place to be, for only the 'grass rooted' people in this country; mattering not what there 'own' perspective is, are the only ones standing in the way of the global take over, and it is on the horizon now. The questions are if there is a reason to stay and fight, or will that just be a repeat of the Alamo. The other question is where on earth will be the best place to set up defenses, where is the strongest resistance, for there plans are simple, either you are for them or against them. They are starting to admit now that they are compiling information databases on us, really this has been going on by the NSA, CIA, and the many 'front' corporations that the Illuminati use for there operations, for many years, all the time gathering, sorting, categorizing, the snipets of data the we leave everywhere of ourselves. They want to know what we are doing, where we are at, what thoughts exist in our heads, at every moment. Complete control. The eye in the sky, knowing, seeing all, even before it is. This is there desire.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The path to enlightenment is always filled with questions and sorrow.

It is interesting to think of what we attribute this past circumstances, the fact remains however that some of the founding fathers where free masons whom had detached as a exstention of the Illuminate, this to was the time period of the 'quickening'; or at least it was the time they viewd these ancient things to start to happen, to start to bring the whole together, the time of rapid building and extending that took place two to three hundred years ago. And people are amazed at the 'progress' in the last 100 years, that process of time accerlerating, was the outcome of the initiation of the quickening three hundred years ago, what we are seeing and experiencing now is just the progression flow of the afterevent waveform, which increases in time as it travels throughout it. The plan of the 'founders' then where not really for our benefit, it was for the benefit of there progeny, and the Illuminate agenda, saving the best for last, when there power will be fully manifested. They also knew that in order to build there power, they would have to appease the people with false power unto themselfs, the ever seeming control they gave them, but in reality they where suffering the momentary burdens of the Master Plan, which was to endure in the shadows while the citizens played with there false power. If one is to think that they did not have Illuminate connections when they started forming this country, then one needs to study the puzzle more. The founders knew of there orders and mission, for they where just gophers for the Illumines One's, to expand there powers, while sitting in the comfort of there castles. The civil war was nothing more than a fight against the truth bearers, and the Illuminate extension government. And the same will eventually happen here, unless there is a mental uprising of the American people, which does not seem a reality. The hard issue is what to do, for all truth seekers want is peace and love to exist again, for that is the way of true wisdom, but the Illuminate know this, and they have devices in place through the UN to give the people peace and love, and harmony again, but at the price of that being dictated by them alone, and there hand will spread then through the entire earth, which is the will of the Illuminate anyway. So what is the solution, there have been many, and still are, but which one will finally come to be? The Quickening was interjected into religion by the Illuminate, by the main power hubs of themselfs; if not the main, the Vatican. It was a ploy to appearingly give the people purpose of there submission to a ideal by fear, the fear of burning forever, or enjoying a bliss. This is basic psychology at its finest, they feed on people's personal believes to achieve there agenda in secrecy, for a person trusts ones believe, for that is why they believe as they do, and the powers that are know this, and slip there agenda sheepishly into the realm of these people's believes, being wolves that manipulate through wool coverings, feeding the people there own believes, laden with fear as the ploy, when really all we want is peace, and rest from the turmoil that exists right now, but not dictated to the people, still retaining the rights that are pure and moral, not being controlled, and labeled as slaves, and they have done this with implanting people into corporations, government agencies, religion, and academia. This is what they want for us, they will give us our peace, and rest, but it is going to be a high cost of liberty, justice, individualism, creativeness, personal rights, freedom of speech, and really the freedom to be.
Or have we become so corrupt in our selfs that we need to be in prison, to have our minds locked away, our bodies nothing more than an ox, for the labors of the Master's? Do we need to learn the hard way, so as to have it passionately put into our beings, so that then there is no doubt any longer? And the sad thing is that once it happens getting out will be near impossible, if not entirely, "1984" will come of the pages, and step into reality.
I thought " The Kentroversy Papers" has some very interesting points of view concerning the exposure to public of the information that has been hidden so vivaciously from them by the Illuminate; more specificly the U.S. branch of it. There are many theories, but there is a growing sence of something being terribly wrong; and this has been observed for a long time now, and in the collective all be worked out, and understood, time taking place like it should in one form or fashion to bring balance, this though depending upon how long it takes us to bring forth action.

"Learn to read slow: all other
Will follow in their proper places."
(William Walker)

Monday, February 06, 2006

Ok, out with the light mood.

Do the people still have a bite, does venom still reside in there will, or has the backbone shatterd? We are in a fight for our mind, hearts, and life.

The tree in which the apple came from.

Actions of a dictator

Is Bush really the ignorant one here, or is it who he is talking to.

Another example of cheap labor.

Cheap labor.

A sad reality.

Feeds them, then walks on there graves.

Here is what we offer.

There have been signs of fire for years, but ash will only remain.

Where I want to be.

The powers to be view these people as 'sand niggers' as well, not humans.

An arrogant mocker of children, and the parents that gave them life.

Admitting the truth before all, knowing that there is no care. And yes propaganda still means what you think it does.

Our tax dollers at work.

A master in view.

Giving away another lie is 'our' president.

Henchmen work in the shadows, and no this is not fluffy.

One last 'fuck you' from our president

Real leaders work together; even in anger at times, to find a solution right for the people.

(All images in this post came from a webcrawl of 'open source' web sites, all images have come from other sites trying to inform the public of truth, the artist is also in our ranks.)

Lets lighten the mood!

grrrrrrrrr rr r rr, that is just to funny!!! And we just thought it was the government out to get us, fluffy and its henchmen are the real threat.

When you know its bad

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Indian Way

Sequoyah, Cherokee 'halfbreed' scholar who invented the 86 symbol Cherokee alphabet, or 'syllabary' that he started work on in 1809 . His achievement is the only known instance of an individual creating a totally new system of writing.

It is true that I am not full blooded Indian, however I do recognize that I am the accumulation of thousands of years of my bloodline, every person, every circumstance, everything in which they where exists within me; as is the same with you and your bloodline, our DNA holds all these past moments of circumstance, thought, and feeling, that the people before us; our forefathers, experienced. The basic Indian principles are to love everything, to view the Earth as a great gift to take care of, and to show homage to the great spirit in the sky. The Indian way is also a way of great justice, and honor, for these things existed before man came and committed genocide on my people's. I can speak of these things because they DO exist in me, my blood, and my heritage, and I will not shy away from speaking these things out of fear of 'not having enough of the blood' in my veins. Skin pigmentation turns out to be a very obsolete DNA segment, that really does not define anything about a person, for I have seen black men who where not black at all, but there entire family was black, and this person was not adopted. So it does not matter what we look like, or do not look like, it matters where our DNA comes from, what genetic material is within us, this is what makes us who we are. I do come from that blood, it speaks to me as the wind speaks in the tree's, and cannot be denied. My people where viewed as primitive and lowly, but there manner of living, and there believes speak very loudly of honor and integrity, they existed knowing more about spirituality and character than most 'civilized' people today, and I am proud to share my forefathers blood. Skin color is diluted with every succeeding generation, and as I pointed out before it is a very insignificant feature of our genetic makeup anyway, but the deeper things in our genetics is what matters, the spirit in which it creates within, and the manifestations of that are what matters. I am just as much 'full blooded' as any of them, for they all exist within me. The long lineage path that produced me is within me is it not? Rituals, exact protocols I do not know, but I do not have to, for I know the spirit of them, the true core of emotional and mental characteristics that my forefathers possessed, I posses. I can feel it, it beckons within my soul, yearns to be set free on the winds of the new beginning. The great event in which they believed in, the great fathers of the sky coming, setting free the enslaved, making things right with the earth and its inhabitants again, soothing the disharmony in the universe. Interesting my forefathers viewed the 'whiteman' as a brother, and then this newfound brother wiped them from the ground for there own desires. The Indian way is having, then because of having, being able to give, they view everything they have and had as a simple reason in which to give to others, and this is what they did to the 'whiteman', gave him food, shelter, clothing, and most importantly the knowledge to survive in the unfamiliar surroundings in which they found themselfs. It is my right to rejoice in the knowledge of where I come from, whom I come from, and the character in which they manisfest. 'Whiteman' is not a racial slur, but an ideology, one that white people of power have proven to have over the course of history, and although many different colors of people have had this same ideology, the Indian people had never seen a white man before, hence they attributed this definition with the actions and ideology of them specifically, for the 'whiteman' was the only other human who acted that way toward them, ironically the whitemans ideology at that time was being formed throughout the entire world, and still seems to be a dominating ideology to this day. Due to the wisdom of the elders disappearing today, many of my people might not view me as anything more than a halfbreed, but real wisdom looks beyond the physical characteristics and into the spirit and soul, this is where the Indian Way in me resides. Today the Indian people have been sold out, and have sold out, there are still many treaties in which the U.S. government made with them that have not been kept nor honored. It is not as if the Indian people even had a choice, or much less a desire to have to sign treaties, for they where here first, and helped there so called brother's out, it was there land, and they where willing to share what they had with whomever came there way, even there land; which they did not even feel, for they felt the land was the Great Spirits', but in a decent and respectful way. I have read many writings from so called 'full blooded' Indian people, and all of it resonates within, frustrated with the perception of the confustions of today. And I do have a name, it is Bear, for I am not angered unless provoked, but when provoked being very fierce and dangerous. My exwife is the one in which gave me this name; she was Indian, also for the reasons of my hands used to be large and strong like a Bears paw, and even though we are far apart now, her gifting me with this sacred name I will wear upon me always. To my people everything was sacred, everything had meaning, many things in which having profound meaning. Many people will say that there believes are primitive and superstitious, but that is where most people miss the point of the Indian metaphor's, and the way in which metaphor's and examples where used in the context of there language to describe there believes of the past, present, and future, only the humble can see this wisdom, that being one of the great secret treasures of the Indian people.

Cherokee language information is here. The Cherokee where from the people of Kituhwa, which was the nucleus of the Cherokee Nation, the first European contact was made by Hernando De Soto's expedition in 1540, at this time the Cherokee dialect was pronounced "Tsa-la-gi", then the mixing of bloodlines occurred, and they also 'adapted' the styles and customs of these Europeans. Really since 1540, the "Ant-Kituhwagi" have been acclimating to the surrounding inputs of change; as all tribes have, in order to preserve there progeny.