Thursday, May 11, 2006

Do you feel the force?

As we learn more and more about the Universe, and the Electric Universe in relation to magnetism, electromagnetism, electricity, plasma, etc, we come to find out that these things affect the human organism. Now, as these many anomalies pass by the Earth at close proximity, these 'forces' will affect the surrounding planetary environment, because of its enormous scale, and energy output, can you feel it, a very perceptive person can, and this could be the initiating phase of the soon to be Earth changes, and slolar system changes. Are we ready? Are you? There is no stopping the future, it will be here like a long friend, sitting in the swing on the porch beside us.

Collective, rise now, rise to become, become more than we are, for the sake of ourselves, our fellows, our Earth, and the Great Spirit that resides in all matter, all form, and even where from and matter are not. Rise great crowd, rise to become, to become what once we might have been, learning though this time from discipline, yes, learning, understanding, wisdom.

It is very interesting to think of these images, it looks like Shoemaker Levi 9 does it not, right before is slammed into Jupiter, remember that event, and how large the impact was? Is this what happened on mars as well?

Ironicly another object with a size of 490 meters named GY2 just missed the Earth by 2,304,000 Kilometers, which is very close, and Im sure if it where closer NASA is not going to say anything, nor would they if there was one on a direct path for Earth. But now there are all these others we now are going to have to contend with, all will orbit the Earth. Here is a close call list provides by NASA.

What it life today ceased as we know it?

Fragment "B" and it many hundreds of attendant fragments, over 60 fragments in all -- Current images and conditions of the fragments can be found here:

Right now, at this very moment(4:56am- May 11th 2006), there is a fragments of comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann is heading close to Earth, and there have been calculations of an impact, or a very, very close call, the article "Reasonably Low Uncertainty" by Scott Stevens is well informed, and is making me think very deeply today, and will help me to further concentrate on what needs to be down in the spiritual realms of human kind, as we enter the time of transition's.

The main problem is that look how big these 'fragments' are, and at what angles of movement are they traveling, for they will now follow a different course, even if the initial movement of course was small, the overall outcome will be very significant. Not to mention, that most meteor's are very small that light up the night sky, these however are major pieces of the comet, and would not burn up in our upper atmosphere.

This will be a very interesting 2 weeks indeed, and what happens again, when these pass us in orbit next time, and the time after that?

Welcome to Dust Bowel, Coming to an Earth Near You.

Ice-capped roof of world turns to desert
Scientists warn of ecological catastrophe across Asia as glaciers melt and continent's great rivers dry up.
By Geoffrey Lean.
Giant ozone hole may be forming over Tibet, experts warn

More Scaler Directed Storms Will be Coming Soon.

!!Government reviels truth about Chemtrails and other manipulations of our Atmosphere!!

Modifying weather using electromagnetic frequency routed through a web; such as cell tower antenna arrays, has been used to alter much of today's weather, this is plain to see on any given day, and there is much information on the subject(see Katrina possibly was controlled using electromagnetism, as I way to test the psychological effects of a staged 'Marshal law' on New Orleans, and we saw this then being carried out on TV.

I wont mention the name, but a certain film, where new-york city is caught in a massive cold hot conduction zone, and it forms a massive tidal surge, then freezes the entire city, leaving only a few remaining people left alive.

Now we have the city officials telling everyone to prepare for a hurricane, hmmm, the is the opposite of 911, for they knew then, but did not tell anyone, know they are telling everyone what they might do, considering the Illuminati just might be using this as a way of 'false terror'.

One thing is for sure, the storms are becoming more intense on land, and the activities of manipulation are increasing, as well as the hurricanes. It seems they are using the perfect form of terror against the people now, weather, for all they have to do is blame it on the weather, or god, and cover there asses, while trying to make the people more dependent on them, or punishing them for there dissent! Lol, the last round, it missed me, lol!!

You are loosing your grip for sure now, and soon you will fall!! I smell and see fear in your hearts, cowards that you are!!

This summer is going to be very interesting, very interesting indeed!

New Yorker's, you better hope FEMA does not handle the scene!!

Or, they might do everything perfectly, reclaiming there honor with the American people, in order to eventually trap them in the future into falling prey to the concentration camps without much resistance.

Article: New York warned to prepare for hurricanes

Reuters| May 16 2006

This Reuters article is very interesting. The first sentence is "Three major hurricanes will strike the united States this year,". Did you get that? There will be three.

It goes on to state "The 2006 storm season will be a creeping threat" Joe Bastardi projected "5 hurricanes, three of them with winds over 110 miles per hour, would hit the U.S. coastline." He further stated "Early in the season the Texas Gulf Coast faces the highest likelihood of a hurricane strike, possibly putting Gulf energy production in the line of fire," he said. "As early as July, and through much of the rest of the season, the highest level of risk shifts to the Carolinas."

He is stating a fact, there is no 'hypothesis', or he would most probally say "there might be", no, he is saying this with much confidence is he not.

As time moves ever forward, the weather will be used more and more to control us, and our actions. They might even go as far as using holographic projections to incite certain physiological scripts that society was used to implant into the collective conscience of Humanity.