Friday, June 30, 2006

Knowing, Energy, Being, I

Knowing, Energy,Being, I is a group of people, like many groups of people around the world, that are coming together as One, out of many, there is one.

For thousands of years man has pondered, reasoned, hypothesized, the many aspects of everything in the imagination. Now, we are reaching a cumulative of this energy form, when anything grows, and there is nothing stopping that growth, a critical mass event occurs, a paradigm shift ensues, moving all of life into a new sequence of actuation that bring new things, new thoughts, new ideas, new feelings, new purposes, new questions and answers. Make no mistake, the current flow of space and time is stagnating, we have no longer moved forward, we have no longer sought wisdom for ourselves and our Earth, we have let bad people rule us with harsh hands, we have been distracted for awhile, only to prepare us for what must be, nature injecting change into the Collective One, moving things in fluid motion.

There is something happening today, you can feel it in the air, hear it in the wind, and smell it on the body of your lover at night, it drips from the Universe as sweetness delight.

Everywhere today it is, online, in the streets, in the eyes of children and older ones alike, it is knowing, knowing that our former ways are not flowing in time, they are not for the good of the one, they only serve the souls of a few, that have no care for themselves, or the other Billions around the Earth and Universe.

We, like many see this, we like many are beginning to 'know' this, we like many are ready for this, we long for it, we help make it happen, all the World over we are, in every country, in every land, people who know it will come, it will happen. They are seeing more and more that with Love, Compassion, Hope, Respect, Empathy, and Patience, really do make the world go around.

There is a place for everything, good, bad, one would not exist without the other, for then one would not know the other, and a void would form that could not sustain itself. Life is the manifestation of everything, everything that the imagination can conjure is already existing, just waiting to be manisfested into form.

Knowing, Energy, Being, I, is just a small part of the large dance that is taking place in front of our Spiritual eyes!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Another paradigm shift, for the realm dynamic

History is long and tiresome, a regurgitation of the past, much like this blog, and everything else is, what has already been. Today is different however only in the fact of the proportions, and events point to movements leading to a paradigm shift, and as this being so, Observations will now shift as well. The whole purpose of Blogs like this one is to inform people. We have looked at the yin of life, and what characteristics have been the key factors in the qualities of it.

There is One Energy in the Universe, it is neither good, nor bad, it simply is. It is comprised of everything. And everything is part of it, by having being the pieces of it. In the Universe things build, and things disintegrate. This matter energy does not go anywhere, it is where it is, just taking shape and form in different manisfestations. There are some manifestations, that are not visible to other manifestations. We are manifestations, manifestations of our soul consciousness, that is energized with Universal energy, that comes from the One. The construct of the Universe to be manifested onto is a holograph, that spirals into infinity forever. In our physical realm, what is manifesting is fun for the Human imagination, but in reality does not matter the consequence, for it is just another part of the Universal manifestations.

For instance there is a huge concern today about what is going on in the world, but in reality; whatever that may be aside from the Universal Oneness, these things both don't matter, and they do.

They don't matter because of the greatness of the Universal Oneness, and the nothingness that our Species truly is, the many nothingness's that comprise the Universal Oneness.
However, because of the above mentioned words, this is what makes this important, for we do have to ability to shape existence, through the holograph, to shape our personal desires and aspirations, and this is because of our connection with the Universal oneness.

When we grow, and try to better ourselves, and the conditions in which we live in, in reality we then grow the Universal Oneness, ourselves cannot be separated from it, nor it from us, we all are one, and know what we don't know, before we know it, through this one. Only through being, not knowing, can we become the oneness then, for it does not know, but is.

This is at least my 'personal' perspective at this time, we are always growing, learning, moving forward, or backward. Some standing still.