Saturday, February 04, 2006

Mind Control

It has been a subject that has existed for many years, the CIA and NSA has acquired much data from the test's that they have carried out both advertly and overtly, sometimes contacting and directing staged 'experiments' under the quiz of academic research at certain universities. The majority of the time the participant's where not aware of the 'real' reasons for the 'hypothectical' research, and where not able to distinguish the real reasons for the actions or inactions of themselfs in these hypothectical circumstances that where truly real and 'existing'. Here is a link to a paper compiled by Ralph W. Omholt of one such event, many more where carried out in absolute secrecy one can be assured, that is, for the more 'barbaric' experiments that the public would not condone. I mean really, if governments will try so hard to hide the experiments they perform on animals, then what really is in the darkness, that they do not even tell the public of? What is so interesting today is the fact of the amount of mind control that really exists, everyday, everywhere, we are confronted with it, although the majority do not realize, and are ignorant of these devices. Of course this is just one example, and there are many other types of psychological experiments that they have designed and implement all over, all the time. It works so well that when truth is reviled, people believe only as 'being out there', this of course is the key control mechanism for the Illuminate, to create what the public views as fiction, therefore that being the point of control over them, the doubt of this fiction really being the reality. Give what acronym you like, all are infiltrated with 'agents' of the Illuminate, interjecting there plan as thought, into the stream of the collective conscienceness through the many branches. The truth is not realized because it is not believed, it even is all out in the open for everyone to see, it still is denied by the majority. I will attribute much to former 'voices in the night', existing before us, some still existing now, that have continually shed light into the shadows of the abandoned part of the being, to realize, that they exist, and are being controlled, to break free, with wings of strength, that is if one wants to. The lack of care today is rampant, falling into self destruction like they wish, if only more could realize and break free. Either perception will happen before the threshold event or it will not, threshold event taken place then, and this event will be large and far reaching, entire realms of existences will be changed and understood, so really then both events will produce change, change for the better. The only thing that truly matters is that we learn what we are going to learn in the near future, take it to our deepest parts, and never return to the ignorance and confusions that was left behind. That is something in which has been going on now for thousands of years with humanity, is the stubborn stupidity of love we have for self, and the hatred we have for our brother. This is not something we have ever 'learned', we have come close in the past at achieving it, but then fall back into what was the past, the past, always the imprint of once was, tearing at our present. Now though the present is at a moment of great happening, for something is going to, as many as there are 'personal' believes, most agree upon a great happening soon, for it has to, for the universal balance has been unbalanced for a great period, now it will go back to harmony for a great period, and then back into disharmony. Great moments of change do not come unless they are needed, then 'people' start the inject emotional mental energy into the collective, which then alters the current state of such, either for good or bad, depending how much of each energy is present. However when a energy grows to rapidly it is danger of collapsing within itself, sometimes the opposing energy rapidly overcompensates because of the drastic rise of the negative force, achieving a rebalance in itself. And this is where we find ourselves.

Masters and there slaves

'I am he, one of the great masters. For thousands of years we have mantained our plan of control through the quise of religion, look into my eye's and see my true nature.'
'Me and our great master's care this little about you and your rights as humans'.

You see our power comes from rich men in robes, and we are nothing more than puppets ourselfs, as are they, for there is a main source of master that we all bow to.
'Thanks for being the distraction with the staged elections my cousin'.

'Yes follow us and the master plan, our we will break you.'
This is how we retain our power, by feeding you what we want you to view as knowledge.
Your individual dreams we will crush, for they threaten our control, for good men cannot remain.
'Isnt it logical to have scapegoats fall, while we retain power in the shadows?'
Our original secret plans where not able to happen then, but another dictator will bring it forth.
'I hope we did not give away our master plan, for then the Masters will punish us.'
'The puppets are working nicely arent they.'
'Do as my masters say or I will crush you with force.'

'Do as I tell you.'

'Obey me and my masters.'