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The Bush/Cheney Police State Is Upon Us

The Bush/Cheney Police
State Is Upon Us

By Steven Z

Have you noticed the military flag on police officers' sleeves?

Most people may think nothing or disregard the significance of the military flag on a police officer's sleeve. However, let's examine just what this means. To start with let's go back to a history lesson on Who is Running America?

For a comedic relief version, hear it from George Carlin: Who is Running America? fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=9356072 76

After reading the information at the link - Who is Running America's extensive summation, you will understand that all "U.S. citizens" are statutory creations and are contractually (i.e., under Contract Law) considered to be Chattel Property or Indentured Servants of the private Federal corporation known as The UNITED STATES, which conducts all its business under Private International Law (i.e., Admiralty / Maritime / Commercial Law) and land owned or controlled by the aforesaid private corporation is under martial law, because of the War and Emergency Powers Acts -- Senate Report 93-549.

Since March 9, A. D. 1933, the private Federal corporation known as The UNITED STATES has been in a state of declared national emergency. In fact, there are now in effect four presidentially-proclaimed states of national emergency: In addition to the national emergency declared by the Corporation's President / C.E.O. Roosevelt in 1933, there are also the national emergency proclaimed by the Corporation's President / C.E.O.Truman on December 16, A. D. 1950, during the Korean Conflict, and the states of national emergency declared by the Corporation's President / C.E.O. Nixon on March 23, A. D. 1970, and August 15, A. D. 1971.

These proclamations give force to 470 provisions of Federal "law" (i.e., the administrative rules for the private Federal corporation and its officers and employees). These hundreds of Corp. U.S. statutes delegate to the Corporation's President / C.E.O. extraordinary powers, ordinarily exercised by the Congress (i.e., the Corporation's Board f Directors), which affect the lives of U. S. citizens in a host of all-encompassing manners. This vast range of powers, taken together, confer enough authority to rule the Corporation (NOT the united States of America or the sovereign American People) without reference to normal constitutional processes.

Under the powers delegated by these statutes, the Corporation's President / C.E.O. may: seize property; organize and control the means of production; seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication; regulate the operation of private enterprise; restrict travel; and, in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all corporation "U.S. citizens".

The private federal corporation known as The UNITED STATES went "bankrupt" in A. D. 1933. [Corporation President / C.E.O. Roosevelt Executive Order 6073, 6102, 6111, 6260; Senate Report 93-549, pgs. 187 & 594, 1973]

In 1950, declared "bankruptcy and reorganization". Secretary of Treasury appointer receiver in the bankruptcy [Reorganization Plan, No. 26, 5 U.S.C.A. 903; Public Law 94-564; Legislative History, Pg. 5967]

The Secretary of the Treasury is the "Governor" of the International Monetary Fund, Inc. of the U. N. [Public Law 94-564, supra, pg. 5942; U. S. Government Manual 1990/91, pgs. 480-81; 26 U.S.C.A. 7701(a)(11); Treasury Delegation Order No 150-10]

On Oct. 28th 1977, the United States as a "Corporator" and "State" declared insolvency. State banks and most other banks were put under control of the "Governor" of the "Fund" (I.M.F.). 26 IRC 165 (g)(1); U.C.C. 1-201(23), C.R.S. 39-22-103.5, Westfall vs. Braley, 10 Ohio 188, 75 Am. Dec. 509, Adams vs. Richardson, 337 S.W. 2d. 911 Ward vs. Smith, 7 Wall 447

"Mr. Speaker, we are now in Chapter 11. Members of Congress are official Trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any bankrupt entity in world history, the United States government..." -- Mr. Trafficant from Ohio, Congressional Record, pg. H1303, March 17, 1993

"...the United States obligations in the International Monetary Fund..." -- Public Law 94-564, 94th Congress, Sec. 10(a)

State of National Emergency

"Since March 9th, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency..." -- Senate Resolution 9, 93d. Congress, 1st. Session, Foreword, 1973

"When Congress [i.e., the Board of Directors for the private Federal corporation known as The UNITED STATES] declares an emergency, there is no [corporation] constitution..." -- Congressman Beck, Congressional Record, Farm Bill, 1933

"A majority of people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have in varying degrees been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency..." -- Senate Report 93-549 (Introduction) 1973

"The President may: Seize property, organize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute Martial Law, seize and control and transportation and communication, regulate operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens". -- Senate Report 93-549; Senate Resolution 9, 93d Congress, 1st. Session (III) 1973

See: Chapter 1, Title 1, Section 48, Statute 1, March 9, 1933; Proclamation 2038; Title 12 U.S.C 95(b)

Currently, permanent state of national emergency. (i.e., only for the private Federal corporation known as The UNITED STATES) -- 22 U.S.C.A., 286d. 1977; See Executive Order 12919 signed by the Corporation's President / C.E.O.Clinton

Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 & 1933 (People Declared the Enemy)

Oct. 6, 1917, under the Trading with the Enemy Act, Section 2, subdivision (c), Chapter 106 - Enemy defined "other than citizens of the United States..."

March 9, 1933, Chapter 106, Section 5, subdivision (b) of the Trading with the Enemy Act of Oct.6 1917 (40 Stat. L. 411) amended as follows: "...any person within the United States.."

See H.R. 1491 Public No.1

Now let's look at the Issue of the Flag. The national flag of the united States of America is precisely defined by law. On June 14, A. D. 1776, Congress made the following resolution: "The flag of the United States shall be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white, with a union of thirteen stars of white on a blue field..." Because Congress made no rule for the arrangement of the stars, they were displayed in different ways, most usually in a circle. As new states joined the Union, they demanded representation in the stars and stripes of the flag. In 1795 Congress voted to increase to 15 the number of stars and stripes. Legislation enacted in 1818 reestablished the number of stripes at 13 and instituted the policy, "That on the admission of every new state into the Union, one star be added to the Union of the flag..." An executive order issued by President William Howard Taft on Oct. 29,1912, fixed the overall width and length of the U.S. flag, known technically as the hoist and fly, respectively, in a ratio of 1: 1.9. The thirteen stripes were fixed at equal width. The hoist of the blue field containing the stars was fixed at seven-thirteenths of the overall hoist, that is, as extending from the top of the flag to the bottom of the seventh stripe. The fly of the blue field was fixed at a tiny fraction over three-fourths the overall hoist. The diameter of each star was established as a minute fraction under one-sixteenth of the overall hoist.

"The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternating red and White; and the union of the flag shall be forty eight stars, white in a blue field. " 61 Stat. 642, July 30,1947, ch. 389. 4 U.S.C.A.1. This describes the civil flag of the United States, as it is to be flown in the District of Columbia, its enclaves and overseas on ships and embassies.

Currently, the Flag of the united States of America is defined as :

The American Flag of Peace of the united States of America is described as red, white and blue, with thirteen alternating red and white horizontal stripes, and a blue field (union) with 50 stars, one to represent each of the several States. The Flag is proportional, (1 X 1.9) . This proportion is easily determined by measuring the length (fly) and dividing by the measurement of the width (hoist). The length divided by the width should be very nearly 1.9. If the flag is not to the correct 1 X 1.9 proportion, it is not an official Title 4 U.S.C. 1, 2 American Flag of Peace of the united States of America.

Title 4 U.S.C. 1, 2 and Presidential Executive Order 10834, found in the Federal Register at Vol. 24. No. 166, P.6365 - 6367.

Title 4 U.S.C. 3 provides that anything put on the title 4 U.S.C., 1, 2 American Flag such as gold fringe MUTILATES the Flag and carries a one-year prison term. This is confirmed by the authority of title 36 U.S.C. 176 (g). The gold fringe is a fourth color and represents "color of law" jurisdiction and when placed on the title 4 U.S.C. 1, 2 Flag, mutilates the Flag and suspends the Constitution and establishes "color of law" jurisdiction (Refer to title 18 U.S.C. 242, see Black's Law Dictionary).

As provided by title 36 U.S.C. 173 and Army Regulation 840-10, chapter 2-1(b), the Flag of the united States of America is defined and described in title 4 U.S.C. 1, 2. Civilians must use the title 4 U.S.C. 1, 2 Flag (see title 36 U.S.C. 173 and Army Regulation 840-10, chapter 2-7) and when military flags are displayed by Army Regulation 840-10, chapter 2 and title 36 U.S.C. 175.

FLAG Martial Law; "Pursuant to 4 U.S.C. chapter 1, --1, 2, & 3; Executive Order 10834, August 21, 1959; 24 F.R.6865; a military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a YELLOW FRINGE border on three sides. The president of the United States designates this deviation from the regular flag, by executive order, and in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief.

FLAG Martial Law;The Placing of a fringe on the national flag, the dimensions of the flag and the arrangement of the stars in the union are matters of detail not controlled by statute, but are within the discretion of the President as commander in Chief of the Army and Navy." 34 Ops. Atty. Gen. 83.

President, Dwight David Eisenhower, by Executive Order No.10834, signed on August 21, 1959 and printed in the Federal Register at 24 F.R. 6865, pursuant to law, stated that: "A military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a yellow fringe border on three sides."

FLAG Martial law; "The use of such a fringe is prescribed in current Army Regulation no. 260-10." 34 Ops. Atty. . Gen. 483, 485.

FLAG Martial law; "Ancient custom sanctions the use of the fringe on regimental colors and standards, but there seems to be no good reason or precedent for its use on other flags." The Adjutant General of the Army, March 28, 1924, (1925); 34 ()Ops. Atty. Gen. 483, 485.


National flags listed below are for indoor display and for use in ceremonies and parades. For these purposes the United States flag will be rayon banner cloth, trimmed on three sides with golden yellow fringe, 2 1/2 inches wide. It will be the same size as the flags displayed or carried with it.

Authorization for indoor display

Each military courtroom Any courtroom that displays these flags behind the Judge is a military courtroom. You are under military law and not constitutional law, or common law, or civil law, or statute law.

Restrictions "The following limitations and prohibitions are applicable to flags guidons, streamers, and components."

Unauthorized use of official flags, guidons, and streamers. Display or use of flags, guidons, and streamers or replicas thereof, including those presently or formerly carried by U.S. Army units, by other than the office, individual, or organization for which authorized, is prohibited except as indicated in below.

Use only by recognized United States Army division associations . . . ." United States Army Regulation AR 640-10, October 1, 1979

According to Army Regulations, (AR 840-10, Oct. 1, 1979.) "the Flag is trimmed on three sides with Fringe of Gold, 2 1/2 inches wide," and that, "such flags are flown indoors, ONLY in military courtrooms." And that the Gold Fringed Flag is not to be carried by anyone except units of the United States Army, and the United States Army division associations."

THE AUTHORITY FOR FRINGE ON THE FLAG IS SPECIFIED IN ARMY REGULATIONS, BUT ONLY FOR THE NATIONAL (MILITARY) FLAG ! The U.S. Attorney General has stated: "The placing of a gold fringe on the national flag, the dimensions of the flag, and the arrangements of the stars in the union are matters of detail not controlled by statute, but are within the discretion of the President as Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy. . .ancient custom sanctions the use of fringe on regimental colors and standards, but there seems to be no good reason or precedent for its use on other flags. . .the use of such a fringe is prescribed in current Army Regulations, No. 260-10." (See 34 Ops. Atty. Gen. 483 & 485) The only statute or regulation, in the United States, prescribing a yellow fringed United States flag is Army Regulation No. 260-10, making it a military flag.

By Army Regulation 260-10, the gold fringe may be used only on regimental "colors," the President's flag, for military courts martial, and the flags used at military recruiting centers. "A military flag emblem of a nation, usually made of cloth and flown from a staff; FROM A MILITARY STANDPOINT flags are of two general classes...those flown from stationary masts over army posts, and those carried by troops in formation. The former are referred to by the general name of flags. The later are called colors when carried by dismounted troops. COLORS AND STANDARDS are more nearly square than flags and are made of silk, with a knotted FRINGE OF YELLOW ON THREE SIDES. . .USE OF A FLAG -- THE MOST GENERAL AND APPROPRIATE USE OF THE FLAG IS AS A NATIONAL SYMBOL OF AUTHORITY AND POWER." (National Encyclopedia, Vol. 4)

The adornments (finial) on the top of the flagpole are for military use only. The gold eagle is for the use of the President of the United States only, and only in time of war. The gold spear is for military court martials only (next time you're in a State courtroom take a close look at the top of the flagpole the State flag is hanging from). The gold ball is for military recruiting centers only. The gold acorn is for military parades only. (Army Regulation 840-10, chapter 8).

Colors -- "A flag, ensign, or standard borne in an army or fleet." (Webster's 1971)

Color -- An appearance, semblance, or simulacrum, as distinguished from that which is real. A prima facie or apparent RIGHT. Hence, a deceptive appearance; a plausible, assumed exterior, concealing a lack or reality; a disguise or pretext. (Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Ed.)

Color of law -- The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal RIGHT. Misuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because wrongdoer is clothed with authority of state, is action taken under "color of state law." (Atkins v. Lanning, 415 F. Supp. 186, 188)

Colorable --That which is in appearance only, and not in reality, what it purports to be, hence counterfeit, feigned, having the appearance of truth. (Windle v. Flinn, 251 P. 2d 136, 146)

Colorable alteration -- One which makes no real or substantial change, but is introduced only as a subterfuge or means of evading the patent or copyRIGHTS law. (Black's 6th).

Colorable imitation -- In the law of trademarks, this phrase denotes such a close or ingenious imitation as to be calculated to deceive ordinary persons. (Black's 6th).


So the next time that you see a police officer with a gold fringed U.S. flag on their sleeve -- a military flag -- ask him or her if they realize the significance of that flag. If you have thoroughly studied this issue, you will be able to properly educate that officer. Best not to do it antagonistically, but with honor and respect, because after all, most of the officers or military officers for that matter do not truly know that they are employees of, and are serving, a private corporation, NOT a country!

Remember, a Court is not under military jurisdiction because of the yellow fringed flag, but the yellow fringed flag is there because the Court is under military jurisdiction.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Police State Rising

This is starting to happen every day in the United States.. Are the people going to have enough, or will Nazism spread through the world?? Even here in a small Texas town, the police do as they please.. This happend not to long ago to me as well, and has for myself, and others here, hundreds, over about16 years...


See what is coming?!!!!!Do you, do you love licking there boots, huh, do ya, here it is, the future, HELLO!!! HELLO!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!


WALK ON THE 5th, shut down the country, make a statement!!!!!!!

The reason they are acting so confident, is because every level of office above them approves, and condones these actions, straight to the White House, and the President. Everyone below just follows, and these meat head, puppet slaves that Police Officers such as these are, love the energy from having control over another, just like what is taking place, and has taken place for a long time here it little ole Menard Texas, but that will have to wait for now..

Sorr bastard's, and you are everywhere, like hitlers henchmen you are. You do not know us though, and we will run you of, from your hiding places. Sorry basterds, you do deserve to hang, all of you. You will push to far one day, and we will crush you..