Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A small change is occurring!

I've been sitting back waiting to see if there was going to be any forward momentum, or would people just be distracted with information 'online'. But alas, there is some improvement, and the public of the 'world' are starting to resist. In the past whenever the public unrest grew, the Illuminati would interject rulers that would appease the people back into complacency, while there plans they grew out of sight. But now I think that there plan has 'again' run into problems. Or will they just forcefully take control by mass depopulation, and consolidation? One thing is for sure now though, there is a 'real' feeling in the realm we are existing in of tension and uncertainty, it can be felt.

As we have seen time and time again in other countries when the citizens disagree with government, there have been much chaos and anarchy, they do not let the government push them around like there counterpart U.S. citizenry. It always seems to be the case that the rest of the world always sees what is reality, while the American public sleeps in its darkness of disillusioned minds. Interestingly, most of this country is made up of the blood of the Eastern Hemisphere, the only difference is the form of government. Once these people get this country they are usually disillusioned, angry, and stuck here, this 'better life' that was found. There is no support system like in the native countries, for the public here has lost its spine, there is no rising up, for the drones are all that is here, drones for working ones life away, just to have 'nice' atoms arranged so it tempts the eye.

But again, I see progress, people are not only taking information in, there 'doing' something about it!!

It still bothers me though for the 'powers that are' will still be here when George is out of office. Maybe he was a patsy for them all along, a gateway for them to accomplish there agenda, while he takes the fall. Which in reality, whenever one of the puppets like a president take a fall; or be a scapegoat, when they do get out of office they get richer, more powerful, and usually brainwash the public into thinking nicely of them again. That is the way it works, that is why presidents only are in office for as long as they are, it allows the Illuminati to 'gauge' how affective there plans are going; by seeing how much resistance there is or not, and then modifying there plans accordingly, that sometimes includes impeachment.

In reality Bush would love to get out of office, what he is going through you could say is sort of like an 'initiation' right, this leading to a more powerful and elevated position within the 'Family'.

For now, it seems that the plan is either failing, or going along as planed. Only time will tell, if all that is about to happen is this way or not.

As far as the vibrations that are being felt around the U.S., they have been felt by me in Texas as well, and I think what is going on is that from the many cell towers around the country, there is an ELF and MICRON pulses being transmitted on many harmonic layers. There is much information on the internet suggesting that these type 'manipulations' are being used to alter the states of our brain, which is reality is altering space and time itself, this being one of the 'side-affects' of operating such manipulations. Or maybe they are exsperimenting with the magnetic and electromagnetic forces of the earth tectonicly distablelizing certain plates.

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