Friday, March 24, 2006

It comes from afar.

Astronomers report a double helix nebula at the center of the milky way galaxy. It is 80 light years in length. There has never been an observation of such a nebula before, all nebule have been formless amorphous conglomerations of dust and gas. It appears that a very strong magnetic field is comprising this nebula of its form. But the question is how did such order come from something of such un-order?-article found here.

Information on Lord Bush.

In this picture look at the american flag pendant on Bushs' coat, does it not look like the Freemason symbal when it is worn at that angle? Also very interesting is the sign that Mr. Powel is making. I wonder who it is directed too. Do you know what that sign means?

When everyone had blood in there mouths over the war, some saw the truth of it.

In the United States especialy we think we have so much liberty and freedom. But do we really, have we really ever, or has it really been a mechanism just to appease the people with a sence of power, when in reality it being false power. I have wrote about this in the past.

The Bush cabal, and all the lies that have arisen from it dont bother many. Or does it only seem this way. Is the media creating a perception of this, and there really is a revolution taking place. Just the fact of so much disent online should be an answer, and maybe there is still hope yet for a good outcome.

Bush just cant stop lying.

I have been talking about this for a long time now, and still the Senate and Congress have there heads up there asse's. So will he finally face impeachment and justice. Well sad to say probally not, and if so, will probally be sent away like Martha Stewart. He is part of the Illuminati, and maybe it was there plan for him to be a scapegoat, I dont know.

Even the Pentagon is telling Bush that the climate changes are going to destroy us, but apparently this is what the Illuminati wants to further reduce our power while increasing theres.

Oh and remember that Lord Bush said that drilling for oil in the artic he would not condone. Now look what is happening in one of the most fragile bio-regions on the planet.

The entire earth really knows what is going on in the US, but the citizens of this country still remain brainwashed from the TV.

Bush-Patriot Act Requirement Doesnt Apply To Him.

Impeachmet of Bush is the only solution?-Well for the time being, but still does not take care of the Illuminati, his Master's.

Scientific or not, now the poll for support of Sheens stance is 82%

Bush said that he was not intending to 'nation build' in Irag-another lie.

Harvard Study-US Puts Israel Security First.

The powers to be are censoring ' Gulf War illness'.

State After State Repudiates Bush-and still nothing is done about it.

NASA-Scientist claims warmer ocean waters reducing ice worldwide.

Are we on the brink of ww111, collapse of U.S. economy?

In the end it is not what we know, but how much we care about what we know, and what we do not know.

Charlie Sheen talks about 911!!

For anyone in Hollywood to openly question the government takes a lot of courage, for the Illuminati has its fingers deep within the Hollywood sector, and confronting them is dangerous for any famous persons fame. As time goes on, and more facts become clear, it will become hard for ANYONE to have any doubt any longer.

CNN poll shows 75% of Americans support Sheen.

Charlie Sheen 911 story goes viral.

Google caught censoring Charlie Sheen 911 story.

MSM attacks Charlie Sheen over 911 comments.

CNN produces balanced piece on Sheen 911 Comments.

For anyone who is really serious about learning the truth about September 11, one should take a look to the right of this web page, in the 'View Finder', there are many links there to websites with much information in them, a lot of the information comes from Scholars, Scientist, and people like myself who KNOW that the official story is propaganda to further promote the actions of this government in the Middle East and abroad. Terror was and still is the pretext!!!


Monday, March 20, 2006

Latest interests

The powers that be, the Illuminati, are starting to overtly now depopulate the earth without any care or worry that there actions will go undetered, or will they?

Global warming is not to blame, for this process even with the events of our greenhouse gas emissions, would still take much longer than what has been observed in the last 10 years even.

The weather modification system in place in our atmosphere is undeniable, they are using aerosol delivery methods with aircraft, and the use of electromagnetic manipulations on the ionosphere, as well as the tectonic plate frequency modulations, as has been seen happening in the sky, and under the crust. As one will see from following the links in 'view finder' one will see there are many hypothesis. The more the better, for then more is known, and understood, even if there are only segments of what is taken as being real, this action allowing peace within for the fact of the acceptance with the mind of many pieces, or one whole puzzle. For people like myself this is unacceptable, for I feel that there is not enough evidence today to fully deem any particular thought, or reason, as being the ultimate truth, this is why I hold everything as being true, for I cannot prove what is false due to the lack of the truth to present adequate facts to prove otherwise, and so forth. After long debates with self, only self is known, in the void of knowing nothing everything is known, and peace finally ensues the soul again, calm, knowing that not knowing is not bad, but good, and maybe this is why the ultimate truths will never be fully known, for then life would loose that mysterious feeling, and the joy of revelation would not exist any longer to enjoy. I do know that would not be enjoyable, omnipotence that is, in even small form.

The organized press has always been lapdogs for the Illuminati agenda, another sort of mouthpiece, a fool, arguments with each other while on the same side, only for the fool to believe.

Past actions of ignorance coupled with the cowardness of the people today just makes the bully stronger.

It is over for Bush, but what about us? Or has the Illuminati planned this to happen this way all along?

Mirror of WTC implosion takes place in Forth Worth Texas.

Stop watching TV, it is bad for you on many levels, frequencies can be manipulated, streams of data being injected as subliminal's into the original data stream. This technology has existed for a while, and its progression today is unprecedented. See my article "Mind Control".

The glaciers are melting, our water is going to run out on earth very soon, all the cities will run dry.

google has been ordered to give up web site URL's, the NWO is collecting the final data before they make there move, looking for resistance, they are very desperate for control right now.

America must act now to save Hubble.

I think that Hubble did not cost as much as they say, and that most of that money was funneled into a similar ISS in geostationary orbit to the earth on the dark side of the moon. I think that it has been there for some time, and that there have been missions out into deep space from this location using robotic mechanism's. This would seem to fit with all the anomalies that SOHO has recorded in the past, as well as the 'bakeouts' right after an anomalie, and would explain NASA's usual unproportionate budget. NASA never really shows any pertinent footage on its TV station, and is just a ruse to appease all the hardcore buffs out there to smart to realize that something is terribly wrong with there beloved agency.

Was the port deal just a front for a staging area for a similar 911 propaganda stunt?

That would seem logical if the NWO wanted to bring equipment into the the country without any of the public knowing about it, totally secure, back the trucks into a waiting bay, load, or unload, and move out onto the transportation system. Any type of propaganda attack; biological, chemical, nuclear, troops, etc, of this type will have to take place very secretly, since there are so many today doubting the current administration, and many are starting to see the big picture of what is really taking place in the world around them.

Will the same thing happen to What about Internet 2, are we really prepared to be cut of from information?

This is why Internet 2 will become a reality.

If they can do it internationally and get away with it what is going to stop them from doing it here?

The pentagon want to swiftly defeat China, who are they kidding? Oh yeah these are the same people who think we believe a airliner flew into the pentagon.

Well we are almost divided on this issue, that is a start.

Do you believe in Internet 2, that this existing internet will be replaced with another? Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Control. Recreating the internet would allow the Powers To Be to install much needed hardware and software to the original ROOT SERVERS that could not be done with the existing Earth Network. This could have not been done for it was not planned for; this existing Network to explode like it has. They have planned for such an event though really, just not in the frame of time in which it happened. Think of all the information that has flowed on Internet 1 within the last 10 years, and all the blogs like this one that have come forth. The security mechanism in case such an event was to come about was to transfer everything onto a coexisting Earth Network that is already in place, offering more COOL stuff in the way of GUI, and .NET framework's, as a multimedia induced drug like effect for the masses, all the while monitoring every piece of data being transferred within. This is something in which they cannot do at present, even the NSA has limitations due to the current Earth Network configuration. Internet 2 will resolve this issue with the hardware and software that will be implemented. Every port from ever server, and personal PC will be monitored via automated programs. Basically it will be an Earth network that is completely interfaced with Echelon. Thumb scan's, iris scan's, national ID card's, etc, will be the encryption device used to allow the average user to interface from the PC into the Earth Network 2, and all activity on the person will be tracked and logged. Obviously sites that are of dissent, or not inline with the agenda of the Illuminati will be deleted probably within 24 hours or less of the creation of such sites. Come one people, its time to wake up!!!!! More importantly it is time to DO SOMETHING about what is going on, not just regurgitate knowledge all day.

INTERNET 2- From Meriton Networks

Very interesting 'Cached' link of a now deleted website having information on Internet 2. This was a website created by them, even listing corporate partners, but now is no longer. Hmmmmmm.....

Another sales pitch to YOU, the CONSUMER, of Internet 2.

There statement says that it is going to be implemented with the help of 170 universities, government and corporations. Hmmm, ok, the government will be the backbone technically, the corporations will fund it, and academia will provide all those 'technical innovations' from the smarty pant's, that will ensure the future enslavement. Lol. Sorry, I had to laugh, for if not I would cry.

Article from Educate

Article from Alex Jones on internet 2.

Current propaganda from AOL that the current Internet is bad and needs to go.

The goals of Internet 2-and you thought Microsoft was bad.

Gates selling his part of Internet 2, .NET.

BBC-US plans to 'fight the net' revealed.

Article from Alex Jones- The end of the internet is nigh.

"The end of the Internet?"-The

Again AOL trying to make terrorist out of 1st amendment dissent.

Now of course the government will smooth over the transition by offering more bandwidth to the public, which will make this more appealing to the easily fooled, but there intentions are very clear to one that understands networking, and the motives behind such a move from the government.

"Uncle tom, there watching us from inside the computer." " Shut up, Im trying to watch the ball game, look at that picture, its amazing what this high bandwidth can do!!"

Yes though with higher bandwidth comes more capabilities of surveillance, which they have admitted to doing, and will continue to do on larger scales until the public does not put up with it any longer. Once the public makes its move, they have better be prepared to fight, for the enemy is not the president, nor any other PUPPET in office. The enemy is global, very rich, and deep within the shadows, it is going to be war, bloody war, all the Earth over, for the Beast to be destroyed in reality. But thats ok, for when most stop reading this and go to bed, you convince yourself that the world is ok, there is nothing wrong, everything will work out somehow, that is what is left in the end. Things in life dont 'just' happen. There is a action, and then a reaction to the action. Sitting around hoping Super Man saves the day will only lead to dissipointment, and the enslaving of you, your children, and your grandchildren, which hopefully by then, they will have had enough, and show more courage than we today.

The Bilderberg Group- Who are they, and what do they do.

Throughout the ages men of power and money have influenced reality to suite there ego's definition of what is right for the inhabitants of the world. Mostly these events go unnoticed while the populations are concerned with the trivial matters of policy, and in some places even are allowed to have a small hand in shaping such policy. It is only logical to conclude when people meet in secret, that they would rather the 'public' to not be privy to the inner workings of thought that they would enjoy while having privacy, and will lie, deny, or disinform to achieve that privacy. This Group of men have meet all over the world since 1954. The groups founding members were Denis Healey, Joseph Retinger, David Rockefeller, and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. There is hardly any public knowledge of there meetings, who is a part of the Group, or that the group has even existed. However as time progresses, the information if becoming more widely known. Denis Healey has been interviewed about the subject of the Group and says it is secret for benign reasons and simple privacy, and will do whatever it takes to give the impression that the wealthiest men in the world meeting once a year in secret is completely harmless, and that policy is not made there, just the interchanging of ideas. Hmmmmmm, that sounds like the seed of policy being articulated to another power holder of the earth to me, and from there like I have said before, 'further disseminated' into the corporate and political mechanisms in which these people control. All through history this has happened, and now these men want to play ignorant when so many see. Now is the endgame of the passage of power through the bloodlines over time, the final progeny is the present, and they will not give up control after all this time for anything, they will not admit directly to anyone, just continue to misinform for the sake of there plans, for the sake of there forefathers long work on this New World Order project that has been taking place for thousands of years.

The Money Masters.

The Observers of the Bilderberg Group- !!Good resource site!!

So who and what exactly are these people, who are the founders Denis Healey, Joeseph Retinger, David Rockefeller and Prince Bernhard.

There are many other members since then of course, over the years picking certain ones due there bloodline, or there own clout in the world. These include: Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Henry Kissinger, Sen. J. William Fulbright, Dean ascension, George Ball, Nelson Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, Dean Rusk, Gerald Ford, Prince Philip, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Robert S. McNamara, Margaret Thatcher, Lester Pearson, Helmut Schmidt, Donald S. MacDonald, Henry Ford III, Gen Walter Bedell Smith, Gen. Alexander Haig, Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Dan Quayle, Conrad Black, Raymound A.J. Chretien, Stephane Dion, Preton Manning, Frank McKenna, Paul Martin, Stephan Harper.

When will everyone see that there is no real power in the people, and in order for the constitution to work properly it has to be operated by people that are not subordinates of these powerful Illuminati, that have all the power, the wealth, the control. Otherwise believing in a system like the constitution is pointless as it is now, and has been in America for a very long time, they just gave us a small, trivial part of the power to appease us, that is all. Prove of this being the fact that after each election people complain of the official not holding up there promises, because they have lied to take power just to be puppets for there masters, that is all, nothing more, and we have allowed this to happen, for they have given us here a realitive good life. But no longer can alot of us be bought, like we ALL have been bought for many years now, the drug of desire that have been giving us is starting to wear of, and more important things are now being realized. This is the end game as well, and now there drug giving hands will start to enslave us, because all we have been for them is slaves to further build there empires of gold, gerbales to wind there money wheel for them, slave labor. Here in the states us slaves have it pretty good, even the worst off of us all is doing better the the other slaves in other parts of the world now aren't we, even the beggars here are fat from the lamb, and always have money for beer.

So why is all this important? Because there is much information that has been passed down through the years of the past of Humanity that effects our present, and future, that they are hiding. Yes there are many starting to become enlightened to the REAL world around them, but will it be enough, and I beg that we start talking solutions, instead of only revealing what is going on, is there any?

The first solution is to completely destroy the Illuminati, or most of it, otherwise there control will be maintained. This means identifying, locating, and isolating them on an individual basis, then preventing them from having any power in society, and from having children, which then will render there bloodline inoperative, ceasing. Then once there control, or most of there control is destroyed, there needs to be mass 'constructive' reasoning within the PEOPLE'S of the earths nations. The first of primary mechanism that needs to be in place is love for and with our Human Family, and view each other as
such, for without each other we are doomed to failure. We need to be able to truly function as a 'collective', while still preserving our individuality. The earth needs immediate attention, for without our Mother we cease to exist. Nature does not need us, and will destroy us if we treat it disrespectfully, this is certain. We need to evolve to a higher state of consciousness, an ascension where we leave the reptilian cave man attitude, and start seeing things from a higher perceptional state, for we are long overdue in this respect. We have all this technology, but cannot learn how to cohabitate with one another, we must look so primitive to higher dimensional live forms. We brag about our knowledge, then it turns to bite us in the face. We need to RISE in a unified manner, to destroy evil with our hearts, minds, and being alone, making it nonexistent, for we no longer will allow it in our perceptual reality, for we then will have ascended into a higher form of existence, one in which we might have fallen from many aeon ago.

This is the destiny of ours, to change ourselves, in turn changing our relative existence. Or to allow ourselves to fall into the hands further of people who want nothing more from us than our energy, energy that they view belongs to them and there will.

Which pill will we each choose, the time is here to make that decision!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

What are you going to do?

We should know by now that the ones in which rule this world do not have our best interest in mind, in fact 'we' are the enemy. We are the 'block' in the road, the world populations have been nothing but slaves to a class that has spaned for thousands of years, waiting patiently for there future prodigey to fullfill the long ago plans of there self imposed destiney. The current present, and the not so far future events will forever change mankind, there has not been anything of the past of this magnitude, nor the future holds another of its depths, a shift, a choice, for the continuation of everything 'good' and loving about Humanity, or the exstinction of ourselfs through the lack of will and desire to do so, to save ourselfs. There is still hope, time, for everyone to see, to know, what one is to do, but this time is growing short, and there is so much to be done, and so many areas. Or is the 5th demenstional accention going to come, to raise us to another astral plain, or the astral plain in which we reverted from?

Out of all the theories, all the hypothithis, what will be true, it existing long before humans ever thought about what 'truth' was? I am tired of reading what is going on, telling what is going on, as time runs out for SOLUTIONS to what fate we are going to meet. Are is there no solutions, and one will have to wait it out so that the questions first can be learned, for how really can a solution be offered when in the end what is truth is not really known? And who today can honestly say that what the underlying reality is of everything? No. That would be to simple to be true. For the simple answer of 'what the question really is' does not exist. All is true even though there is only one truth, for nothing is really known, so all is hypothecticly possible, until true reality is known. And although there are many ideas, they all add to the final puzzle of what is.

We will shortly find out, may peace be with all. May the courage to face what will be ever reside within your hearts and minds. May all think posivtive energy towards yourself, others, and the universe. Only through who we are in spirit and soul will provide the shelter of what is our destiney in this time period.