Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Everybody loves it, its the new rage, introducing MARSHAL LAW, yeah, yeah.

Yes thats right, the endgame, and military arm is fixing to come out in the open, to round up most of the people on my links list and myself; ok there are much more of us than that, but you get the point, because we are terrorist for exposing there evil way. "Uncle tom there taking those protestors to concentration camps", oh well, damn terrorist, believing in all that 1st admendment bullshit, they deserve it, let em root there, lord bush knows what he is doing, ask no questions, peace is war. Yeah I think its time for the two minute 'hate drill'.

Article on Dentention Camps in the U.S.
More information on the camps
Another article on camps
Yes another article.

ouch, this hurts, I suppose I will have a choice of course, shut our mouths, or go to prison, hmmm. Mexico? Canada? ' Hey man what are you in for?', oh, I broke the first admendment of Bushspeak, which is not to speak. 'I seeeee".

'Well, uh, you see, uhmm, you know, all the 'propaganda' sure is making us
alot of money through our Haliburton stocks.' And no there is not an oil crisis, it is just hype, so that they can charge us whatever they want, and then go play on there change. See here and here.

This information is actually old news, but has reappeared from the 'memory hole', so this means that they are really serious about it now, and are starting to 'prime' the public so that it will be accepted when they drag people from there homes without any representation, or a chance at a legal court hearing. Its all in the Patriot Act.

"And we are fixing to show you
how little we view you as
a people" Dick shoots a man.

To get further into the prison camps of the US consider this article " Bush
and the feds can Quarantine anyone with 'flu-like' diseases
. That will allow
them to further remove people who voice out against themselves and there plans, saying that is
that they need to be quarantined because of a 'flu-like' illness. Do you see where we are headed too. A new road layout for sure!!!

Two of my 'original' art projects

This is my main website. I created the images from total scratch, each layer from white board, blending layers and objects that where also created from scratch. The directory has the major subjects, but then the globes link to personal archive's, the center being the connection two virtual data hubs preindexed by subjet, streaming the globes binarylie. The graphics were done on the GIMP. On the website I would like to eventually add some Java, so that the layers would slowly spin, adding a very psychedelic feel. And no, you cant have the URL.

This was done also from white page, created with GIMP. They where both made about 2 years ago, do what you want with them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Symbolism of Freemasons and the Illuminati.

The images below or of Freemasons and Illuminati symbols, those of which really originated with the religions of the Egyptians, Persians, and the Druids. They did not just haphazardly strew these symbols around, no, they are there to connect themselfs and there ideology. The Freemason, and Skull and Bones religions' are just offshoots of the Illuminati, and a person will find there symbols in all polotics, acedemia, corporations, and religions of today, which is a mark of there presence in these institutions. This did not happen on acident. The Freemason main symbol is of a drafters compass with a G in the middle. The compass indicates 'precision' and 'design, and the G represents god. And these images of symbolism are not just there for decoration, there has been much planning of them, and all around this country you will see them, from advertising, to the grid layout of civil design in Washington D.C. Yes they have meaning, profound meaning to the ones in which create and use them. The modern day form of Freemasonary came from Scotland and England. Below are images showing these links, and symbols, as well as some of Bohemian Grove.

The creamation of care at the grove.

Do you reconize anyone, this is at the Grove.
This picture below is of world power holders eating at the
grove. Does this not look like an Order to you, if not why
do they hide in the forest, and share there
private thoughts there like they do?

Left: The great owl in which
mock sacrifice's are made under.

Papa Bush is letting

son practice before his becomes
president at the lakeside podium
at the grove.

Below:A essay being read at the lakeside podium at the grove.

Below: The talk for the day at lakeside, hmmm, I dont remembering seeing it on CSPAN. Notice in the white of the owl the mason symbol.
Below:High masons, performing part of there ritual at the grove below the 'great owl'.

Now we have to ask ourselfs, what are these men; most of which control the governments of the world, doing out in the forest performing rituals that can be link to pagan rituals of thousands of years ago? Do we see more clearly that the people that rule us do not have our best interest in there minds? Most of the important policies of the US, and other countries, come from the 'essays' that are given by the lake at the grove. It is presented there, and then further disiminated within the group, until it takes fruition in the realm of the polictical arena. This is not fiction, it is real, and as always no one cares, for most people worship Satan anyway, whether they realize it or not.

Left:Some of the buildings of secret societies.
Above Right: The Bohemium Grove Club inSan Francisco, notice in the window the owl and letters BC

Left:The Bomemian Grove Club Library in San Francisco, with there Annals on the tables.
Below:Nixon and Regan at the grove.

Now as we have seen, these so called 'leaders' meet in the forest, and take part in ancient pagan rituals, and form world polotics, all the while hidden in the woods. There are many other places in which they meet in private, away from the public eye, as I will show. Two branches of the Illuminati; the Freemasons' and Skull and Bones, I also have some images of.

The Freemason logo.

Left:The inside of a Freemason lodge.

Below:Another inside a lodge, notice how there is the head chair, and then two chairs on either side of it.

The inside of a church, notice the similarity in it, as with the seating in the Mason lodge. Notice the black and white box design, the numbers being of significance.

An early representation of the civil configuration of the streets in Washinton D.C.

The heirarchy of Freemasonry, with the 'eye' on the top, representing the Illuminati, the same eye that can be found on the Dollar bill.

Here is George Washinton celebrating in the ritual of apprenticeship.

Another heirarchy.

A early order of Skull and Bones.
The meeting place on the 'Yale' campus of the Skull and Bones.

Below: Symbol showing the connection that Masonry has with Skull and Bones.

Below:Do you see the owl? Anything with there stamp on it, is controlled by them, and by the owl is the oil lamp, the same one that is at Bohemian Grove.

Below: Inside one of the secret metting places on the Yale campus. Notice again the black and white box design, the numbers of the squares being relivent because of there belief in Sacred Geometry, and the mathematics of such.

Below: The owl symbolism at the U.S. Capital.

Yes they were in Germany and still are.

Another illustration from
Google maps, that the streets
in Whashington D.C. represent the pentagram, with the Capital building
being at the tip.

Below:"The Temple" in Whasington D.C.

Bush surronded by FreeMasons.

They have been planning for a long time.

There is not a place in which there reach is not. And Clinton is a Mason, imagine that.

(I do want to point out; like in government, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree Freemason's do not know what there hierarchy is really doing, this is the same as local governments; or lower people in national government, not 'really' knowing what goes on in say 'places like Bohemium Grove', or any other 'secret' place that they muse plans.)

"Oft hath even a whole city
reaped the evil fruit of a bad man."

Yes any place you go in this country, whatever town, it have a Freemason Lodge. Any place on this Earth has Masonry activity. As we have seen, most of there religion is based on pagan religions. All forms of government, acedemia, religion, and corporate America has fingers of this group in it, for members are all part of these groups. It is interesting how a secret society like theres can remain secret when they are so public, but when there doors close, the secrets come out. At each individual stage of a Mason, there are more secrets revieled by others of higher rank. The Illuminati stand on top of the pyrimid, keeping the most secret of secrets to themselfs. There is really too much information on these topics for one person to reasearch, and compile in such a way to fully 'show' what is going on in the 'real' world today, and I hope that many of you will follow the links, as to SEARCH yourselfs, for it is all there in the shadows, the pieces, then arranging these pieces using logic, reason, and deduction. People who want FULL truth miss the point of something being hidden. For instance take a person who hides something in there house, all there actions, words, and mannerisms speak in the intuition that all is not write, and you know. The same can be said of the Illuminati, they are not going to admit in perfect word of what they are plotting, for what point would then be of them plotting anything? They do though give away what they do through slip-ups, arrogance, misscomunication, for the fact of having to give some away, and outcomes. A person then can attach all these things into one piece, very carefully, useing available information to form a hypothisis, then check that hypothisis with other information or through pure reason and logic. There are other methods of reaching conclusions involving 'remote viewing', dosing, psycokenetic exspansion, mental telepathy to the collective consciencness, and many others, the ones just mentioned will fill many blogs worth of information, I suggest one should start reasearching if it really is of importance. That is one problem I have noticed on the web. The desire for people to follow, follow a certain persons site, and these ones being followed, hopeing to have a high 'hit' rate. Unfortuneatly the ones in which need everything 'feed' to them are not very passionate, for the passionate one seeks until his eye's become weary, and that is the price of such ones, they are weary from finding for other's. I think that we should only be talking to the passionate anyway, for they are they only ones in which 'care' has not been creamated, and the more people who dont care takes a toll on the ones that do; as I have talked about, the energy transfers to, and from the collective. So then really I do not speak to you, but to the ones in which crave understanding of our reality now, the passionate at heart, go then yourself's and join us, by starting your own quest as have we. Share then what you have come to find, this is the way in which all will become unified, by seeing the whole, the mass of it, and for what it really is. Life is busy yes, but mostly of things in which we dont really need now isnt it, whatching tv, being on the internet statically not dynamicly. Really overindulging in anything, even bloging the truth; even though what is happening universally is very important. But to wakeing up. To standing up too ourselfs, and for ourselfs. Not leting another even go as far as telling us the lie, especialy on the mass and whole scale in which the lie is being told, by people who REPRESENT us. But the American does not care any longer. If only we had, 'now', the passion of 70 years ago, just not the ignorance.. Yes the Illuminati had the public well trained then, that is why the events of disturbance today in the collective signifies the loose grip that they have, our tameness has become un-tameness. Which has led us to where we find ourselfs, on the brink of change as a collective and whole, a change that has not occured in our realm of memory, nore will occure again, for after this change, the learning exsperience will be so great, that it will be learned for a very long time to come, and never be let to happen again. We are on the brink of extinction. But try reasoning that with most; whom like 16 year olds, are more concernd with trivial matters of appearance and style, than the chaos that is about to ensue. It really makes no matter the distraction; there are many, but there is many shocks coming, a forced awakening, and even though there is disturbance in the collective, it is not coherant, and more out of frustration of confustions than anything else. Organize, that is the key, we need to organize, at first the form of which does not matter, just that we DO organize, from there we will go. And as long as the internet is up we need to communicate. If the net was turned of to the public, what position would that leave any in, we would not know what is really going on; for the media is just a lapdog people, and all these 'alternative' sources would dissipate. Cohesion, the dread of the Illuminati; our cohesion that is, everything in which they have done has tried to destroy this, from them destroying the family, to the subliminal messages we find in our everyday life. Distracting us is the only way in which there plans will work, for there are very few of them, and billions of us, so it has to be performed on a psychological, and sociological level, leaving the physical side for the endgame, when troops will be needed to round the dissenters up, to squash the last vestige of of ressistance from the ground, for there plan will become. I would say that I am using my 1st admendment rights, but since they where the ones to create that admendment in the first place; 'doing so to create a sence of false power for the people, to keep them apeased', it does not seem very logical. The problem is not there ideals, but how they carry them out. It stems from power, which is created by currency; which is not really needed, and the lust of that power they gain through money. (I will be writing on the subject of money sometime in the near future.) It makes me mad, and it should you, that there are people in this world that will do anything to further there agenda, to kill many people old and young, to lie to all our faces. for a rock of gold that is only a rock, to be worshiped as gods when they are mere humans. And to stamp our hearts with there seal, owning us in some way or another. These people not only do that, but have confused the world so, where a person does not have a believe, for everything in the world is unbelievable. Even as I sit here and write I still wonder, what is truth. I do know this though, that something is coming, the change, and that there ARE people in the shadows that are veiled, and that we can see them and there acts if we look very closely.
It is believed that the United States of America was founded by christians, but this is simply not true. It was founded by cut-throats that killed when they came here, had slaves as there servants, and worshiped pagan gods. And now the Freemason branch of the Illuminati has coverd the world, again. Does it matter? Well if you are lonely, bitter, without children, then I suppose not, but it should, and only when more people realize this, then it will truely matter, for then the 'true' change will come. Personaly I think organizations like Skull and Bones and the Freemasons' are just arms for the Illuminati to draw in people from. The Illuminati illuminate people of there 'own' bloodline, and since the operations are on the scale in which they are at this time, the bloodline is not produceing enough people to fill the need, that is why these certain 'recruting' arm have been exstended, and have been this way for around 300 years, slowly 'trusting' the people in which they gave the 'secret' too, and this has taken much time. Of course all of these 'future' events which are now present where thought of hundreds, if not thouhsands of years ago, it had to have been. Thirty miles from where I grew up, I have heard of rituals in the basement of a certain church there, one of these not being a mock, and now I understand what they where. In another certain other town, near this town, there are stories of some things pertaining to that lodge around the year1934, I need to go there sometime and do some research, to see if there is anything documented. From 4th through 33 degree's; 33 degrees' being the connection to the Illuminati Circle, which are from all ove the world and have many differnt names,are the secret holders, as progresstion increases, so do secrets. These instances I was talking about was the lower Black Occult Freemason's, as well during this time the Klu Klux Klan was causing trouble; which was just another device of the Illuminati such as Freemasons, which caused the Illuminati to calm them down, for the where interfering with there plans by causing public awareness of there activities. Hey, whenever you have a cartel, pyramid scheme, dictatorship, dollar, new world order, illuminati, corporation, republic, power, nation, lunchbox, money, militia, government, state, democracy, all of these circumstances are going to have the thieve, and the thieved. Which leaves us three things in which to believe: That things are going to change by themselfs with no interjection of energy from either good and bad emotions and actions. That we will somehow find our way out of the darkness we now find ourselfs in. That an outside force will intercede in Human's behalf. We can define specific matters all day, but in the end this is what we are left with, although each subject fills' many pages.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Message from future generations

..... empirical beast of the burdensome field's, I lie into the grass upon soil, finding the dirt soft to the touch, my finger nimble from the climb of rocks. In this distant land again we have found ourselves, the sky tarnished by there power, overlooking our distant past for the mere gains of today has led us here, the hallow heated ground, scorched with colors of heat. The air is hot, the lungs heavy, we hobble across the the surface, running from the wind, with its teeth of sand digging claws it is to the flesh of man, seeking a refuge of water and bread for our weary souls. I hate starting over, but that is all that remains, starting over. But our forefather's knew, they should have, for it was everywhere, even in there movies, trodden souls we are, weaving our way through the heated unknown, desperate to 'know' a glimpse of that life they once had.............