Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Infowar Problems

This has been taking place for some time at infowars. The question is, is it intentional or not?

Here is the comment in full that IS awaiting moderation:
The question many people are starting to ask, is if Alex Jones is a bee keeper or not. Is he on the NWO payroll? I asked this same question in 2006, and you might like to take a look at it here. In fact, let me repost it for you below.

For a long time now more and more people the world over are starting to wake up, and see for themselves who 'really' rules the world, and controls every facet of it. There are many people online who have websites dedicated to the exposure of such things. But with some things, and some people there is a nagging question. Who are they really working for?
The Illuminati are very organized, and have thought out 'every' conceivable 'what-if', and to think that they have not planned for a resistance is undermining there itelligence, which really is the first step, is to realize how intelligent they really are, if they where not then how could there elaborate plans come to be without many realizing it? So how has the Illuminate dealt with people who have realized there plans, and see what they are planning for the entire earth? It is really simple actually, you give them the truth, by an extension or operative of themselves, for then they have the 'dissenters' on there side as well. Have you heard the old expression ' keep you friends close, but your enemies closer', well that is exactly the concept that they have adopted. And who really needs to be closer than the dissenters, for the majority are duped, and are more concerned with what shoes match there attire, but the dissenters are the ones in which see clearly.
Take for instance Alex Jones. I do not know him, have any animosity toward him, etc. However there are some very interesting things in which he has said and I have observed. For instance in his bio, it does not list any of his past, where he got the resources to do what he has been doing for 13 years, as well as his 'sources' that he keeps mentioning on his programs. No these things within themselves do not warrant any concern, but when 'what he has been doing' for the last 13 years is traveling around the world investigating Illuminati propaganda, finding stories that reveal this propaganda, yeah, I want to know how he was able to travel to those places. It is true that he seels his video's, but before this time is what I want to know, what is his past? Also his voice, facial, bodily mannerisms suggest an overly exuberant method of persuasion. When he does receive phone calls it is interesting that right before the caller can establish a subject context foundation, he hangs up, then closes the foundation of context with his own context, as if knowing what the callers outcome of subject is going to be. Now again, there are time limits, exhausted questions with repeated answers, technical confustions, etc, that do account for some instances. But this is on a regular basis on his show. Sometimes for a simple contextual quotation on an subject, he resides in thought for much time, as if to remember and check that he is not contradicting himself as well. But what is the most interesting is how he got inside Bohemian Grove in California. Bohemian Grove is a place for the most powerful men to meet, and conferance, sometimes reading essays in whichs content have sweeping changes for the world, and its governments. When this event is taking place every year there is much security from the Secret Service and other agencies. So how did he get in? In "Eyes Wide Shut", when Toms character sneaks into the secret orgy with a mask on and cape, they still knew he was not one of them, the same being true for any real Illuminati event. So when Alex went to Bohemian Grove why was he allowed to stay there, when Im sure most of the people there would know who he is, the Illuminati would know. Unless of course he was supposed to be there, just like he is supposed to be on air.
"Be patient, O be patient! Put
your ear against the earth;
Listen there how noiselessly the
germ o' the seed has birth;
How noiselessly and gently it up-
heaves its little way
Till it parts the scarcely broken
ground, and the blade stands
up in day."
(William James Linton)
Another curious note is that in the opening of his shows he states' that he is deep behind enemy lines'. He would have to be referring to Austin Texas, for that is where he lives and airs the show. The only people that I know of deep behind enemy lines is the enemy, unless it is referring to recon(which is not stated), it can be either. Another interesting fact is he endorses Texas politicians after talking at much length about the New World Order, and the Illuminate behind it. If he is suggesting that we take back control through the States then his reinforcing information of such is very lacking. Now one might think that his statements are obvious and understood clearly, but it is not that easy to take back the states when the Illuminati have control over these things, and it did not prevent them from growing that control by the States in the past in the first place. My point is that right know he can only point out the way, not showing the way out. Uncovering the Puppet Masters without giving any leadership of how too overcome both. Here is a hypothectical situation: What if the dissent increased world wide, especially here in the states, and the plan of the Powers That Are was thwarted for a time because of the increase of enlightenment, certain people like him would cry out that good has won, and that there plans have been crushed. And maybe the politician's that he endorsed to his 'listeners' would be supported by them and take office thus taking power.
Yes that would be interesting wouldn't it. And the Illuminati have calculated the 'hypothetical' descent many years ago, the possibility that the public would become enlightened by very observant citizens. So they planed well in advance to send seeds out among the population, that if ever the need for them arouse they would arise. Now the Illuminati knew that it was imperative to control all enlightenment, for it spreads like a wildfire , and they knew that the truth seekers could not be feed the lie like the rest, for they where enlightened. But there had to be some way of stopping the spread of enlightenment and control these ones. "Ahh, we will tell them the truth", they said, "but the truth in which is told will come from the mouth of us". One in which tells the truth, is also the one in which the ones hearing truth will run to for the answers, this is common logic. So by being the ones in which tell these ones the truth the Illuminati control even the enlightened ones. This was one of the safeguard mechanism in which the Illuminati have put in place in case dissent becomes rampart, if dissent becomes more rampant then we will see more of these people, for the Illuminati will need to force more control. Do you see where Im getting at?
And no I am not saying that Alex Jones or Jeff Rense are secret fingers of the Illuminati hand, but, I am saying that this can be expected, for they no doubt have thought everything through, even retaining power if there was a world wide dissent and enlightening, doing this through some in which they had supplanted within this dissent of enlightened ones. That is how confident and powerful they are, they can tell us in open view what is going to happen, knowing that only there power will remain in the end. It does not matter, for they know these things will occur, it is destiny. The infinite shifting between good and bad in which has always taken place. But we are on the verge of this 'bad' being with us for a long time, for once they come out of the shadows into the light fully, there is no turning back, and there rule will last for many years. However if there is a resistance and dissent, then there plans will be held of again, like it did 80 years ago. And the more time that they can be held of, is more time that enlightenment can grow, even if they still retain there power between the two shift points. Is this counter intelligence to the counter intelligence? Once again I am not saying that Alex is an finger exstension, just that we need to have more direction and understanding, we need to organize into something solid, and coherent, instead of abstractness and dilution. Knowing these things is not enough, for we all know them, now is the time to start organizing, to start reasoning on the way out of what we find ourselfs, to start to care again as to the outcome of tommorow, fully. The more the Illuminati tell us, the better, and although they do not view this as such, it is, and will be the eventual downfall of there arrogant stance.

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