Wednesday, February 17, 2010

:ATTENTION CANADA:(Possible False Flag In Progress)
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As you are well aware a suspicious 'crate' was placed aboard the cruise ship Norwegian Star in California. Norwegian Star docked in Victoria B.C. near the Olympics. HMCS Whitehorse returned to port near where Norwegian Star docked. It put to see after Norwegian Star's arrival. Possibility 'crate' changed hands. HMCS Whitehorse sailing in circles off Galiano Island. CCGS Neocalipus has moored near HMCS Whitehorse. It is a Coast Guard fisheries vessel. The M.V. Carrier Princess was approaching. She is designated cargo HAZARD A MAJOR. She is a roll on roll off ship. If she gets the 'crate', it could be transferred to a truck and released on the mainland. Neocalipus and Carrier Princess both traversed Active Pass. Then there's Minot AFB doing a chemical biological drill loading up 24 B-52's

You might want to check out the Norwegian Star. She is an 1800 passenger cruise ship that was diverted at the last minute to be a floating hotel for security forces at the Olympics. The odd thing is she was brought here to Los Angeles, CA (where I work) and was tied up for four days waiting for "a crate to arrive", according to the crew. The crew was not eve allowed onboard while they were waiting - they had to stay in a local hotel which is where I ran into one of them.

The Norwegian Star is presently sailing on a course of 319 degress at 21.5 knots. Her destination is dry dock in Victoria. She has been scrubbed as a hotel vessel at the Olympics. The reason is supposed to be poor bookings. The tipster said she was to house security services. We cannot confirm the insertion of materials, but it makes no sense to remove the crew.

As we track the movements of the Norwegian Star and see it dock in Victoria (grey track) with its suspicious 'crate', we wonder how the package will get through the security cordone. In scripture and in modern verse a book written by the late William Cooper suggests behold the pale horse. In port with the Norwegian Star is HMCS Whitehorse. She is a pale horse that can easily traverse the security cordone. So beware the pale horse mes amis.

Whitehorse's previous course in its approach was 119 degrees. GET IT. A reverse 911.

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Anonymous said...

well that was a total bust. you need to get acquainted with how security ops work.