Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lumbering Jacks, Jacking Axils Of Rod, While Iron Keeping Steady Hand

Bespeckled mildness flashed across shadowed creek, only be forgotten  eve favored flavors,  she was, then swimming tantrums ahead of mazed lanes way, ever remembering the swallow's tale, of long faded short tails memory.

Again, plainly breasted dawned flight, sprung ashore mid horizons blossoming adorned, cherished water sprout climbing out, of murky waters stagnated upon by downtrodden elicitors. Elicit, they would, and did, breaking shoe laced emancipated dreams, as skipping pebbles over fogged mornings, mourning ulcerated harbingers malcontented remorsed ego's pain.

Carry on they did, lumbering jacks, jacking axils of rod, while Iron keeping steady hand. All hands were on Dick, while flapping deck chair toasted salads under tables cooked for astair, falling from the stair way to heaven, landing in horse shit, that Ole Uncle Sam and Tom, rope branded for heeled pecker farm.

Dill Pickle Peppers that is.

Pickle picked dills pickled peppers dills pickle picked pickled picked pickle. I heard that Dick was watching the entire fiasco, but someone said that he lost his nuts, and they were replaced with marbles, so you never know about these type of things.


Plainly malcontented ego's pain rope branded for heeled short tails memory, ever fogged deck chair toasted mornings harbingers flapping cooked marbles, things of type these, about how never you do elicit elicitors elicit peppers dill, they stagnated, skipping adorned cherished waters.

More on that later, that was also quite the fiasco.


The wind tide gushed soapy foam ashore, while the beach bather, bathed their beaches, while the shaving foam gushed soap in the wind, thus hitting the eyes Captain Jack, still hold Dick, from being blown off the bow shock wave, of the arrogantly ignorant barge, tugging long and slow the middle rod, that was still connected to the the peer, while still pearing in the rear view mirror, hoping that the day shift as soon to be over nights calling.

Night did finally call, but then hung up as soon as called. Explain that one. (Sun farts a snort)((:Attention Narrator-Take a break:))

Famously, the fame famed fame famously. Famed fame to the extent of bringing shame to the fame game fame, famously I might add, but that is another story.

(Simply put)

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