Saturday, January 03, 2009


The video "The Biggest Game in Town" was uploaded on 12/25/08 to Google video, CAFR1 then did a NATIONAL  POST of the release, and when I looked at the stats on Google's stat view pages it was apparent to me that Google by human intervention was fudging the number of views after and as they were being logged on to their automated view tracking system. The video stats  after original release were blocked for several days by what appeared to be human intervention, so I made a slight change where the video would re-enter into the auto stat mode on the Google system and the stats started logging again. Then human intervention came to play again.

Well, Google just slipped and "I GOT EM" 

This morning, January 2nd 2009 before human intervention could catch it, the automated system showed the "true stats" 540,000 views and as can be seen in the charts and numbers, the effect of "stripping the stats from their system". Before the true stats could be taken down from view on the Google account stat pages this morning,  I took screen snap shots of the stat pages as evidence..

The "Biggest Game in Town" since release on 12/25/08 over the next several days was in the top viewed on Google Video "World Wide" in the English speaking countries. The snap shots are below "locked in as evidence" and make sure to read my note at the end of the Snap Shots copied below.

The psychology behind the controllers fudging the stats is to make the "individual" who comprehends the information think they are the minority when in fact they may be the majority. If the controllers can make the majority think "they are the only ones who know and have learned something" as if they were in a small minority. Psychologically they make you timid and shaky to discuss what you know with others and the blackout from the Networks validates you thinking you are in a very small minority when actually you are in the majority. Very effective manipulation by them folks and let me tell you: The world is not flat and Government took it all over by investment years ago and are consolidating for absolute control internationally at this time! Pay attention here folks, your futures and ownership of this country are at stake.

Walter Burien -
The following are for downloads of the video:
90,000 Views in California! 
See Snap Shot Below - Dark Green on the color coded map = 90,000 Views!

GOT EM!!!!!  The above shows what actually happened with the stat views when Google's stat monitoring was not fudged and the effect of human intervention to block the stats from showing. The following snap shot below is what stats Google showed after what appears to be fudging the numbers.

Here in the snap shots above and then below is a clear showing of intent to keep the video "The Biggest Game in Town" from showing as the #1 video viewed on Google video out of millions of other videos there to be viewed.

By Google fudging their automated stats and blocking the video from appearing at the top of their search engine it kept the video from appearing on their "Front Page" of "Movers and Shakers" or "Most Popular" or "Most Downloaded" where if automatically allowed to happen, the views from those seeing it in the "Headliners" out of curiosity to view what they were not aware of would have jumped the view stats to 5 million views breaking Google's all time records for a video in views of this length (2 hours - 16 Minutes) over a few days time period!!!

The Cat is out of the bag for Google and Google's #1 stock holder (Controller); the Government wealth base of investment funds coming from the thousands of local and federal accounts!!!  

Thanks Google for the slip today from your accurate automated system in giving the true stat proof for the "Biggest News Story" of the century!

The People are seeing and learning the "Biggest Game in Town!"  The Remedy you ask? 

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN you guys have an iron grip and don't slip up to often, you better brief Google on controlling their slip ups! And PS: What a Good job you guys did on blacking out Ron Paul before the election to create your own staged outcome of:  "The only two candidates to vote on"
(or that are seen that is)


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