Thursday, January 01, 2009

Obama Seeks Bipartisanship; Republican National Committee Declares War (Brent Budowsky)

"Barack Obama will probably be tested by the Russians, but he is definitely being tested right now by the Republicans. While Obama seeks a bipartisan stimulus and decides whether to investigate issues such as torture and domestic spying, the Republican National Committee (RNC) discusses a sick and demented CD about "Barack the Magic Negro" and prepares to formally attack Bush, Republican leaders in Congress, Democratic leaders and Obama as socialists and oppose any economic aid to companies and seek to dramatically cut back any economic recovery program for the nation."

Will the RNC attack everyone in a radical, extreme and irresponsible effort to kill any significant economic program, attack everyone as socialists and intimidate Republican leaders in Congress into joining their ill-fated mission of economic destruction?"

My view is that torture fundamentally violates historic American notions of law and clear rules of international law and that what was done violates cardinal American principles that were honored from George Washington through Bill Clinton and accepted by every president and Congress until George W. Bush. The same is true for eavesdropping on a massive scale, in clear violation of the FISA law, without even any proof that our security was enhanced. "

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