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Gaza diary: Are we not human?

By Mohammed Ali in Gaza City

Many Gazans feel hopeless in the face of the Israeli bombardment [GALLO/GETTY]

"As the death toll from Israel's war on Gaza continues to climb, Mohammed Ali, an advocacy and media researcher for Oxfam who lives in Gaza City, will be keeping a diary of his feelings and experiences.

The air, the sea and the earth in Gaza City are now occupied by the Israeli military. They occupy Gazans' minds, nerves and ears too.

In a bid to stop my children twitching, jerking, trembling and waking at every sound of an attack during their few hours of sleep and their many waking hours, I put cotton wool in their ears - it has not worked.

I wonder what damage is being done to my children's tiny hearts. Theirs are not as big as mine, they can cope less with the stress that is being put on them.

We ran out of fuel for our generator, which meant that we were confined to a small room filled with eleven people, with little light for three days.

We have not had water either; our well can only pump water if it has electricity which most of the Gaza Strip has been denied since this nightmare started.
Unlike many other families, we were fortunate yesterday to find 20 litres of benzene to power our generator. No fuel has come in since the onset of this attack on Gaza so we had to pay seven times its usual price.
We have one day's worth of food left and the nappies I bought two weeks ago are nearly gone. They are not good quality as little has been able to enter this strip of land since the blockade was imposed on us 18 months ago. Bad quality nappies mean unpleasant leakages, and for the last few days the little ones have had to be bathed in freezing cold water.
My sister who was with us the last time I wrote decided to return home in spite of our protests. She feared that with food reserves running out we might have to eat one meal a day rather than the two we have been having of late. At home she has a little food left, enough to keep her and her family going for a while longer.
We are now 11, huddled together in my parents' dining room. My brother and I and our families moved there, thinking that the first floor may be the safest option.

There is a saying in Arabic which says "death in a group is a mercy". I guess if we die together maybe, just maybe, we will feel less of the pain than in doing so alone.
I have had 8 hours sleep since the beginning of this conflict; we can hear attacks almost every minute.
I think to myself, if one of us is injured or needs medical attention what will happen? Ambulances are finding it difficult to reach civilians, roads are blocked by rubble, Israeli forces in their path - you could bleed to death.

Even if they did get to us, maybe we would be bombed on our way to the hospital. If we did reach the hospital there might not be enough room to treat us - there is little medication or equipment or any electricity to fuel the life-saving equipment. We would not even be able to get out of Gaza for the life-saving treatment we needed.
Hospitals are now running on back-up generators making life even more difficult for the doctors who are trying to cope with the influx of the injured. If fuel runs out for the generators, those on life-saving equipment will perish.
I heard a woman calling into a radio station today - ambulance services could not reach her and I guess she thought the radio station might be able to do something. She was wailing down the phone "our home is on fire, my children are dying, help me". I do not know what happened to her and her children - I do not want to imagine.

I spend much of my time thinking that this could be the last hour of my existence.

As I try to fall asleep, I hear on the radio the numbers of people who have died rising by the hour. I wonder if tomorrow morning, I will be part of that body count, part of the next breaking news.

I will be just another number to all those watching the death and destruction in Gaza or maybe the fact that I work for Oxfam will mean that I will be a name and not just a number. I might be talked about for a minute and moments later forgotten, like all those other people who have had their lives taken away from them.
I am not afraid of dying - I know that one day we all must die. But not like this, not sitting idly in my home with my children in my arms waiting for our lives to be taken away. I am disgusted by this injustice.
What is the international community waiting for - to see even more dismembered people and families erased before they act? Time is ticking by and the numbers of dead and injured are increasing. What are they waiting for?
What is happening is against humanity, are we not human?"
Comment by EA: 
Just wait until the US and Israhell turn their attention outward, and inward. Outward in the Middle East and Inward in the US. The US will turn into Gaza/Palestine. The enemy of the people their will be the US Government, just as in Israel. It is the same bloodline as the US. That is the reason their has always been the support from the US, and that their skin color is not dark.

Soon enough, the US will go down the route of this Genocide as well. It as well will be Human Right Violations, as the In habitats of the US  incorporate; represent, DNA from all Root Races on Earth.

The the New World Order will takes its place, where it ought not, and underestimate their true standing in the Universe.Their are many standing armies of people World Wide that are amassed ready for battle against them. There are others whom are seeking Metaphysical answers to such problems still. Still yet, some are awaiting some type of positive change that diverts around destruction of ourselves.

Much still are there imaginations and theories of what reality is, and ever more so of not knowing anything but questions.

Or maybe it IS ALL a distraction, a diversion, to keep the veil from falling. Creating shit that destroies indefinitely so that the real issue is never seen.

What is the real issue what something you never thought of it being. Something profoundly simple, but of great weight in consequence?

What if all was put before us for a reason that was not known by us; or many. This reason would not be understood unless the entire correlating circumstances and knowledge could be appended to the original thought. First someone has to know the reason. As of yet I have yet to meet any.

If the continual DUALITY continues this time line will no longer function as it should. Humanity become lost in Duality not long after it was presented.

And this Duality serves a purpose. Being lost and confused is imperative to induce if one is to conquer civilization. On the Earth, or else where in the Universe. Society is not the way it is, because what it has become has been entirely the natural path. Our Homeostasis; or characteristics thereof, has not followed a Natural Path, one of the reason so many people are starting to go back to the Earth. Great Grand Mother is calling us back on a Collective Field. This is one of the many reasons why the Elite have decimated Palestine so, the region is strong, and it has to be broken from their standpoint. That has always been the MO of the Elite that created Israel as the FRONT.

Or in this case back.

But, you see, things are getting very overt now. Most of the so called Conspiracy Theories have turned to Historical Fact, as history will hopefully bear out, if it is not again scrubbed before being let out again to the masses.

They are acting mad. They have the ability. The resources just gained by stealing the wealth of the US.

Thinking they have gone away, or are going to stop, go to jail, etc.

You are very mistaken. They ARE NOT GOING OUT WITHOUT A FIGHT.

Many on both sides feel this way. Thankfully as things continue to Even Horizon, the infighting within them will increase as well. "They will not know the way out".

And that hopefully will be their end. Many should do the right thing and Kill themselves.

Humanity just wants and needs you people gone. OVER WITH!

Its over. No more. We have had enough. You will never defeat us.

Humanity. Our ideas, thoughts, spirit, and force. Our perseverance. Our long suffering.

Our Modesty.

You will mock, but we have done all these things, otherwise you would not be breathing the air your lungs are as of now. You would have been hunted, tracked, and identified.

In your work areas, churches, schools, classrooms, banks.

I mean, just think, maybe your chauffeur?

You treat others like a shofer.

Watch out, your turning into a loafer.

We will one day meet on the battle field as well.

That is one of Humanities common Destinies.

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