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Latest Deaths: Gazans 600, Israelis 5 (4 from "friendly" fire)

No, this is not the latest score of some football match, and the higher numbers do not mean that one side is doing better than the other!
The title of this article is designed to emphasize how one sided the Gaza conflict is. We can not be absolutely sure about the Gazan deaths, but the figure of 600 does not sound too far off the mark. However, we can be sure that the Israeli figures are 100% correct. This excludes the countless injuries, which are probably equally lopsided.
Of the 5 Israeli's that have been killed, at least 3 (and almost certainly 4) were the result of "friendly fire". This means (as far as we can tell) that the killing ratio is actually 600 to 1 (so far).
I'm obviously not suggesting that this should be more, I would rather see zero casualties on both sides, but it gives a very clear picture of how "disproportionate" this battle is.
Some have called this attack a "Palestinian Holocaust", and in many ways it is. The Gaza Strip is like a huge prison camp and the people are not allowed to leave. They have not received sufficient food or water, or medical assistance and the seriously injured are faced with a slow death. Doesn't this sound familiar?
Of all the people on this planet, you would think the Israeli's know better than anyone else what it is like to be imprisoned, starved and killed. It seems not?
Perhaps Israel feels that the endless reminders of "their" holocaust and the numerous memorials all over the world are not enough, and they need to provide us with a practical demonstration of how it was? Could it be they really don't see how outrageous this is, or is it, as some have suggested, a simple case of not giving a damn?
And as the killing continues, the rest of the world sits on its hands and pretends to be concerned.
Of course, when Israel has had its fill and feels that the mission has been "Accomplished", we will start to
hear talk about a ceasefire and French President Sarkozy (and probably Tony Blair) will appear on the scene to take the glory for ending a conflict that has already finished!

The United States and most of Europe are powerless to intervene, because they know that Israel will do whatever it wishes without any repercussion, and a price will have to be paid by anyone who even considers it.
Do you think I exaggerate? Richard Falk, the UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur on the occupied territories, has condemned Israel for its actions in Gaza. As a result he was held for 20 hours and then denied entry to Israel (and he is Jewish!).
David Icke has, in his own special way, explained his views on the Israeli situation with his newsletter: "Time To Tell The Truth About Israel ..."
Unfortunately, because the mainstream media and others supportive of Israel have told us that it is bad, wrong and very naughty to be critical of Israel, most of the public immediately brand those issuing the criticism as "anti-Semitic" or "Jew Haters".
Sadly, because this "brainwashing" is so effective, very few actually read the articles in question to find out for themselves whether it is fair criticism, or really anti-Semitic comments. It is almost as if some harm will fall upon a person if he/she even dares to glance at such information and it is the same kind of fear created by the KGB in Soviet times.
If people were to find the courage to read some of the articles available on the internet, they would discover that most of them are not attacking Jews, but "Zionists" (which are not always Jewish). This is an important difference, but something that many try to make a single issue. By making people believe that an attack on a Zionist is the same as attacking a Jew, the real culprits obtain a very powerful shield. It is the Zionist leaders of Israel who are to blame for the excessive force being used in the Gaza, not Jews in general.
We have seen many in Israel protest against the attack on Gaza, which is solid proof that many Israeli's do not automatically support their government and therefore do not always think the same. Are these people "anti-Semitic" or "self-haters"? Of course not! They are people who want to live in peace, just like any other normal person.
I do not support the tactics used by Hamas, but these are desperate measures by desperate people. If the world "encouraged" the Israeli leaders to discuss a possible solution with Palestine, instead of demanding one at the end of a gun, maybe a compromise can be reached. Unfortunately, we all know how Israel hate that word, but sooner or later that is what will be required, if they truly want peace.
The only other solution is to kill every last Palestinian man, woman and child, and they seem to have made a good start on that option.
I was going to post a link to some photos showing the children who have been killed or badly injured in the attack on Gaza, but what's the point? Those of you who believe them will be horrified by the images, and those that don't will assume its more "Arab" theatricals and they are only pretending to be dead to get our sympathy. Maybe all the destroyed buildings seen in the photos are also an illusion and Hamas purposely turned them into rubble because it was good press? Or maybe something really terrible is happening there and some of us are no longer human enough to care anymore?
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