Sunday, July 20, 2014

OPEN Letter To Russia, Dear Mr. Putin

Many know of your past, and what you are now instead. Many know the crimes the US has perpetuated, not just in modern time, but all throughout its existence. From the beginning of.

Many know you are RUM!!

Actions speak louder than words. RUM has behaved well, like David, that waited on Goliath to make the wrong move, the entire time Goliath mocking, false flagging, laughing at, setting up, and all sorts of evil thrown at David, and his people. Sounds like little giants today all around the world, that have either stolen their land, killed them, or ran them off through genocide, and threats of it .

Prophecy will be fulfilled, not one letter will be left undone. This of course means all Governments, all Peoples, Nations, Kingdoms. It means that these Kingdoms will rise against one another, all of them. You, and the People of Russia, are Observed, noted, and written down in the book of life. All has been seen and known by the Ineffable, of all things that have transpired, in the North, and People that have faith and believe will be spared annihilation of their spirits.

The pressure, stress, torment, and confusion of hard times is felt by us, felt from the Russian Leaders that have not only put themselves as individuals in this place, but where placed there, either knowingly, or unknowingly. It would be better to be able to fish on a lake in a canoe, live near the edge, and be provided for by the Ineffable. But instead the people told Samuel long ago, to plead to the Ineffable, for Kings and Rulers, and Law, which the Ineffable told Samuel that  asking for such would bring great hardships and sadness's and trouble, but was allowed anyway, because of free will. "go ahead then, but the end result will be tragic."

And so it was, and so it will be. For the word of the Ineffable never comes back without results, and full fulfillment. You, Mr. Putin, represent in Prophecy "Jehoash,  the Boy King".

"Jehoash was a good king. He restored the Temple that needed to b repaired because of neglect,and he brought the people back to the worship of God. Jehoash was seven years old when he became king, and he reigned for forty years in Jerusalem." 

Many know as well what time it is in the "end times", and will never depart or be torn apart from the Ineffable, or his first born of all Creation, Jesus, who is King of all Kings, as all wise Kings know. No one else knows this besides Kings, for no one else is a King.

Therefore, if blood is to stop or if blood is to loose, it is upon the free will of individuals. The individuals in control of the West, the Zionist, want to do to you, and all, what they are doing to Gaza, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Africa, South America, North America, on and on and on, the World over, in fact, they have built their temples to the heights of the Heavens, and proclaim that they are the Ineffable, and that the Ineffable resides within them.

This is leavening the bread. Mixing bad with good, and turning it into one baked loaf. Christ said to not even the bread with Sin, and Wickedness.

The Free will is you have. The crimes, atrocities, genocide, have been tallied on both sides, and the verdict is a heavy drop of the scales downward for the Zionist. But it is not just them, for it is all, for everything came from all, everyone is born from sin, and is of it. What someone sows they will reap, and therefore the entire system will be destroyed. Society will be destroyed. The only things left will be h flesh everyone has, for everything else has be manufactured, and hardly anyone knows the old way, which had more self sufficient information available.

Of course it is true that Russia is far more self sufficent than the West, specifically the US, Britten, and others, in the way of farming and living off the land, aside the Indians, though they are subjugated to the reservations in the US. Yes, Mr. Puttin, it is a chess game that you are dealing with, though we all know you would rather be in the mountains or upon a lake.

There is much I could say, but I will say this only. We know how they must be stopped, and we also know that it is ordained by heaven, for the Ineffable always uses Humans to achieve the word, because actions speak louder than words, and that was the reason for the Creation of matter, do do the will of the Ineffable.

I know how Germany was stopped. I know how the German People were even supporting the State. I know how easily Stockholm Syndrome can be used to condition whatever end is desired by the one desiring it. I know why People would desire it. For it is arrogance. It is pride. It is Divisiveness. It is to one up someone else. It is to divide and conquer. It is to gain power over others. It is slavery. It is greed. Ambition. It is selfishness. It is hate. It is malevolence. It is a lack of self control. It is lust. It is murder. It is dominating humankind to their injury. It is anti Ineffable. It is weeds growing amount the wheat. It is Satanic. For it goes against the Ineffable.

We see your actions, and your patience, self control, and maturity. Your wisdom is apparent, and so is your relationship with the Ineffable. Though you are not perfect, far from it, and this is more proof that even a King as you, cannot do what Jesus will as King, and that is the reason why this World needs to pass away. We hope you all find this at your deepest hearts, before the end comes, and may the Ineffable always keep you under wing.

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