Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Gossip People Never See Signs

For they are all around for anyone to see, and know. A docile group of Humans, like the world has never seen, they are today. Sitting there. Working hard for taxes. Not caring. Perplexed. Even though it has been written down for a long time, but no one reads. No one understands. It is the same as the day of Noah, but added into the mix is the same day as the tower of babel.

But no one cares about that. They care about matters in which has longed passed them, and long ago forewarned about. They grumble to themselves. They curse beings in which they dont even believe in. They are completely lost, like tad poles in a pond, while the bigger fish below plan on how to eat them all. But they dont believe that as the tad poles, for why would anything hurt a nice little tad pole, they are reason, even though the UN is now in control of the border, that tad pole says "they have white, white is a good color, they are will protect us, they always do peace keeping missions".

Tad poles always say that before the open mouthed fish swallows them whole into the stomach. Not to worry tad poles, the computer, and the machine, will solve all your problems while being eaten alive. See? That is why tad poles should love the fish that eat them, and be thankful.

What, you think this is all a joke, like the Simpsons? Humans!!! Funny bunch of programmed serf sheep. Look what flag is now hanging over New York, the Bridges, and streets.   Oh yes, we know, you dont believe in symbolism. You dont believe in the meaning of things, because you are all allowed to think what you want. We know. The Genius behind this mindset philosophy, is it creates Millions of thoughts, believes, and mindsets, that are all going in all directions, like a bunch of marbles in a very contained space, such as Atoms.

Now while this might be a "cool philosophy", it makes a people, a nation, very easy to take over and assimilate, as History shows. We know, you are exceptional people though, and "it could never happen here", as is repeated, like a tape in a tape deck, which was another way of brainwashing the nation desired to be take over.

Look at the flags in new york, and what do they mean?

Surrender. But you all dont care. For you surrendered a long time ago. The "live in the moment", "eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we are to die". might work in other realms, but not in this one, for this one brings with it others whom have the same attitude. But they are stronger. Meaner. Filled with such evil that most Americans cant fathom it. But this is not just going to happen in America, but the entire Earth, though it will be very bad in the Western Countries, and especially America.

Doubt, scoff, mock, and then you will cry. There will be no saving what is. For all has long been determined and judged to pass away, forever. It will be forever. Remembered that, when nothing else is know, or remembered. But that is what Humans need more than anything, is clear broad daylight awareness, or true reality, for Humans have never perceived it, nor know what it is, like should have been.

Once this system is over, the past will be forgotten, and every tear dried in every eye.

But first, hell. A small glimpse of the hell that awaits so many, since they have been so fond of foretelling evil before it happens, and thinking that it is an ace of the sleeve. But then again, their minds are fogged over with the deceptions of the World. Their minds dont believe, nor listen, not take seriously the writing on the wall.

But they dont believe. They dont believe there is an order to life, and the Universe. Candy canes and icing cakes is all they have been taught and know, letting their minds fool them with their philosophies and imaginations, instead of being actively conscious, and having good intents and hearts. But that is not here.

What? Do you still doubt the prophecies of this time? They come from all types of life. All types of belief. They all talk of this time period, and what will happen and come. It is all the Ineffable who speaks through all of them. It is this ones Avatars as well, such as the Messiah, Jesus.

People forgot that the Ineffable uses all things to accomplish the Divine Will. So continue doubting still. Continue disbelieving still. There will be no unifying of all these believes and mental directions. No new Tower is going to be physically built. How can all those directions come in the same direction? They cant. No law can be passed either, that forces a new thought upon the World, by Humans. They will say Peace and Security, but there will be none. It will be false. More of the same.

The only solution then, is destruction of the World System. Purging of Humanity of evil, in all its forms and manifestations. Natural Law being observed again, since it never has been. An understanding that Humans are not Gods, nor Divine, not even close. Judgement is coming, and it will not be partial, nor lacking, it will find all, for all can be found, even by other Humans, but the Ineffable is no Human, and has many servants that will do the Divine Will, and has always been proclaimed to Humans.

When the Great Tribulation starts, let their be no mourning, no crying, no gnashing of teeth. For all have allowed and chosen it. Many celebrated it. Notes have been taken. The observances by the Watchmen have recorded it in the high realms.

Unless Humans repent, and take upon them sackcloth, there is no turning back the day of Divine rage and anger, that is set and waiting all around. You can see them in the clouds again. 

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