Tuesday, January 26, 2016

But they still bleat for succor

I love the Warm up rehearsal, for the Big Fat Lady, that is taking place right now.

Unbenounced to the vast majority of People, and to a few members of the Cabal, the Game, Set, and Match, has already been concluded.

What is taking place now, is the acclimation process, so that the Public does not have Genuflected responses, from the Truth being dumped on them, like a 5000 year Constipated Dinosaur taking a shit, on small ants below, that washes them into the sea, from all the well fermented juices, of the rotting blood bath tombs of children, being vomited up during spring floods of winter nights.

We couldn't have that, now could we?

It would break too many consciousness's out there, and there are plenty consciousness's dangling from strings as it is, is it not so?

But they still bleat for succor, not knowing that if succor had now, succor then, would turn into sour grapes in the end.

Ferment till ripe, then plop out break cakes alright, for the top seeing madrid hat rounded corporeal sphere, yet again blending and weaving, through the strand times of year.

How still daunted cold woven spring tied cheshire cat was, but only until let go off tongue tired court of 9 till it was.

Drama Dan snowed pact winter dawn denned tin sten afflow, marking laden territory on first forth nights unfold. Surpassing glean of 5, for the rye nickle already left for sky.

Automated bytes scattered floreshire of droplets myrth water vase unto the night.

Dim lantern light way of path, from jogging fire flies, humming to and fro, from beyond the cast of no go.

Net basket woven will, until bread makers dough is slowly baked wheat and slate, over and upon through wollen wrapped leams, finding partially submerged, the quilted gleam of dream, strung anew, as frosty glitter from pale moon beams.

Succor, succor, Succor, succor, who would knew, the old frog croaked, from the foggy marshy gloom.

Well, it was said, until swell interceded bestow, long lick lashing slobbery times, upon the phallused garden Gnome Dome.

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