Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Succumbing to The Temptation of Conformity

I cannot think of a time; but only a distantly faint memory, throughout the last 900,000 years, that it has not been, the exact way it is, now. Name off, list, any of the numerous examples, found both in History, and Myth, and anywhere, and everywhere, in between.

We all know, and remember, what was known, and fully remembered, of these times, when we were young. Before the veil of consciousness, that is called, termed, and labeled, "Adulthood", was placed over our Crown Kingdom's of Consciousness, that resides atop our heads, and that is connected to the Heart.

This is why Humanity has become Fierce, unsympathetic, callous, frightful, mean, hard hearted, hateful, and retardedly ignorantly stupid, with a large topping of arrogance, to boot.  Generation, after Generation, of Generations of Adult Parents, succumbing to the temptation of conformity, to the point of actual inculcation of conformity, through external application of Stockholm Syndrome, upon their subordinate children, punishing the non conformers through Mental and Physical wear, and abuse, starting with the Mental, for the Mental leads to Physical, which then provides the final "problem, reaction, solution", scenario unfoldment.

Deep down everyone knows this. But once the Victims, then become the Victimizers, they perceive any victim talking about this scenario, as making it personal with them personally, which reveals the person who is projecting this, as being the one who is still in VictimHood, and nothing of any substance, is ever brought up, for the sake of not offending, the Victim further, by upsetting them, with Truth, of any kind, or from anyone.

There are Millions of various forms of mind control that Society is under, as many are very well aware of, around the World. The Division that is taking place, is between those who want their heads to still remain in the sand, and those that will not. Those that are still trying to keep in place, this System of slavery and servitude, that has been running for 900.000 years, and those who are not. Those who dont want everyone to awaken, to whom they truly are, and those who do not want this awakening, for their own greedy, selfish, and evil intents and purposes, and those that are forcing the awakening, by being conduits, for the very energy field, of the Universe itself.

This will continue, in full energetic capacities, and all spectrums, levels, wavelengths, algorithms, and defractions of light itself, as nothing has, nor ever will, override the Universal Divine Will, propagations, Energy substrates of Constitutes, or mechanism by which these quantities operate, function, and calibrates itself, and all things within itself.

Its apparently obvious, that the Universal Source, wants this blue print gone, and has been reconfigured into something new, never seen before, and in the process of being manifested.
May it come to pass with Gods Speed.

But, so it has been, in the long, many yeared account, that is coming to an end, of HIS Story, from the Tribe of Patriarch.

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