Wednesday, January 27, 2016

See no, no see, no, see, no see?

Hurry, one shall be with feet should and must, otherwise car turns to dust, under the waves that never were, a faint smiling candle child of the Isle. Home a hoth ways, shown and shorn, belittled and belittling, the crooked underlying noob stone minds, eaten away full brim of spam tri, but only full of false candy cane sugar lies. 

Feet go, and let to bemoan, mourners nightly cafe of florence night of gale, all so sturdy tailed, breaker beaker bandit bulluxed failed derailed bankers cube, oh my golly gash, how the wrecker confused the grainy solar plex, vaporized star dust amused to bemuse, as house of cards feel softly past their fine haired obtuse.

Winged Vulture of the desert soared, tails of curly, feathered forever more, only to be cast away, unto the sea shealed shore. Panapass stuck jolly, from holly, and pussy, galore, only easily reminded, why Earth Girls are always fried over Easy, while Panapass screwed galore. Oh my heavens, why didnt she come to hell, where all the horned clam chowder dwell. 

I wish it may, I wish it might, unravel serpentine, with the dreaded warm Dark Knight. Speaking of such, Apollo lost his 20, but his daughter brought it back for him, on a shish kabob platter, that was riding the wheel in the sky, forever. I just have to find the keys to the Car, that runs to the Moon, and get that honey, and get her to the stable, where the Milking Machine is, before another Brutus pours olive on the lettuce for munching, again.

(Looks at watch-Forgets watches are no longer relevant) Look at the presents. Presents fly when you are having fun. Fun presents present, when you are flying fun longer relevant, watches, then forget, watch, looks, see, no?

See no, no see, no, see, no see?




So the last park has a tree in the park, that was deeply parked, in the crested cavernous caves, of caving into Deep Love Forest Lake; which has been rumoured to be bottomless, by two teens, that were bored one day, and decided to see for how long they could hold their breaths. As typical fashion, once their age in this life time was determined, they were swiftly discounted, as just being "kids", and thereby preventing the entire town, to know the Mysteries about the Lake. 

In other News, the final Government to finally disappear from the Earth, took place in a remote village in Africa of all places today, where the People were still Terrified, not to have rulers, and could not figure out how to communicate without language.  Many People had been speculating that the West would be the last place, but they were actually one of the first places, for had first hand experience with the worst of it, for so long. Due to the Air of Spontaneity now in the West however, and freedom, they are not soon to get rid of language, and there is much to laugh and cackle about, and fix.

(A meowing of overbearing proportions is heard drafting like Iron arrows, down the Cliff ledges, of the Sound Vibration Chamber.) 

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