Sunday, January 24, 2016

And so it was, for 11 Years

11 Years ago 11 planets saw yet again. Tilting vibrations beyond normality all encompassing 360 degrees of Earth, for the appointed times began, not least of the dust pan, though stubborn mules, stopping buck not, as they left with their last hoorahs, that became thunderous confusion, though the eye off the Center Storms Calm, wass but only over them.

After a bit longer, the peaking hole into sky closed, and the tempest came forth again, tornado after tornado, dropping as tears of the Sun, onto land long barren of beguiled remorse, as their laughter turned to scornful shame, below the plains, where the buffalo and Indian used to roam, moving their homes in forgotten times, home on the range.

Home home home, home home home, home home.

Behind them lay the aftermath, from the destruction of their Consciousness's, once the reality of everything sunk into the comprehensions of the masses, of the Aristocratic Slaves. It was such an inconceivable amount of time that it had gone on, like this, that most People could not fathom such a duration, much less believe in it.

And so it was, for 11 Years. And after those 11, those 11 did not seem like but a fraction of a second. We often watch the show, on the viewing walls, and have loud raucous tantrums of uncontrollable laughter. Eventually, it became such a funny event, we named the day; which was celebrated every year, "Laughter Day", and after that day, each day, nothing of the past is ever brought up, thought about, or discussed, ever again.

We really like laughter day. It is a wonderful high,and a humble warning and reminder, of what misusing the knowledge did, which is our "Prime Directive" World Wide now, to never let happen again. The most incredible part of the movie, is when the meeting, and landings, and interactions, with, what was then called, our "Space Families". took place, which was forever known as the Event. This is the moment in the show, that the entire Galaxy, not only loves watching; but also enjoys the Satisfaction, and pride, that wells up from within, every time it is observed.

And also, of course, sharing and talking about, throughout the Universe, of the Milky Way Astro Nuts; as the one nick name entails, all the long endeavoured achievements, that we bestowed upon ourselves, and the fruition, that Millions and Millions of years bloomed into life.

Days Traveled By


Wish you were here.

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