Sunday, January 24, 2016

Friskies Tuna

Remembering the statutory regulation, of the Court of I, the Bailiffs adjourned from the Pickle Farm Court Room, realizing they had appeared at the wrong court room, the Court of They, instead of the Court of I, seeing that this was Court of Record proceedings, instead of Corporate meanderings. Being the handsome meathead Devils they were, they made note of this, as they reattached the magical Golden Tassel, that Hung from their decaled flag, adorning their "driving departmental cruiser control".

The knuckled meat heads  should have "traveled" instead, they would have gotten there much faster, and saved a bundle of hassle and time. But, never grab mad Dogs behind the Ears, or at least thats what  the one armed bandit said, after telling me how his Dog once chomped his arm off. Little wonder Dogs are getting nastier towards Humans these days.

Half way around the square, a fat cat tries to hide, the mounting evidence, of what really happened to Friskies Tuna, and the bitch of a cat licks the remaining morsels from her face and whiskers. The thought crossed my mind, to take this fat cat to the Vet, and just have her put down, but as a bird flies past the window singing, the thought passes from my mind.

Eager times are had by the Port Smith, as the Porters, are porting the found treasure from the sea floor. Eating spinach and Mushrooms, popeye reached over for the Olive Oil, and poured it onto the bread crumbs first, not knowing how the meal was going to be paid for, and a devious plan was beginning to be devised, and a few towels were taken from the bathroom, before the Muscle Grab disjointed, and spit its way back onto Beach Avenue.

Disquieting gurgling digestions notified the Ear of Muscle, that the scrumptious meal had gone down delightfully, and on instantly thinking this, fine Hemp Papers are taken out of the cabinet, as the Green Leaves of Spring are broken, arranged, and laminated into the Lungs, for optimal Health Precautionary Reasons, even though the signs on the high way say "drop dead now mother fucker".

Who needs a sign to know where the trees and grass are anyway? I know, we are still trying to deduce such ignoramus behavioral thinking, but we presume it was strictly inculcated since Birth, and ever since then, each brain cell has continually abandoned the ship, but further investigations, will further deny, or collaborate this. We once tried a peaceful approach, of approaching swine, in order to remove the Straw, and Panties, from the eyes and assholes, but alas, we gave up, for every time was just a Tacit response, and grunt.

Grailed glad tidings, Tim responds, with the tinniest of faint whispers. In no mood for gladness, cement stuffed turkey, came roar flying through the window, almost knocking socks back into Hamper, leaving nothing but Cold Winded night stockings, silently stalking the calloused heels, that hell left over, while returning from far flung sand boxes, where appetizers of Children, were the only ones on the Menu.

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